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Charlie Sheen

No Offense Taken by Parting Shot

2/15/2011 8:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen actually thought the creator of  "Two and a Half Men" was extending an olive branch when he took a shot at Charlie's wild lifestyle ... sources connected with C.S. tell TMZ.


Chuck Lorre put a slate up at the end of last night's episode, in which he said, "I don't drink.  I don't smoke.  I don't do drugs. I don't have crazy, reckless sex with strangers.  If Charlie Sheen outlives me, I'm gonna be really pissed."

On one level it seemed like an act of war.  But our sources say Charlie said, "I actually saw it as a nice gesture."  Charlie thinks it shows how he has a knack for taking a lickin' but keeps on tickin'.

Nonetheless, Charlie and Chuck are at loggerheads over Chuck canceling 4 of the remaining 8 episodes this season.


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I love it.... Charlie needs to look in the mirror and MAKE THAT CHANGE!!!

1347 days ago


Chuck Lorre needs Charlie Sheen more than Charlie Sheen needs Chuck Lorre.

What Charlie Sheen doesn't need is alcohol and drug fueled nights with five and dime porn stars!

Get it together Charlie!

1347 days ago


crack heads live long? after their teeth fall out i guess

1347 days ago


I couldn't care less if he snorts coke out of the crotches of dead hookers 24/7, but I am getting REALLY tired of those stupid as hats he always wears.

1347 days ago

There Goes My Show    

Actions have consequences and now Charlie Sheen will suffer those consequences. Unfortunately, others were impacted but since this has been ongoing they should have prepared for the possibility of a shut-down or the necessity of a job change. This is show business and the security of work is never guaranteed and those who participate are fully aware.

1347 days ago


Remember the commercial with the fried egg on the sidewalk?
Hey, Charlie, this is your brain on drugs!

1347 days ago


Charlies daddy had a heart attack when he was in his 30's, while making Apocalypse Now--and had another one shortly afterwards. If heart disease is in his family, Charlie is doing all the things needed to hurry it up in himself...not to worry, he's getting to the age now where the protection you had starts to fade---he will fade and go fast when it begins. Right now he could probably party on for another year maybe---then look tomorrow and no return. Party on Garth.

1347 days ago


Instead of Life imitating Art why don't they have Art imitate life? Put Charlie Harper in rehab on the show...can you imagine how freaking funny that could be? But I don't think CBS has that talent of writers to tap into that gem. Instead of using Sheen up why not help the man..?

1347 days ago

Margaret Berardinelli    

Charlie. You're 45. Grow up.

1347 days ago


It must suck to know you look older than my grandpaw with the huge nose and ears with hair sticking out, as your face is shrinking and have to pay your sex time partners 30,000 to look at that mess of a man. And from what his porn stars say he performs like a grandpaw also.

1347 days ago


Time to end the show. Have the last episode be Charlie's funeral so there's no going back. And let Sheen drink and drug himself to death, that's where he's going anyway.

1347 days ago

Hey Now    


"I couldn't care less if he snorts coke out of the crotches of dead hookers 24/7, but I am getting REALLY tired of those stupid ass hats he always wears."

lol - ok, that's funny

I sorta don't like those hats either. That's not to say he can't look ok in a hat. He should just choose a different style.

1347 days ago


Wow...Charlie is only 45? I looks way older than that!

1347 days ago


He looks like a cadaver with a gold tooth.

1347 days ago


LOL you're clueless, Charlie!

1347 days ago
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