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Lindsay's Lawyer: Grand Theft, My A**!

2/13/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan's lawyer says her client is innocent -- but that aside, the necklace in question isn't valuable enough to trigger a felony grand theft charge.

Shawn Holley (no longer Shawn Chapman Holley) tells TMZ, "We intend to challenge the prosecution's case because the truth is, Ms. Lohan didn't steal anything.  But even if she had, it seems to me that the appropriate charge, based on the fair market value of the goods, should have been petty theft and not grand theft."

TMZ broke the story ... various Los Angeles jewelers believe the necklace Lindsay allegedly stole isn't worth nearly the $2,500 Kamofie & Company was asking. Under California law, the item in question must have a "fair market value" of more than $950 to constitute grand theft. The jewelers we spoke with said the fair market value ranged between $800 and $1,000. If the value is $950 or less, it would be petty theft, a misdemeanor punishable by six months in jail, rather than one year in prison.

There have been countless cases in which people charged with grand theft successfully defended themselves by asserting that prosecutors overinflated the fair market value of the item that was allegedly stolen.

As Holley put it, "A $5 lump of coal with a $2,500 price tag is still a $5 lump of coal."


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I think John Smith was going to answer your stupid question but he got arrested by the boredom police.

1351 days ago

cat stone    

The fact that there are people out there like you scares this **** out of me. Experiment: Let's pretend you're famous and rich: Take the lowest, most destitute time of your life and try to walk out your door to get something like groceries. BAM! Photogs at your door. Drive to the grocery. BAM! Photogs there and your tampons are photographed from the top of your bag.
***LINDSAY HAS HER PERIOD!!!!! **** << no worse than half the crap you spew.
You talk to a random guy who holds the door open.
TMZ says you are sleeping with the door-guy (who happens to be related to Prince William who once sat in his chair!!!). YOU'RE A SL^T!!!!!!!
How unfair for me to forget Jennifer Aniston. Of all the people in the entire world, you have to mess with her?! She got blindsided, her husband decided to be (Like every other ******* in the world) to be with some BITCH who he's probably gonna leave (because that's how Pitt's roll).
My website would be about PROTECTING these people and not not about your insane volumes and chapters of bringing them down. (And if you use that idea, I will be more than happy to sue you.). Leave Lindsay alone.

1351 days ago


michael did her that`s why she`s so f`d up,think about it......

Posted at 4:05 PM on Feb 13, 2011 by Ball`s has no Ball`s

Are we going there, if we are let me know?

1351 days ago


Cat Stone,

Let me help you out. Your idea stinks and it's a total 0. TMZ is Lindsay's job. Us haters give her supporters gasoline to mix with that passionate flame that burns in their heart for Lindsay. We are he customers in a way. Without us she is falls off the map. By the way, do yourself a favor and skip business school. Its just not for you.

1351 days ago


Shawn Holley says Lindsay is hard to work for. You can tell she really wants out of this. Can't blame her.:

1351 days ago


I don't think Michael has "done" her, since no proof has been offered at all but wouldn't be surprised if it ever came to finding out he wanted to or wants to, based on what who we presume to be Michael has said in posts to tmz and the kind of gal he seems to like. He just doesn't seem like the kind of man that wants to have a purely platonic relationship with him as the adult father and (anyone, not specifically LL or his other four known kids). But I won't go there, as there is no proof and that's a pretty lame thing to lay on someone with no proof.

1351 days ago



Spot on match. You are like a modern day William Faulkner.

1351 days ago



In all honesty, I'd be conflicted between just turning it in and selling it to TMZ. I think I'm the kind of person who tries to do the right thing, but I could also use the money--and I can justify it to myself because it isn't as if if TMZ gets it first it can't be used to exonerate Lindsay. I wouldn't want her to be punished if she didn't do it. Though, I think she did do it, that's just my opinion.

1351 days ago


Sitting Bull said: Some older photos and many recent. She looks stunning in the black dress. She looks great in the photo from this thread. The paps were shouting, "you're beauiful Lindsay!", as they always do.

Paps will shout out just about anything to get some reaction and notice. They're out to take pics, and you can't offer up that kind of comment (seriously) as an accurate comment to her. Maybe some paps do think she's beautiful. But all paps want to make money off her with their pics. If I was in that business, I'd be shouting out "You're beautiful, Lindsay!" too, whether I meant it or not, if it got her attention so I could get a pic that would sell.

1351 days ago


You mean when the paps yell out "You look like a modern day Sea Hag Lindsay", they dont get the shot the want?

1351 days ago


@ 467 Soetoro

Right because there is so much more intelligent conversation going on here I guess.

1351 days ago


@ HaHa, heh I think I would do the exact same thing.

1351 days ago



Thanks for responding. I guess I would still sell it to TMZ, while I am not above a little pay day I think I would not want to deal with Lindsey directly.

1351 days ago


You need to write a book or screen play called "The Modern Day Sea Hag", also known as the LL life story. How poor parenting, drugs, alcohol and bad behavior dragged down a teen star to a level where her looks are almost all gone by age 24. Damn, she could soon be up against "Faces of Meth" if she keeps it up. Happened just about as quick as what meth does to a person.

1351 days ago

Grand Theft or Petty Theft? it is still theft...she is guilty & LiLo is ruined from acting

1351 days ago
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