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'Two and a Half Men' Crew Furious - Episodes Cut

2/14/2011 3:40 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The cast and crew of "Two and a Half Men" have just taken a major hit to their bank accounts, because Warner Bros. has just axed 4 of the remaining episodes ... TMZ has learned.


Warner Bros. was supposed to produce 8 more episodes to end the season, but with Charlie Sheen out, it set production behind.

Sources connected with the show tell us ... show creator Chuck Lorre has decided he only wants to produce 4 more episodes when Charlie comes back, and the crew is pissed.

One crew member tells us, "We've been left in the dark and now we have no pay for 4 episodes and all we hear is that Chuck is saying, 'They're not my problem.'"

Sources say Charlie has told people he was willing to work weekends and beyond the scheduled wrap date to make sure all 8 episodes were produced. 

As for the schedule, we're told the show will go back into production on February 28.  The remaining 4 episodes will be shot on March 4, 11, 18 and 25.



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Frankly, the NETWORK should pay them.
The network makes tons of money off this show especially in syndication. They are the greedy ones, paying the other staff only per episode. Ridiculous.

1291 days ago


Replace Sheen with David Schwimmer. It would alienate the existing audience, but might get a different audience that is just as big. Former Friends stars are a hot commodity now.

1291 days ago


Hello, as of today's evidence....Charlie is off the rails again. No "rehab team" would allow a newly recovering addict to
1) call in to a radio show
2) go bang on the door of the studio
3) announce that he has a new girlfriend
he's NOT sober

1291 days ago


Ouch. There goes the tuition to Harvard and that around the world vacation. There's only one person to blame and it's not Charlie.

1291 days ago


they can thank that douche charlie for that. what a disgrace. as usual no thought for the consequences of his actions. and i see he is going hard on the pr posing for pics with his kids. If i were his wife he would not touch those kids with a drug habit like that. piece of crap.

1291 days ago


#26 CC - You nailed it. The employees should sue CS collectively. One attorney/firm to initiate a lawsuit and I believe he would pay to make it go away. Didn't Sheen offer to pay the employees previously? I have empathy for him as an individual with substance abuse issues; but, no sympathy for his continued bad behavior. Unfortunately, he may only stay straight/sober until this show wraps - only getting help now to finish this job. I hope he "gets it" before his actions cost someone their life.

1291 days ago


thats ok charlie Maybe you ought to turn Jew then people will like ya .. just sayin most normal people that dont have there head up there ass know this ! be well T.M.Z.

1291 days ago


Charlie,you rock, but you have got to get yourself together because this is 110% your fault. Offering to pay 1/3 of the salary of the crew if the studios pick up the rest is crap. It's your fault people aren't working, and just because you can afford to partial pay their salaries doesn't make your behavior right. YOU ARE AN ADDICT. YOU NEED HELP. Look, you're an excellent actor on an excellent show. You have adorable kids and a family that loves you. Don't you think it would be horrible to watch them from up above putting flowers are your grave?

1291 days ago


i've never even seen the show before; who cares if they never make another episode? If this really upsets people because there won't be 4 last shows then maybe they should pick up a book for a change.

1291 days ago


My heart bleeds peanut butter. Since when is the lead star of a TV show responsible for the entire cast/crew's loss of income? Moreover, with unemployment at an all time high, the "pissed off" crew should thank their lucky stars they've even got jobs at ALL.

1291 days ago


As so many tv shows get the AX with no warning - most of these people should be glad they have part of the season left. That's what you get in Show Business

1291 days ago


The cast have just learnt a very big lesson on contracts right harvey???? Before the renegotiated their seasonal contracts they should've protected future earnings by :-

a) Insisting on a clause to protect their salary if such a matter arises as charlie or any one else is unable to stick to schedule.

b) Realised that Charlie was a definate possible liability.

c) Sue their own legal reps for not protecting their incomes and having the insight to the possibility of loss of earnings due to whatever.

Its called income protection and how the heck they on't have it is a big blight on their representatives imo.

Love ALL THE CAST of this show and its sad that they have been hung out to dry financially while the studio rakes it in.

Sue your lawyers guys and get compensated for their inability to actually protect you as their client.

Just sayin.

1291 days ago


He'll pay a whore $30,000 but not cover the wages for the people that work on 1 1/2 Men and a Whore. What a SLUT! He has dirtied the Sheen name.

1291 days ago


Big deal! So sick of hearing about this crew's "problems". They are lucky enough to be on a stable hit show that has lasted for years and years. The majority of workers in the entertainment industry need to scramble week after week to find work, and go for weeks and sometimes months at a time between gigs. Instead of bitching about how they're cut four episodes, how about the "2 and Half" crew start feeling for the thousands of crew that are still out of work and looking for something.

1291 days ago


If I can pay $30000.00 to a hooker/porn queen/stripper for a few moments, I can certainly afford to pay the people that really care for and help make me create one of the most successful shows on television. All this is my doing and I'm taking responsibility, no matter how much I want to blame others to redirect responsibility. If it's $2,000,000.00 it's a small price to pay. But J, you can bite me. You're already rich ;)

I love all of you dearly.

1291 days ago
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