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Lindsay Prosecutor: We Believe It's a $2,500 Necklace

2/15/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The prosecutor in the Lindsay Lohan shoplifting case believes the necklace in question is worth $2,500 ... but she's open to hearing arguments from Lindsay's lawyer that the price tag is grossly inflated.


TMZ broke the story ... several jewelers claim the market value of the necklace is anywhere between $800 and $1,000.  Under California law, if the item in question is worth $950 or less, the case must be filed as a misdemeanor, not a felony.

Deputy D.A. Danette Meyers tells TMZ, "If Shawn (Lindsay's lawyer) presents me with credible evidence of value, we will take a look at it.  But based upon what's in front of us -- what the store owner and designer said -- the necklace is worth $2,500."

Meyers adds, ultimately "It's a battle for the jury."



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TMZ: Please remove comment no. 7 due to racist anti jewish remarks!

1345 days ago


OK - now the defense is "She stole it but we think it was marked up too high"

REALLY? I am stoked the LoHo camp fell for trying this angle - MAJOR FAIL - if it goes to jury, they will laugh her into prison...

Stealing diamonds and saying they are just lumps of coal...


1345 days ago


Maybe the judge will let her get off (pun intended) if the entire LoHo camp moves back to Long Island NY and promises not to return?

1345 days ago


Holley wants to put the necklace on trial instead of her client.

1345 days ago


In her mind, she was stealing a $2500 necklace. And she doesn't tell the truth. Honestly, she probably believes her lies...even when she has to change them cuz she got caught - I've never even been in that store! Uh...there's video. Is she seeing a psychiatrist?

1345 days ago


to # 1 and 10 to born losers and liars

1345 days ago


Once again Harvey proves to us he got his law degree by sending in the box tops of a cereal box,Fruit Loops.
How can you even compare real estate to jewellery?
Even if you do, when you buy a home to you expect to pay what it costs the builder to build it or do you pay a price which
includes the builder's cost and profit he intends to make.
Lindsay tried to barter down a ring and the store told her the
price was firm. Therefore, she shouldn't act like she was at a
warehouse outlet for a discount on the price of the necklace.
When you shop in the area she does you expect inflated prices.
The expenses for the stores in that area are higher than in
other area of the cities. Therefore, expect to pay more for
the merchandise. Afterall, don't these celebrities pride themselves on the fact they can afford ridiculously expensive things, it shows how successful they are. They don't go around
bragging how they bartered something down cause they can't afford the asking price.
The key thing in this whole article is what the DA said... Ultimately it is up for a jury to decide... does that mean negotiations to plea bargain have fallen through?

1345 days ago


Actually, tmz is the one who got the necklace loosely appraised around town due to many people scoffing at the idea that that is a 2500 necklace... because it looks so cheap (more like 50 bucks.. sorry but 8 carats of crappy diamonds is not the same as a flawless one piece.. diamond dust is worth mere pennies). Lindsey has nothing to do with this story.

1345 days ago


I don't understand why this is in the court at all. Can someone please explain? There's no jewelry missing, the jewelry store doesn't want to press charges. What's the problem and wtf does this idiot prosecutor have a say in it? Is she seriously going after a case where nothing was lost and no one wants to sue anyone else?

1345 days ago


I think Tmz puts these ideas out there and Lindsays family read them then they play side chair lawyers and push Shawn to try anything to keep Lindsay out of jail and Shawn does it to keep them off her phone telling her how to do her job.Too bad that Lindsay can't speak up for herself instead of her sources and camp and team.

1345 days ago


The actual diamonds might not be worth much, but what about the designer? If her work is generally priced this way, then that's what her work is worth. It is more than just the jewels to take into account. For example,Canvas and paint are worth nothing on their own, but you take an artist, paint a portrait, find a gallery to host your work and then sell it, then the price goes up substantially. If someone were to steal a Van Gogh it would be a felony, even though the original supplies don't amount to the actual price tag. This seems like a silly defense. This case is fascinating but I still wish we were talking about Lohan's work instead of her court appearances.

1345 days ago


If anything Lindsay depreciated the value of the necklace by stealing it.. It is now considered used. Therefore, she should
not only get jail time but be ordered by the court to pay for
the necklace.

1345 days ago


The lawyer is a loser.
Too funny, taking failed tips and legal strategy from a gossip site.

1345 days ago


well I believe that Lindsay didn't steal anything, but about the value of the necklace I think that the court should do a serious evaluation , it's a court procedure after all, not a game for teens.
the rule is to tell the truth in court and the same should go for the real value of the thing.

1345 days ago


Jay Leno in May:

"More bad news from Hollywood. Lindsay Lohan chewed through her ankle bracelet and ran into a liquor store.

This is a big story here. Apparently Lindsay Lohan’s attorney is concerned the alcohol monitoring thing on her ankle could ruin the filming of her upcoming movie where she plays Linda Lovelace.

I guess Lindsay’s concerned that since she’s playing a porn star, she’s worried that the ankle bracelet will keep getting caught in her earring.

That’s always a problem."

1345 days ago
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