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Carmelo's Nuggets Jerseys -- They GOTTA Go!

2/23/2011 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Carmelo Anthony's Denver legacy is nearly worthless now that he's a Knick -- in fact, a local athletic apparel store is desperately trying to dump his Nuggets jerseys ... for a FRACTION of its original price.

According to the website for Altitude Authentics,  the formerly $350 jersey is now selling for the bargain basement price of $75.

FYI -- Melo's Knicks jersey is now on pre-sale ... for $249.99 ... but it won't be available until October 1st.

Denver. The new Cleveland.


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No Avatar

Flying Blind    

try $9.95 for any of them, new or old.

1303 days ago


why would you pay 75, you go to rummage sale and get it for 5

1303 days ago

Dandy Dan    

Denver the new Cleveland? Please explain, and go beyond the "LeBron" garbage...

1303 days ago


swayD ,mot ,litos iwm

1303 days ago

Let's Chill    

Denver AND Cleveland both need to grow the hell up!

Crying like 2-year olds because a player asserted HIS RIGHT to leave. Big hypocrites!

These teams trade players like baseball cards WHENEVER the feeling hits them.....oh but as a player YOU should be LOYAL to the owner/team even if the favor isn't RETURNED. What the fvck ever!!

Denver made out MUCH better than Cleveland in this trade by gaining some talented players in Chandler, Felton and Gallinari and they're STILL CRYING. Ridiculous.

1303 days ago


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1303 days ago

Josh D.    

Dandy Dan - yeah, they should stick to covering entertainment, they obviously have no clue about sports.

So, let's see... other than the fact that Denver has won two Super Bowls, an MLS Cup and two Stanley Cups while Cleveland has won... oh let me see. None.

There's this.

Cleveland left the LeBron deal with zilch. Nothing. Nada.

Denver left the Melo deal with: Three players averaging more than 15 points this season, a 7' footer with big potential, a 1st round draft pick, two 2nd round picks and $3 million in cash.

Yeah. Very similar. Pfft.

1303 days ago

Captain Balls    

Why is this news?
This happens pretty much any time an athlete gets traded their old jersey's get WAY marked down.

1303 days ago


We here in Denver are NOT crying over Melo "asserting his right" to leave. We are upset about it resulting in Chauncey going as well. Good riddance to Melo!

1303 days ago

Loc Dog    

Nobody in Denver gives a rat's ass about an overrated ball hog who can't play defense and is a sucker-punching bitch. Carmelo and his wife, the black Yoko Ono, couldn't be any more annoying. Chauncey is THE MAN and will be greatly missed.

1303 days ago


Let's chill,
No one in Denver is crying about Melo leaving. What the hell news are you watching? I assure you we are happy with the deal. The standing ovation the new guys got last night during the game shows that. Get your head outta your ass.

1303 days ago

gene yuss    

at least allowed denver to get something in return instead of leading them on then leaving them high and dry

1303 days ago


NO ONE IN DENVER WANTS THEM!!!!!! Not even if they were free!

1303 days ago


Nobody in Denver is crying, good riddance Melo. The only crying ever in Denver was from your whiney little ass anyway.

Losing Chauncey stung a little, losing Melo not so much, as shown last night we are better without him

Open your eyes a little TMZ, get out of the sports reporting business, you dont do it well

1303 days ago


Given the price of these shirts, I would love to see welfare enforcement agents going into the projects and anywhere that there are section 8 apartments and people on welfare to ensure that they aren't spending taxpayer money on this kind of crap. Taxpayers should have their funds monitored in these households where they are given out to ensure that those receiving taxpayer funds aren't blowing them on this kind of stuff, and to ensure that only the people authorized to live in the section 8 apartments are there. Unfortunately, there is no supervision of the indigenous population of lower income areas with regard to monitoring who lives in taxpayer funded housing and how taxpayer funds are spent. This leads to fraud and gross misspending of taxpayer funds, where usually the female keeps spitting out children and collecting welfare, food stamps and a free section 8 apartment while the male lives off the taxpayers as well but claims to live with its mother and has unreported income on the side. It should be a felony to breed while collecting taxpayer funds.

1303 days ago
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