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'Men' Creator HITS BACK At Charlie Sheen

2/15/2011 1:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre has fired back at Charlie Sheen -- making light of the actor's history with drugs, booze and porn stars during last night's show ... and then stating, "If Charlie Sheen outlives me, I’m gonna be really pissed.”


Lorre posted a message in a 2-second slate that ran at the end of last night's "Men" episode -- here's the message in it's entirety:


It's not the first time Lorre has used the slate to weigh in on the Charlie situation -- a few weeks ago, he ran a message that read:

 "Do not attempt to replicate what you saw in tonight's episode of Two and a Half Men ... Please keep in mind that we employ a highly-paid Hollywood professional who has years of experience with putting his life at risk. And sadly no, I'm not talking about our stunt man."


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mike siegel    

Lose that show. It sucks anyways. This is supposed to pass for commedy these days?
Make a stupid sexualy related comment and put up the audience laugh signs.
The writers of this so called "comedy" should get out of the business.

1277 days ago


Ha,ha now we know who Jon Cryer's character is based on. What puny, sad little Nan, this Chuck Lorre is. And, what a jerk for not support g Charlie while he battles a horrible disease! I guess the millions Lorre has made exploiting Charlie's real life aren't enough to maje either grateful or compassionate towards a fellow human-a human in the midst of battling a horrible disease.

1276 days ago


I really do like the show. BUT Charlie was/is not the best actor on it. Alan, Berta, Jake, Evleyn, Judith and especially Rose, made the show. Not Charlie.....He is too full of himself and I'll bet soon, you will hear of his death. Not sure of what but he will not last long. He was very good looking on the early shows. and now has just gone down hill so much. What a jerk he is. Too bad Charlie, you once had it all......................

1276 days ago


Charlie was a douche long before he got the Two and a half job.

More power to you Chaim! Your comment made me laugh uproariously!

Give 'em hell!

1276 days ago


HAHAHAHA, good luck Chuck, you're going to need it. In the end it won't matter who lives longest, but who lived a fuller life...apparently Charlie is beating you badly at this, or perhaps your humdrum existence is enough.

1275 days ago


Love him or hate him.... Sheen's the reason that show has gone as far as it has! His wacky antics are a bit over the top but if they think they can just replace him with another actor taking his slot, they are sadly mistaken. The show will break an all time record of going from the number one show to the single worst show in history. His personal life doesn't spill into his professional life until the press gets involved. But the bottom line is if he shows up, does his job and makes everyone millions of dollars in the process without hurting anyone, refer to the old saying.... If it isn't broke, don't fix it! Most rich people are eccentric, yet they still seem to entertain us. Isn't that why they are actors? The only reason production stopped is "The clash of the ego's"! Grow up Billionaires!

1268 days ago


I really liked the show and the humor in it. The cast were great playing their characters like Jake and Berta and Alan, Herb, Rose, Evelyn, Judith and Charlie. That is when I thought it was just a t.v. show , to find out that someone actually lives this lifestyle with illegal drugs and four small children involved turned me off to the whole thing.I really do not care how old you are Children are way more important than hookers and cocaine. Only the insane and addicted think otherwise. Get help while you can and earn respect from all who love you.

1267 days ago
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