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Lindsay Lohan: I Was So Damn Busy ...

2/14/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has an uncomplicated excuse for not returning the necklace that triggered a felony grand theft charge -- she was very, very busy.


According to the police report obtained by TMZ, Lindsay's assistant gave cops this story: "Ms. Lohan was in possession of the necklace and wanted to give the necklace back to the store the day after she took it from the store, but she was very busy."

As TMZ already reported, Lindsay was tipped off that a search warrant had been issued and then had her assistant make a beeline for the police station before the warrant could be executed.

Lindsay's assistant told cops ... before going to the police station she tried returning the necklace to the jewelry store, but no one there picked up the phone.

Interesting note from cops:  "There was no description of the stolen necklace give to Ms. Lohan, yet she gave the exact necklace in question to her assistant to return."



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If a snitch from within the police department is willing to risk their career on this bimbo, then she should have taken it seriously and brought it back herself. But, apples don't fall far from the trash barrel.

1347 days ago


To those people who think the necklace is "crappy" and not worth 2,500.00 The necklace she stole is the small one. She turned it around so the yellow diamonds hang down her back and it was easier to conceal. Look at the pictures on and look at the pictures under "Lindsay goes "shopping in Venice" There are a series of photographs taken (on the day of the theft, I think) You can see her wearing the stolen necklace and then when she realizes that the stolen necklace is being photographed, there is an, "OH,SH*T!" look on her face and she frantically tries to cover up her neck and hide the necklace she stole. I hope the pictures are used by the DA because they are PRICELESS!
It's a well known fact that Lindsay obsessively scours print ads looking for and cutting out her pictures, she must have seen these series of pics that showed her with the "loaned" necklace on(since we know the Lohans are on all of these sites). :D/snicker

1347 days ago


Right. "Sorry, Judge, I'm too busy to obey the law." Oh, well, excuse us, Miss.

1347 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

something tells me this is not going to be the cake walk that Nicole and others think it will be. Judge Sullivan seemed a little less than impressed with Lindsay and it showed. If she is looking for a plea deal and going to plead guilty having her camp publicly say she is not really guilty just wanting to get this over with seems a little insincere. Oh well, there really is nothing sincere about Lindsay & crew though. Now the only time Hollywood makes mention of her it is for a joke. She needs some serious change in her life. I am sure that having shop doors closed in her face and having people watch you like a hawk puts some serious crimps in her shopping style. The non stop bashing of the victim shows NO remorse on her part and that will come back to haunt her.

1347 days ago


Why bother ?

1347 days ago


She was photographed shopping wearing the necklace in two different outfits, we know what she was doing - cruizing for more loot.

This story conflicts with the "jewelry and clothes are given all the time to celebrities" line, no this necklace wasnt a gift and she knew it!

1347 days ago


Of Course she knew what necklace was the one. She said that the necklace was loaned to her and is obvious the only necklace in question is that one. And maybe she left the store with that damn necklace because she just forgot to take it out and let's face it that other necklace she was wearing was not preventing the sellers of the store to see the other one, it is even pathetic!!!!! But how can she prove to the judge she is very forgetfull, i mean with all that going on in her life is very likely that no one would give her credit and that is way she told the necklace was loaned to her, cause she was afraid!!! I do not believe she is guilty at any level and that jeweler why in the world he never sent nobody in her house to get the necklace, instead called the cops???? And he or she already knew how complicated things were to lindsay, wich shows he or she has no compassion and any strenth of character!!

1347 days ago


She wasn't too busy to go shopping to steal a necklace! But she may have been busy planning her next caper.

1347 days ago


Lindsay made fun of at the Grammys
Dina made fun of on "Glee"
Lindsay made fun of on "Glee"
Lindsay made fun of on Letterman
E-Trade makes fun of Lindsay

Um, yeah, I think her career is over

1347 days ago


The Grammys last night was hilarious, when they said Lohan was seen leaving the Staples Center with a statue bulge in her jacket

Hahahaha! Dina, Suck on that one, millions of people saw it

1347 days ago


HA! I just got summoned for jury duty

1347 days ago


"Interesting note from cops: "There was no description of the stolen necklace give to Ms. Lohan, yet she gave the exact necklace in question to her assistant to return."


She sure wasnt going to return the 400K necklace from the Elle shoot!

And ongoing commercials for the George Lopez show feature his jokes on Liloho. Wonder when Leno is going to hop on the bandwagon?

1347 days ago


She's become a clown, just a punch line. Thats all.

1347 days ago


I think the focus is not that she says she was "busy." Which is laughable. I think it's very telling that another set of words that Lindsay's assistant used in the report were.

She said, "wanted to give the necklace back to the store the day after SHE TOOK IT from the store."

She did not say, "the day after the store LOANED the necklace."

1347 days ago

pink glitter    

Are you serious, her lawyer is using TMZ facts...?

Shawn Holley...Do your own look ridiculous using what TMZ said about the market price of the necklace. The judge right on down to your pal Danette will see that you too are a fame whore. Stay off TMZ lol, Your turning into a joke just like the lohans.

1347 days ago
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