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'Golden Voice' Ted Williams Scores REALITY SHOW

2/22/2011 2:28 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ted "Golden Voice" Williams has inked a deal to star in his very own reality show -- and he will begin shooting in two weeks ... TMZ has learned.

Ted Williams Reality Show

Ted's rep tells us the show will be called "Second Chances at Life" -- which will document how Mr. "Golden Voice" went from a promising radio career to living on the streets ... to becoming a YouTube sensation. The series will also follow Ted's life as he battles to rebuild his career and personal life. 

We're told the show will be shot in three different locations: Brooklyn (his hometown), Ohio (where he was homeless) and Los Angeles ... where he's been hanging out at expensive restaurants.

And that's not all: Ted's rep says they're already planning season two -- when they'll introduce other people who deserve a second chance.


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Chubby Cubby    

"rebuilding his career"?????? You can't rebuild something you never had in the first place.
I sense "dancing with the stars" is not too distant in his future....

1338 days ago

Preserve the Tiger    

Sorry, I made a typographical error. Typed 'recent' and meant 'RESENT" the heck ...

1338 days ago


good luck Ted

1338 days ago


IMHO, I believe in 2nd AND / OR maybe 3rd chances! I look around & see Lindsay Lohan & Charlie Sheen getting tons of 2nd/3rd/4th (and other celebs)...and on & on & on! So, yes, provided that Ted Williams is given frequent & random drug/alcohol tests (weeekly!); I will watch his REALITY SHOW! Love his voice & I think that he can go (PROGRESS) very, very FAR if he is able to remain sober/clean!
I think that too much was thrust upon him too soon; AND, the fact that Ted left rehab earlier than he was supposed to probably did NOT help things to his advantage BUT I Just feel with with at least 4 random drug (and alcohol) tests each week & IF he remains clean/sober..then she has a really good shot & I truly hope that he is able to run his life clean/sober that he will be an EXCELLENT SUCCESS story. I'm rooting for him! I'm pulling for him...MUCH MORE VEHEMENTLY than LiLo or Charlie! Goode Luck, Ted!

1338 days ago


Are they gonna fix his teef? Man, I hope they fix his teef.

1338 days ago

DeeJay OC    

FANTASTIC! U go Teddy G! And the G stands for GOLDEN VOICE u haters!!

1338 days ago


At first I thought this was a nice feel good story but I am really sick of this clown. I think all this fame will go to his head and he will at some point relapse.

1338 days ago


OOPS..(In #34)..meant that *he* (not she) has a much beter chance...."

1338 days ago


good for him. he has a busy life now, and no time for drinking or drugs. in fact, he will have a constant reminder of how awful it was while he watches his own shows.

1338 days ago


I wish everyone would ignore him until he completes rehab - hot mess

1338 days ago


Did they buy him three different tents or will he have to carry the same one from city to city?

1338 days ago

DeeJay OC    

U HATERS! Have you seen the guy lately? He looks great, and he has new teeth and a new song on ITunes called Survivor's Prayer!

1338 days ago


come on you a**holes. ted williams seems like a good, but troubled man. i always root for the underdog, and i'm rooting for him. i think that he deserves his own show, and i, for one, will watch every episode. many of us can relate to ted's battles with substance abuse, and people who judge other people, and consider them 'weak' for having an addcition are the worst kind of s*** walking on this planet. shame on you. get a life. ted certainly has.

Posted at 10:14 AM on Feb 22, 2011 by alex

and what drugs are you on today?

1338 days ago


Well, the guy seems to be handling it well despite his past cir***stances and their desire to see him crash and burn didn't happen so now they are piling it on. They are going to find a way to make him crash and burn and they're doing it with rope,lots of rope so he can hang himself.Unable to shame him, now they are trying to "flatter" him towards destruction.
Still think you need to take care of that child support situation Ted and stop wearing those f'uped veneers. Get your teeth fixed because when the rot reaches the nerve endings you will have to get the surgery done anyway.

1338 days ago


Whenever I come on hear, and reat the mean-spirited garbage people write, it makes me sick to my stomach-- I don't know what is wrong w/ you guys-- Give the guy a second chance. Most people have been or know someone closely who has suffered from mebtal illness. Drug addiction IS a mental illness. Why all the hate on people trying to better themselves? Why wouldn't you want the best for a human being who has obviously had a tough run of things. It is sickening, and you are all pieces of garabage for putting the man down. Do something with your own lives before casting stones on people like Ted. Good luck, Ted. Disregard all the hate, and know that there are still some of us in America who want to see you succeed. You deserve it!

1338 days ago
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