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Dina Lohan

Mama Has Arrived!

2/21/2011 6:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

All of Lindsay Lohan's problems are solved -- Dina Lohan has come to town.

Dina landed at LAX this afternoon with her other children: Ali, Michael Jr., and Cody. Lindsay hasn't seen them since she got out of rehab, so she's overdue for a little QT with the fam.

And if this whole necklace mess goes the wrong way, it might be the last time she sees them for a while ... again.


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john smith    

I think Dina looks great, maybe she will meet me at Hal's on Abbott Kinney or James Beach in Venice, or maybe the Brig or The Circle bar in SM. Chaya, where do you think that me and Dina should hook up?

1336 days ago

Sheeple Herder    

Why isn't TMZ reporting on the ruckus started by Dinial's flying monkeys at the airport? I understand they started throwing poop at the befuddled airport patrons while the rest of the family looted bags and lifted wallets from the distracted crowd. Dinial quickly cackled away on her broom and Michael Jr. saddled up Ali and they all escaped to the nearest bar before the airport security was dragged away from their groping stations. It was another good day to be a Lohan and a bad day to be anyone else!

1336 days ago


So is it half term break over there for young students? Why are not the younger sister and brothers at school or working? Or the parents? Any jobs for them either? Nobody working? Who pays the lawyers or is it lawyers are a free service?

1336 days ago

Rabinowitz The Hebe    

Dina and Ali's arrival just lends more star power to this proceeding. As LiLo is a far bigger star than OJ was, I'm thinking this will be the new 'Trial of the century'.

LiLo's attorney apprenticed under Johnny Cochran, no expense will be spared to aquit LiLo of this unjust charge.

As talented and beautiful as LiLo is, the word on the street is that, ALI is poised to be the breakout star of 2011. ALI is already rumored to be on the cover for People magazines 'Most Beautiful People' issue. The Lohans rule like royalty over Hollywood.

1336 days ago


she's seriously got to be related to mister ed.

1336 days ago


Love Dina and her gorgeous hair!!!

1336 days ago

river rat    

I think Dina looks great, maybe she will meet me at Hal's on Abbott Kinney or James Beach in Venice, or maybe the Brig or The Circle bar in SM. Chaya, where do you think that me and Dina should hook up?

Posted at 8:41 PM on Feb 21, 2011 by john smith

Wow, John, how about the LaBrea tar pits?

1336 days ago

LA Native    

Wow, John, how about the LaBrea tar pits?

Bwaaaahaaahhaaahahaaa!!! Priceless.

1336 days ago


A source close to Lindsay stated "She ditna do nuffin!". Love it! Wow. I am past feelin for Lindsay and have now gone into hoping that she will go to jail with NO bonding to get out. I also am on probation right now. There is NO bond for someone on probation here in Orange County. I would think LA County is the same. O. But their is a celebrity clause I guess. Sickening.

1336 days ago


Will Lindsay and Dina go around crashing parties tonight?

1336 days ago

Alan Carver    

Judge Keith Schwartz -- "You're no different than anyone else ... please don't push your luck."

"things will be different" this time around because she's on the hook for a felony.

"If you violate the law, I will remand you and there will be NO BAIL."

THANK YOU! - Judge Schwartz is willing to make sure Lohan knows that she is not special, she does not get preferential treatment in the courtroom and all RULES apply to her as they would apply to anyone in the same situation or scenario!

Judge Schwartz apparently is stern, and is going to be as fair as he can be in deciding the final outcome of this matter. Not sure if Judge Schwartz is the final authority in this matter, but it does not look too terribly good for Lohan.

Oh well she did this to herself and once again, she is having to face the consequences in front of a judge. She is not an easy target, she is just simply an idiot that does not thing through her actions!

1336 days ago


I heard Lindsay had a pair of heavily incrusted handcuffs made with diamonds custom made by Harry Winston Jewelers.
She grabbed the handcuffs and dashed out the door.

1336 days ago


maybe they ought to get to an AA meeting instead of shopping or dining out!

1336 days ago


I don't expect professional cameramen working at TMZ, but a guy recording and yelling stupid stuff, you can do better.

1336 days ago


I thought the L.A. air smelled particularly nasty today. Now I know why.

How smart is it to announce on the Internet that you and the entire family have left your Long Island home empty? If Dina is anything like Lindsay (and she is) the alarm company probably hasn't been paid in months.

1336 days ago
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