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Charlie Sheen's 'Goddess'

Marijuana Bikini Model

2/24/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen's new girlfriend -- one of his "goddesses" -- is a stoned cold fox ... as in, the chick is a marijuana magazine cover model ... TMZ has, um, learned.

Natalie Kenly
The chick gripping the bong is Natalie Kenly -- aka Natty Baby -- a model regularly featured in "Cali Chronic X Magazine" ... who's such a pot enthusiast, she was even crowned, "Chronic Girl 2010."

TMZ sparked a conversation with Jeffrey Peterson -- co-editor of the mag -- who tells us Charlie began to pursue Natalie a few months ago after seeing her on the cover of the February, 2010 issue (pictured above).

We're told Charlie and Natty eventually connected through a mutual friend -- and the two hit it off. Jeffrey tells us ever since the two began their "whirlwind" relationship ... Charlie has been "very romantic."

Don't be surprised if their next date is at a Pink Floyd laser show.



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I'm sure she's smoking pot with Sheen right this moment.

1335 days ago


Ahhhh....the Mother of his next group of test tube babies raised by the nannies huh? nice going lows have been reached.

1335 days ago


he seems to like girls w/big moose p*ssy lips.

1335 days ago


YUK, how could anyone be with him when they know what he is like. Oh well, another headline coming up in a few months.... RUN SMOKING GIRL RUN

1335 days ago


Hopefully Charlie IS smoking some weed. Hopefully that will cause him to eat some damned food. Sorry, Charlie, I know you're short and all but even at you're diminutive height you are still grossly underweight. Despite rumors to the contrary, you actually can be too thin. Just check the actuary tables for proof of that. Or come on down to the hospital and I'll show you around the morgue. My guess I'll be seeing you there fairly soon as it is.

1335 days ago



I suppose if I had as much money as Charlie Sheen I'd hit whoever I wanted to too and not really care what anybody else thought!

Don't Hate The Playa...Hate The Game!


1335 days ago


The chick on the cover of this magazine looks nothing like the previous picture that TMZ showed of Natalie. She doesn't even look like she's of the same ethnicity.

1335 days ago



Lack of cash is the one thing that usually saves addicts. Most people hit bottom right about the time they run out of resources and have finished ripping off everyone they can rip off. Charlie has the rare ability of hitting bottom and continue burrowing down due to the amount of money he has earned. But when you're paying hookers 30k and more at a pop the money does tend to vanish quickly

If he could grasp the concept of moderation Charlie could conceivably live another five years. At the rate he's going I doubt he'll see 2012.

1335 days ago


Charlie must have tinymeat(under 7 inches hard), otherwise why on earth would he have to pay all this money for stink-fish??!!

1335 days ago


@@ (withlovefromwayacrosstheocean) YOU STATED: YUK, how could anyone be with him when they know what he is like. Oh well, another headline coming up in a few months.... RUN SMOKING GIRL RUN

Yea right, this here example of American female overachievers claim to fame is appearing on magazine covers, sporting bikini/panties, while holding a bong in hand, which indeed by the way will be the high point of her life.

And you ask how can this epitome of female virtue date someone that has actually done a few positive things with his life, not to mention earns over one million dollars per week?

No, actually it is Charlie who is stepping far down, and it is this common sluskank that is stepping way up.

American hot girls i.e. ejaculation reciprocals, are a dime a dozen, people that make over a million dollars per week, not so much......Artofwar

1335 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Hahaha, this will end up well.

1335 days ago


I think she's hot. BTW, there are some nude pics of her at:

1335 days ago


@ Carvey #9

Damn, you nailed that! There's alotta truth to what you said.

Charlie may have alot of cash now but it is impossile for it to last at the rate he's blowing it.
It is his money to blow though.
It would suck big time to look back and think you blew that much on what he's spending it on.
He's a slow moving trainwreck.

1335 days ago


"Don't be surprised if their next date is at a Pink Floyd laser show".

Hahahahahaha!! With Charlie acting and talking like a 15 year old! "Dude! It's epic!!"

1335 days ago


Changed my mind - the guy is COO COO. No rehab happening here.

1335 days ago
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