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'Men' Creator HITS BACK At Charlie Sheen

2/15/2011 1:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre has fired back at Charlie Sheen -- making light of the actor's history with drugs, booze and porn stars during last night's show ... and then stating, "If Charlie Sheen outlives me, I’m gonna be really pissed.”


Lorre posted a message in a 2-second slate that ran at the end of last night's "Men" episode -- here's the message in it's entirety:


It's not the first time Lorre has used the slate to weigh in on the Charlie situation -- a few weeks ago, he ran a message that read:

 "Do not attempt to replicate what you saw in tonight's episode of Two and a Half Men ... Please keep in mind that we employ a highly-paid Hollywood professional who has years of experience with putting his life at risk. And sadly no, I'm not talking about our stunt man."


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Charlie is a slut and it he should die they good. he has everything but chooses to hang out with whores and sluts. My God this man has daughters himself. I dont watch the show.

1344 days ago

Best Mom    

That was great! Loved it! Charlie really is a legend in his own mind -- he acts like a loser and talks like a loser! Good riddance to him!

1344 days ago

Fred Farkel    

Hey Chuck:

Stop complaining and get out there and have some fun yourself.

Go crazy.

Skip your next colonoscopy.


Skip your next prostate biopsy.

Get some drugs.

Hot women.

You will indeed - live longer.

Thank you.

1344 days ago

Conservatives are Cowards    

This guy, just like many of the loser posters here, is just jealous because after "doing everything right" all his life and living a boring life, he's still not content with how things turned out. And I don't know that regularly seeing a psychologist, as Lorrie mentions, is necessarily an indicator of stable health. I've never heard of preventative mental medicine. That says more about him than it does about Charlie Sheen.

It's not Charlie Sheen's fault that your lives suck and you wasted your lives chasing windmills. Stop blaming everyone else because you people bought a bill of goods on "how you should live" and still ended up with a boring, unfulfilled life.

1344 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Good. Charlie needs to be put in his place....6 feet under after a cocaine binge.

1344 days ago

eggshells los gogo    

BITE the hand that feeds you and sheen will leave you wishin you had`nt.Go get something stuck`up yourt tassy or cheack yourt weiner but you enever outlive sheen..he knows better than to get the cutters some work from some brain washed want2live4ever by cut it off`s.You`ll live alot longer keepin your money and parts intact while slowly rotting away as is proven by medical study after study.You can`t cut away your parts to good health so why get those HIV sticks stuck up there?

1344 days ago


Lori #35

Maybe you have a point! However, Charlie is just promoting the show! He has gotten Million$ in headlines and attracted even more viewers!

His demographic is not bitter bible toting chubby women... He knows his audience!

1344 days ago


Chuck's a riot. I love his vanity cards. I'm pretty sure he could say those exact words to Charlie's face, and Charlie would chuckle and agree.

1344 days ago


Those manifesto-looking do***ents that appear at the end of each show and quickly off the screen, all numbered, exactly like the note this man sent about being a super human being with the doctor and the dentis and his that what these do***ents are? Some kind of notes from this man about what he thinks about things? I've never found out exactly what they are, these numbered reports. P.S. Actually, what the heck do I care what they are?!

1344 days ago


I would stop watching the show if Charlie wasn't on it and, I suspect, I am in the majority. Chuck needs to know which side his bfead is buttered on. Charlie shows up for work and does a great job, which is all his contract requires. When he stops showing up for work and/or doing a great job, then Chuck can talk.

1344 days ago


To #39: I agree with you a thousand percent!!! Thank you. I wish you THE BEST!

1344 days ago

fioo hoos    

SHEEN OUTSHINES that 2bit show? and always will have them lined up to produce.F`off and crawl back under there while writters line up to write for 2-1/2.EARTHIA means nothing PRODUCER mean everything for about 200 grando a script tele or movie with 600,000 writter on call to take your place.WATCH the MUSE to write or call up SHEEN and write a tele play for him.SHEEN will be leaveing the show next year or this clown is only gettin his 2cents in first.Martin sheen and kid sheen can hire any writer they want or FIRE THEM!.Stars don`t get fired they generate billions for investors NO MATTER WHAT.It is the writing on the wall that sheen is leaveing soon when the writter start talkin trash about thier own money makers.

1344 days ago


What Chuck Lorre is doing with his short write-ups about Charlie is clever.

1344 days ago


While I really wish Charlie Sheen all the best, he's been living his life in the sh*tter for decades. As #1 said, "Men," is terrible - really bad. I can't stand to watch the show, even in reruns and am beyond amazed that it's been on the air this long - and in reruns, too! Sheen's character seems to be the lighter side of his real-life persona and that's tragic. Chuck Lorre hit the nail on the head with his comments.

1344 days ago


dude is a ****.. ... .sadly he wishes he was charlie's. then maybe someone would have sex with him.. ... .i mean come on charlie stars in a show that sucks and he does drugs...sounds pretty right to me.. ... .this guy created this show and hired charlie and now he wants to be "pissed" that he is not as great s he is.. ... .bet he wrote that message in hopes of getting on tmz.. ... .great job guy your worst than a drug addict.. ... .

1344 days ago
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