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Megan Mullally Accused of $15,000 Mercedes Crushing

2/19/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Megan Mullally is being sued for allegedly running a red light and wrecking some woman's Mercedes back in 2009 -- but the ex-"Will & Grace" star insists she's innocent ... TMZ has learned.


According to the legal docs filed in L.A. County Superior Court, both Megan and the other driver -- a lady named Wendy Kim -- sustained minor injuries during the crash ... but Wendy claims her Mercedes incurred most of the damage ... nearly $15,000 worth.

Now, Wendy's going after Megan in court -- demanding the actress cough up money to cover her repairs ... but so far, Megan has refused.

According to Megan, she doesn't owe squat -- claiming the light was yellow when she entered the intersection ... and Wendy's own "negligence" led to the collision.

The next hearing is scheduled for April.


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Wendy Kim needs to have a police report and/or an insurance agent...just like when you collide with a non celeb!!!! Money grubbers crack me up...I ran into WHO??? Wheres my attorney

1340 days ago

Mike L    

I would bet that Ms Kim is at fault. It sounds like she's Asian, which means her tunnel vision isn't very good (not being racist, its a proven fact that the shape of the Asian eyes affects their peripheral vision). She probably "didn't see" the plaintiff coming through the yellow light and jumped the light in her direction (which I see tons of Asians do, as if they're always in a hurry to procreate and overpopulate the world), causing the collision. Looking at the above photo, Ms Kim was going forward at the time of the incident and appears to have hit the side of Megans car. Since Ms Kim hit Ms Mullally on the side, Ms Mullally was there first and had the right of way.
This is all an assumption, since I haven't seen any police reports, examined either car or spoken to either person, but based on the 2 pictures above, thats what I'm able to deduce. :p

1340 days ago


The headline is awkward. It reads as if the Mercedes itself was worth 15000$.

1340 days ago


Isn't this usually something hashed out between insurance companies? Once the police report has been filed that's usually the end of the involvement of the driver. Usually you only see this kind of stuff happen when one of the participants in the accident is uninsured.

1340 days ago


All that damage is only $15,000 on a Mercedes for real?

1340 days ago


Sorry, but in my neck of the woods you are required to stop at a yellow light unless a stop cannot be made safely. Megan admits the light was yellow when she entered the intersection so she should have stopped.

1340 days ago


I'm confused on a few items about this story..
Unless in CA it's different then the rest of the country if the light is already Yellow before you get to the intersection you're suppose to stop if you can do so safely. Yellow does not mean go faster to get though the light.
Next.. there is no way, from the pictures above, that it's only going to cost $15,000 to repair that car.
Last.. Mrs. Kim's insurance company would be handling this situation with Megan Mullally.
It sounds like Mrs. Kim didn't have car insurance, which is against the law, and it also sounds like Megan is at fault for entering an intersection on a yellow.

1340 days ago


Wendy Kim....Sounds like a case of DWO

1340 days ago


Isn't there something called auto insurance for something like this?

1340 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Yellow means prepare to stop but sometimes you are too close to the light when it flashes yellow and it might be harder to stop than to keep going when you know you can make it. People do it all the time. If you're on a road with a 40-50 mph speed limit and you're almost at the light just as it turns yellow you'd have to slam on the brakes which can be bad for your car and could cause an accident behind you. Sometimes you keep going through the light. RED means stop so you need to be completely through the light before it's red.

I actually had an incident like this where i was sitting at a red light, old guy was trying to catch a light, the light turned green for me, i went and got hit by a guy running the light. He tried to blame me that i ran a red light (meanwhile i was sitting at the red light and saw his light turn red and mine turned green + other cars went when i went). Nobody stopped though so we had no witnesses and it was his word vs mine so somehow the cop gave neither of us a ticket and our insurances paid for our own cars, mine was totaled. We filled out police reports and everything but no ticket, no court no nothing.

Looking at the damage of these 2 cars there no doubt must be a police report and after that the insurance companies handle it. Either the woman didn't have insurance or she knows she hit the woman on the "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" commercials who was in Will & Grace and is looking for her to pony up more money. But Megan's insurance i'm sure has a deductable that she's paid and its up to the insurance company to take care of the rest of the damage, not Megan.

1340 days ago


She probably couldn't make a safe stop....&& would that mean kim would have had a red light if megans light was yellow? ya i thought insurance covered accidents... sounds like kim doesn't hav..

1340 days ago

Gloria Unread    

What's with the artsy pictures? Did she crash back in the 1950's?!?

1339 days ago

Alan Carver    

First off Wendy Kim, the name alone should tell you something right off the bat ...

Second, since Megan was in the intersection already, and it was still YELLOW - that means that Kim started moving her vehicle through a red light that caused this accident.

Third, the insurance companies are responsible for 'fixing' the vehicles after they've been in an accident. So for this Wendy Kim to try to go after Megan financially outside of the insurance companies, she is playing with fire here, because Megan could after her for 'harassment' her and asking for Megan to pay her when it is not her responsibility to do so.

I am not saying one way or another that Megan is not at fault here, but that is the responsibility of the insurance companies to determine who was at fault based on the information from the police report and findings.

This Wendy Kim needs to back off from Megan and go through the proper channels - i.e. Insurance Company.

1339 days ago


That Merz car looks totaled.
Where are the witnesses to break the she said, she said.

1335 days ago


Since personal injury lawsuits have a Statute of Limitations of 2 years, the woman had every right to pursue damages against Megan Mullally -- $15,000 is hardly a paltry sum and her Mercedes was wrecked in the collision. However, given that the TV actress was crossing while the light was yellow, she is only required to slow down but not stop the vehicle. So she may have a valid defense, especially if it was the other lady who moved when the red light was still on.

1334 days ago
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