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Dina Lohan

Mama Has Arrived!

2/21/2011 6:09 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

All of Lindsay Lohan's problems are solved -- Dina Lohan has come to town.

Dina landed at LAX this afternoon with her other children: Ali, Michael Jr., and Cody. Lindsay hasn't seen them since she got out of rehab, so she's overdue for a little QT with the fam.

And if this whole necklace mess goes the wrong way, it might be the last time she sees them for a while ... again.


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If she is not put in jail or prison, the court is enabling her. The judge has to have seen enabled people and heard about their deaths. It happens because the habits they're accustomed to continue, and can eventually kill them. This woman needs intervention badly. To do otherwise, is to do harm.

1308 days ago


Maybe a good thing will happen Wednesday and LiLoHo will get her ashcan revoked for 6 months to a year.

Either that or let her out for good, so we can watch her run into a brick wall.

1308 days ago


Did you see that pic of Charlie tonguing a porn star on radar?


Too bad Lindsay, someones taking your place, you could make a buck over at Charlies!

1308 days ago


DINA must be pissed at TMZ because of their coverage, she is $selling more pics to Splash and X17, and the story about her meeting with Larry King to Radar. Who cares Dina, you and Michael can try to buy people off or freeze people out if the coverage isnt' to your liking...doesn't matter.

Even if she doesn't do her LONG OVERDUE jail time, her career except as a porn star is over. No Micky Rourke come back at least not until she is 45 and gets rid of the duck lips.

People will eventually want to pay to see her as a washed up bitter white trash alcoholic divorcee, that people will pay to see.

1308 days ago


I cant think of one single young woman who's Fkd Up their life as bad as Lindsay

1308 days ago


Di"pimp"lohan has prostituted her daughter for so long she knows no other way. She is a disgusting excuse for a human and doesn't deserve the title, "Mother". Perhaps one day soon she'll change her parasitic ways; however, s*** like that rarely evolves. Sad, really,when you think of what Lindsay's life may have held. What a waste!

1308 days ago


WoW...what stick crawled up Dina's ass?? Geez...She was so rude to the TMZ reporter, when he was being perfectly nice to her!!
Dina is such an A-hole!!

Lindsay is goin' to court tomorrow...Wonder what will happen.

1308 days ago


I can't believe TMZ doesn't have a story posted about the court date tomorrow.....

Does anyone know what time they have to be in court???

1308 days ago


Dina Nutcase is at it again, putting her unique spin on things....on the news they are reporting she said: "Literally, Lindsay didn't think about it at all, she was coming from somewhere else that day, grabbed the dress and ripped the tags off right before she hopped in the car to go to court,"

"People made such a big deal about it—but Lindsay, being a well-endowed girl, she couldn't help but look good in it. The dress wasn't risque, it came down to her knees. I told her that tomorrow she's got to wear a black pantsuit."

Oh yeah, that multi-tasking fool of a starlet, rushing off to her 2nd or 3rd or 4th or whatever thing she had going that day had to grab a never worn dress and just throw it on. That excuse Dina is trying to make fly is so pathetic....oh my daughter can't prepare for court.

Then Denia-ah chooses to make what is essentially a very short dress into knee-length.... like she thinks her saying it will change it into a knee-length dress. And to top it off she has to pronounce how good her daughter looked in it...

Yeah, she rocked that cat-walk, alright!

1308 days ago


Crazy that instead of spending time with her daughter she goes to breakfast with Larry King. Nuts!

1308 days ago


That dress was short enough for a Sharon Stone photo.

Just another dis on the judiciary, one in a long line.

1308 days ago


She should wear an orange jumpsuit tomorrow. That way she doesn't have to change.

1308 days ago


It's sad when the only real dates Lindsay gets anymore are court dates. I hope she shows a little tit tomorrow. At least she'll be interesting to look at.

1308 days ago

john smith    

I read that article on Yahoo, Los Angeles Defense attorney Jerod Gunsberg thinks that Lindsay will most likely not do any jail time if she pleads guilty.

1308 days ago

c west    

stop wasting your time on this pulp! Support real people like those poor protesters in Wisconsin!!!

1306 days ago
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