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Lindsay Prosecutor: We Believe It's a $2,500 Necklace

2/15/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The prosecutor in the Lindsay Lohan shoplifting case believes the necklace in question is worth $2,500 ... but she's open to hearing arguments from Lindsay's lawyer that the price tag is grossly inflated.


TMZ broke the story ... several jewelers claim the market value of the necklace is anywhere between $800 and $1,000.  Under California law, if the item in question is worth $950 or less, the case must be filed as a misdemeanor, not a felony.

Deputy D.A. Danette Meyers tells TMZ, "If Shawn (Lindsay's lawyer) presents me with credible evidence of value, we will take a look at it.  But based upon what's in front of us -- what the store owner and designer said -- the necklace is worth $2,500."

Meyers adds, ultimately "It's a battle for the jury."



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@#73 by themare:

Hey I went to that site and the page didn't come up...So I did a Google search, and I believe that the link you're referring to is:'s the direct link:

1345 days ago


If she had bought that necklace instead of walking out with it, would she get it insured for the price she paid or the price
now that TMZ says it is worth?

1345 days ago


Lindsay would have a better chance at playing Martha Kent (Superman's earth mom) than Lois Lane. I have a better chance of winning the US Open than either happening, but if you gotta make a bet go with martha Kent...

1345 days ago

pink glitter    

To those people who think the necklace is "crappy" and not worth 2,500.00 The necklace she stole is the small one. She turned it around so the yellow diamonds hang down her back and it was easier to conceal. Look at the pictures on and look at the pictures under "Lindsay goes "shopping in Venice" There are a series of photographs taken (on the day of the theft, I think) You can see her wearing the stolen necklace and then when she realizes that the stolen necklace is being photographed, there is an, "OH,SH*T!" look on her face and she frantically tries to cover up her neck and hide the necklace she stole. I hope the pictures are used by the DA because they are PRICELESS!
It's a well known fact that

Posted at 4:56 AM on Feb 15, 2011 by themare

Omg she actually turned that necklace around to conceal the diamonds that are in the front???? Lol, hell yeah she stole it !!!

1345 days ago


"If she had bought that necklace instead of walking out with it, would she get it insured for the price she paid or the price
now that TMZ says it is worth?"

Posted at 5:03 AM on Feb 15, 2011 by SOOTHE

Great point SOOTHE...If I were the prosecutor...I'd be bringing up things like that.

1345 days ago


I wonder what the necklace looks like from the front...

1345 days ago


@grandma cracker
It is Judge Schwartz and the Paris Hilton thing was a total one off. She was actually planning to appeal and probably would have won but she decided to just serve the time and viewed it as a career comeback opportunity.

Also if you recall correctly after she was ordered back to court the Judge raised her sentence to back up to 90 days which she was supposed to serve 45 of. However as soon as she was back in jail it was reduced to 45 again by the Sheriff and the Judge knew he had already overstepped his boundaries and took no further action.

1345 days ago


I'm guessing Lindsay's return in 2013 or so when she's 26 and looks like death comes on either Dog The Bounty Hunter or Hoarders. Lohan camp needs to realize her looks are gone, never coming back, is old, tired, slutty, can't act-never could, and her shelf life is expired. I mean New Kids on the Block, Back Street Boys, N*SYNC, and all the other kid actors/actresses realize its over and move on. Do the same and save your money, your paydays are over.

1345 days ago


Thanks, Jeannie

X17 onlilne has the series in their photo archives now.Titles
"Lindsay Lohan goes "shopping" in Venice"

1345 days ago


Oh my gosh you guys, lay off of Harvey! He runs a gossip site and he's good at what he does. He stirs the pot, posts it, and watches the sparks fly! Without my morning TMZ and daily LL bash life just wouldn't be right.

Harvey, just for me, would you look into the archives and dig up the old story about PH when she got jail time and was released early and her judge got so mad that he sent the cops to her house and had her dragged out in front of the cameras to be returned to jail? How did he do that?

Nicole has flaunted that "with over crowding LL will serve a mere 24 days on 180 for ****-canning her probation, and another mere 24 days on 180 day sentence for theft--just 48 days on 360...... days" for weeks now. What would happen if Judge Sullivan can maybe do math and gets kind of pissed off and pulls a PH on LL?

I would light a torch and storm the castle for that one!

Posted at 5:00 AM on Feb 15, 2011 by grandma cracker

If he chooses a career of playing devil's advocate then he opens himself up to the criticism that goes along with it.
If he can't take the heat then put down that big spoon that
he is stirring that boiling pot with before it boils over.
Stir a boiling pot expect to get burned.

1345 days ago



Jay nails her yet again! video of last nights show, video of Loloho in court!

1345 days ago

Brian Miller    

If Lindsay looses, can she be deported back to Long Island?

1345 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Yes Nicole, and she ended up serving her time. You and your creative sentencing and the broadcasting and flaunting may just come back and bite you in the ass. You really are a hideous creature.

1345 days ago


If they reduce her charge because of the *average market price* you know what that means. ANYone who has ever stolen something from the past and future can have the items appraised of their value. If you steal something you steal the price of what the store charges, not the average price. Because everything we buy is inflated in price. This little stunt could actually make a lot of waves in the court system. They need to stop giving this talent-less little brat breaks and put her IN jail for a sentence any one of us would get.

1345 days ago


Lohan is in her final swirls down the toilet of life. I wonder as a mother how it feels to snort your daughters life away. What a role model.

1345 days ago
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