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Charlie Sheen -- Angry Over 'Major League' Snub

2/22/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's wish for another "Major League" movie isn't just a pipedream -- producers have been working on a script for more than a year. But TMZ has learned one key player's been cut from the flick ... and Charlie ain't too happy about it.


Sources close to the production tell TMZ ... an outline for ML4 was completed in 2010 ... and most of the original cast has already been contacted about roles ... except for Corbin Bernsen.

We're told Bernsen -- who famously played Roger Dorn in the first three "ML" movies -- contacted Morgan Creek productions when he heard the rumblings ... but was told there are currently no plans to include him in a 4th installment.

Bernsen's publicist tells us, “Corbin would LOVE to do another 'Major League' but it doesn’t look like he’s been written into the movie at this point.  We’re hopeful he gets written in by the time it’s finalized though."

0221_sheen_tmz_live_smallSheen -- on the other hand -- tells us he's pretty damn pissed about the snub ... adding, "I would love it for him to be in ... but I ain't the writer or director ... I'm a hired gun ... I'll do my best."


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bottom of the barrel for we hate charlie sheen stories huh?

1339 days ago


yah we are sick of hearing about Charlie we need to hear about Bieber . NOT!!!!!

1339 days ago


Hey Charlie...everyone is tired of your crap. If you don't care enough about yourself and your families, why should anyone else.

Hanging with you gives one a bad reputation.

1339 days ago


How in the world does the movie intend to make Charlie look young enough to be a ballplayer anymore? He's aged massively over the past few years and looks like an old man in the face. Seriously. I just think this is a case of bad miscasting, at this point in his life.

1339 days ago


Leave Corbin B. in the movie script. He added humor to the last movie and I thought that was great.

1339 days ago


Enough with the endless Charlie Sheen stories

1339 days ago

Bobo Frog    

bigdad, if you've seen Major League 3, then you're either Corbin Bersen or his family members, 'cause no one else saw that.

1339 days ago


How about .....hire Corbin...dump Charlie!

1339 days ago


what is it going to be an old timers movie..all tjhose guys are over the hill has beens so who would pay to go see a lame movie like that..this will never happen

1339 days ago


Im glad I didnt watch the ML series, here is another one I wont watch.

1339 days ago


When Major League 2 came out, I was in college and we were asked to fill the stands in the stadium in Baltimore for the filming. Tom Beringer was the nicest, most polite man you could imagine. Corbin Bernsin was aloof, snotty, and refused to even acknowledge people in the stands, even those of us who were 10 feet away. He's an ass, and I can imagine the producers not wanting to deal with him.

1339 days ago


I think Charlie Sheen needs a reality check. Just because he gets paid a vulgar amount of money for a television show doesn't make him a great actor or anything else. He is simply a crackhead with a smart mouth who stumbled into some temporary fame. It will die off and so will he - crack kills whomever it touches - and he is no exception........he just thinks he is. His heart will explode one day from all the damage he is doing to it right now.

1339 days ago


First of all, Charlie's been rushed to the hospital again with abdominal pains so this story is useless waste of space. Second, anyone with a brain (not you, tmz live hosts), including myself, who saw TMZ Live yesterday knew he was on something from his bs egomania spin while he was on the phone.

1339 days ago


I know Mightymad, only YOUR comments are worth reading....

So, by your post I am to assume you are a Charlie fan club president? He is your hero? I sense you can read, so why is he worth your praise or anyone's for that matter once you see and read for yourself about his loser-ness?

Every move this less than a man makes, brings him closer to the toilet of America. He has lost his appeal, no one wants to see a desparate, middle aged, drug addict, drunk, oooozzzing jizz, dead beat Dad making millions of dollars and behaving like a frat boy gone wild.

His whole situation just makes him such a d-ic-k. He really has zero shame. Not to mention zero skills on how to be a decent human being.

So, now explain to us, oh Mightymad the great one, why is Charlie an okay guy again? I can't wait for a reply......since you felt a need to reply to this story of 'no actaul traction' and all. You seem a bit I'm soooooo sure we'll get a response. Or not?

1339 days ago

Davey Boy    

Seems pretty dumb to write out an important character who appeared in the first three.

1339 days ago
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