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Kissing Model -- Don't Blame Me for 'Glee' Star Split

2/22/2011 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

One of the models who kissed "Glee" star Dianna Agron's boyfriend for a professional photo shoot says she shouldn't be blamed for the break up because the kiss was "nothing more than art."


TMZ broke the story -- Agron broke things off with "I Am Number 4" star Alex Pettyfer because of an artsy photo shoot that surfaced featuring the actor making out with Lydia Hearst and another female model ... even though the pics were taken BEFORE Alex and Dianna began dating.

Now, Lydia tells us ... "I can't help but laugh because it is nothing more than art, and it is beyond ridiculous that anyone would be upset about it.”

Lydia -- daughter of famous socialite turned bank robber turned actress Patty Hearst -- adds, “It was a kiss from over a year ago ... it's time to move on."


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stories about nobodies now...did charlie sheen die?

1338 days ago


lol she's so dumb for actually believing she's the reason those two broke up.

1338 days ago


OMG, Lydia you are not that important for someone to break off a relationship. The photos are not even that hot or good.

1338 days ago


Lydia: if you honestly believe this break up story then your dumber then I thought. Just go back to being irrelevant.

1338 days ago


Worst case of the hollywood gossip folks buying the **** that a PR person is selling ever.

This whole relationship was a PR stunt to begin with to try and copy the Twilight 'dating' leads thing. They break up the day the movie comes out and then with another film to do PR on this week and next someone in his camp clearly leaked some bull reason for their break-up.

I think someones camp has only managed to make both actors look like they were bearding for one another.

Surprised TMZ isn't digging deeper on this one instead of bothering to waste ink on some model who is trying to get more famous.

1338 days ago


Dianna is a jealous little piece of waste. Any woman who gets so jealous of other women kissing on her man, in photos taken eons before they got married should get a lot of counseling. She has mental issues that need addressing. She deserves to be alone, whoever she is.

1338 days ago


Sorry, I didn't mean married, I meant got together. Surely he wouldn't marry a woman with her mentality.

1338 days ago


If Dianna really broke up with him because of this... she is going to die a lonely miserable old lady.

1338 days ago


Dianna is an actor, who kisses other actors on Glee pretty often. I`m sure she knows that acting is pretending. This whole thing reeks of Mr.Pettyfer acting the the douche that he is rumored to be.

1338 days ago


This is so ridiculous that it's not even worth commenting on! That Lydia ur such a ho if u honestly think the reason for break up is true! U and the douche should get together and have a miserable life together u both deserve it!!! Dianna is sooo much better than this and will always come out smelling of roses as she has what ap and Lydia don't have ppl who actualy love her!!!! So climb back into the hole u have come out from!!

1338 days ago


Dianna break up with douch-boy even before the pics, she dumped him bc he's a ****head! and if you guys believe this you are the stupid not Dianna.

1338 days ago


This dude is ugly as sin who the **** cares about him! That glee chick is smoking hot, she doesnt need to fuss over this loser!

1338 days ago


and Lydia is famous because ???? her mommy was a bored socialite (the Paris Hilton of her day) who went and got herself kidnapped then brainwashed. She shows how stupid she really is for even commenting on this bull.

1338 days ago


I'm sure there was more to it than that, people.....

1338 days ago


Call it what you, I wouldn't want my daughters to be a part of it. That's not all!

And Dianna has a reason to be upset. I'm sure she doesn't want to be used as another notch on his belt. And also, those "models" look a lot like her. People need to start thinking how their past relationships will hurt their future marriage.

1338 days ago
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