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Charlie Sheen Controls the Fate of 'Men'

2/15/2011 1:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If Charlie Sheen leaves "Two and a Half Men" ...  the show is over  ... this according to sources connected to the production.

Charlie Sheen Two and a Half Men

Our sources say if Charlie doesn't come back, his role will absolutely not be re-cast and Warner Bros. would end production immediately.

As TMZ has been reporting, there's a lot of conflict between Charlie on the one side and Warner Bros., CBS and creator Chuck Lorre on the other.

Charlie says he wants to return to work but is beyond pissed that Warner Bros. has 86'd 4 of the last 8 scheduled episodes this season. 

Everyone is braced for the worst, but so far, the show is scheduled to return to production on February 28.



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Hate the recent story line - with the 'Manny Quinn' - so lame - cut him lose, the show could survive without Sheen - he's a train wreck that I'm tired of watching.

1282 days ago


TO: 17. [Mike] who wrote:
"lol.....trouble at Warner Bros? glad I'm at Paramount...too funny..their financial future is in the hands of a crack"


Paramount? I thought Paramount went bankrupt and closed down.

1282 days ago


I would like to see the show return for more seasons. For some reason I enjoy Charlie Sheen playing Charlie Sheen. Ha! Who wouldn't did a job like that.

1282 days ago


It's a sin that peoples lively hoods depend on an idiot.

1282 days ago


TO: No. 31. [Jessica] who wrote:
"FIRST: Charlie wants to compensate the crew; however, he wants the big dogs to help him to do so. That's a lot of people to compensate.
SECOND: Nothing in the above does it say Charlie is leaving, Charlie says HE WANTS to make up for the lost 4 episodes so that the crew will have a steady paycheck.


Yeah, so what?

Charlie threw out some deal that he knew neither the studio or producers would go for. If Charlie was sincere, he'd pay them himself.

Maybe you should re-read some of these posts, people, such as myself, are beginning to care a lot less about Charlie STAYING.

1282 days ago


I don't watch the show because of Charlie Sheen. At some point the network has to be credible and cancel the show!!! Charlies bad behaviour is not something to support!!!!

1282 days ago


Just cancel the show.

There's plenty of other crap on TV. Look at all the channels you get!

1282 days ago


if they do cancell, i hope they finish up the story line of the baby girl. is it allen's?

1282 days ago


Typical drunk...destroys everything around him.

1282 days ago


Cancel this stupid, unfunny show.

1282 days ago


This is disgusting that this many people are enabling this drug addict just to fatten their own pockets. Same thing happened with Elvis, Michael and Anna Nicole. We know where this guy is headed. They need to cancel the show and move on with their lives to the next show. They are depending on a freakin drug addict.

Is this not COMPLETE insanity or what?!?!?

1282 days ago


How does he expect to work now anyway with a hoarse throat? Someone posted he has burned out his throat with stomach acid when he was vomiting and sent to the hospital. That was what a couple of weeks ago now? In the radio phone in yesterday his voice was still hoarse. Last nights episode was mediocre at best. He needs to really get sober and we're not talking about doing a blood swap with clean blood either just so he passes drug tests. The guy's a total mess.

1282 days ago


I think the brother and the maid are the best...they make you laugh. The son- not so funny since he grew up, talks like he's reading off cue cards now nothing funny about him. The maid cracks me up.

1282 days ago


We watch the show BECAUSE of Sheen (and the Berta & Evelyn characters). But I would think that he would come back to finish off his latest contract and avoid another case in court for exiting early.

He has to realize that after this his career is pretty much shot. Not that it means much since he's worth an estimated $80M already

I feel sorry for the people behind the scenes who will have to find immediate new work since they are not making the cast's salaries (Berta makes $150k per ep!)..but that's Hollywood

1282 days ago


Who really wants to watch Charlie Sheen? The show sucks. I feel for the kid that is on it.

1282 days ago
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