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Nazi Goosestepping During Live Concert

2/16/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

N.E.R.D. frontman Pharrell Williams broke into a full-on goosestepping Nazi salute during a concert in Vegas this week ... and TMZ has obtained the footage.

Pharrell's people say to us, "You can't see it because his hand isn't in the picture, but Pharrell is throwing up the Star Trek sign, which is also the sign for his record label, Star Trak. To suggest that he is doing anything else is wrong and downright silly."

So we ask ...


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I doubt the jews will ever "just get over it".But there are worse things in this world to be concerned about...

1312 days ago

Mrs. Mathers    

i dnt think a blk man would b doin the nazi goosestep...although nazis r known for their hatred feelings for jews they feel the same about blacks n y would he b doing that? if yall dont have the whole pix then dnt make a guess...way off tmz

1312 days ago


He's black. Like he's going to throw up a Nazi sign.

1312 days ago


I don't get it...

He can do the Nazi walk & the "Sieg Heil" hand salute Hitler used, but saying "ni--er" is wrong?

I only understand this as pure HYPOCRISY.

1312 days ago


He's not smart enough to know what goose stepping is.

1312 days ago

Jill Conway    

Goosestepping is an ugly, horrific reminder of only one thing. Why ANYONE would want to perform it is beyond me. Next time Pharrell, why don't you chase someone around the stage while beating and whipping them? Nice to know African Americans think it's amusing to goosestep. I guess it's funny if it didn't happen to YOUR ancestors, but retributions are in order if it did....TYPICAL.

1312 days ago


Guess this dummy doesn't realize he's promoting one of the most racist ideologies ever developed. Two words: Jesse Owens. This twit needs to read something more than rap lyrics.

1312 days ago


lol TMZ, you crack me up!

Have you ever watched the changing of the guards in countries like Great Britain or Greece? Or military parades in wherever?

They all march like that, it has nothing to do with Nazi!

And I am GERMAN! lol you guys are fun! Get your heads out of your butts and read a book instead of reporting on sh** that is so not important!

1312 days ago

Captain Balls    

I doubt these idiots even understood the historical significance of that walk/salute.

1312 days ago


Sorry barf, you're the one that needs to read. The Britsh and Greek armies do not goose step. It is an old Prusian drill step and curently is used only in some communist, post communist, warsaw pact and African countries. The British use a raised foot style for formal marching but it comes nowhere near as high and perpendicular to the ground as the goose step.

1312 days ago


Nazis don't own the goosestep. Armies all over the world goosestep. Were the Soviets or North Koreans paying homage to Nazis when they were goosestepping on parade? Some people like to walk silly.

1312 days ago


Anybody with any common sense or any kind of grasp on history would know that this i wrong! But then again he probably can't even read and write! What a idiot.

1312 days ago

Mark in Texas    

Ok so Jews just have to get over it? Not more than 70 years ago they were being rounded up and meeting zyclon b in empty showers. Get over it? But then again we have to hear about slavery all the time. There are no former US slaves alive. There is an abundance of holocaust survivors. Who really needs to get over it? I am am German American. Though it doesn't bother me personally. I am sure there are many who saw this little step before and it was horrifying then. It shouldn't be cool now.

1312 days ago

Al Diaz    

It's called reverse racism! If this was a white artist doing that strut, Oh Em Gee! Black folks would have a heart attack and reach out to the Rev. Al Sharpton.

1312 days ago


I don't think the act itself was offensive, just in poor taste, and juvenile. Maybe even funny. May have been mocking Nazis.

He did something silly and should say "sorry if anyone was offended, it was funny at the time, I got carried way". Draw a line under it, and carry on. Everyone gets carried away occasionally. No big deal.

The stupid, stupid, Star Trek excuse is more offensive because it assumes we are all idiots. I didn't vote on the poll for that reason.

1312 days ago
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