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Lindsay Judge to Broker Plea Deal With Jail Time

2/23/2011 11:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The judge who will determine Lindsay Lohan's fate in the probation and grand theft cases will be the middleman in plea negotiations today between Lindsay and the prosecutor ... and sources connected with the case tell TMZ ... the judge thinks Lindsay should do time.

Lindsay will appear today before Judge Keith L. Schwartz, and sources connected with the case tell TMZ that during the hearing prosecutor Danette Meyers will present Lindsay's lawyer, Shawn Holley, with a formal offer to plea bargain the case.

Sources tell us Meyers has already told Holley any deal will include significant jail time ... but Lindsay steadfastly refuses to accept a plea that involves time behind bars.

Sources connected with the case tell us Judge Schwartz will propose that Lindsay accept jail time for the probation violation and three years felony probation for the grand theft case. But here's the BIG problem with that -- if Lindsay gets in trouble during the probationary period, she'll go to state prison.

We're told Holley has not seen the surveillance video yet, but Meyers will present her with her very own CD tomorrow -- before the hearing.

If Lindsay doesn't accept a plea, the judge will set a date for a preliminary hearing.

UPDATE: Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, as of early this morning, Lindsay insists she's innocent and is ready to go to trial to clear her name.



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Lindsay's Coke Dealer    

I hope Nciole enabler is right and Lindsay takes this to trial... she is on formal probation till august... she will violate and have to wait in the slammer till her trial... the Judge told her that Lindsay already was in the clubs with Sam all coked take it to trial Lindsay... can't wait for you to violate and have to wait for a year for your trial..

1316 days ago


Poster 1 & 3, "Nicole" is Dina Lohan. She uses Nicole and Susan here and Jill09 on Radaronline.

That's why she posts what she does.

1316 days ago

Lynn M    

Since when does the criminal get to decide whether or not she has to go to jail?

Put the thief behind bars NOW!

Posted at 1:18 AM on Feb 23, 2011 by Pookie

Ones with expensive attorneys, lol. Eventually, she'll end up in jail simply because she refuses to realize that a judge's ruling means something.

1316 days ago

Lindsay's Coke Dealer    

Lindsay Lohan should go to jail, period.

For the numerous probation violations and the felony grand theft.

It's appropriate.

Posted at 1:21 AM on Feb 23, 2011 by JLS

Yes JLS, You are right...Lindsay and Nicole enabler both fail to understand she has been given many chances and she has blown them of her own volition. Lindsay own actions with drugs and booze are the ones that got her where she is.

1316 days ago

Lindsay's Coke Dealer    

I sure hope TMZ live streams todays events...polease lets lindsay take this to trial. No way in the world will she be able to stay out of trouble and not violate her probation that she is on till August. The Judge say's she violates and she goes to Jail, and that means she will wait in county till her trial. Most excellent news indeed.

1316 days ago

Jim in Cali    

3 years probation will end up being like a lifetime for Lindsay. She can't take that deal.

1316 days ago


She might not have the same conditions until the trial
Even if she does how do you know that she will violate?
She has been sober since September

1316 days ago

john smith    

Los Angeles defense attorney says that Lindsay will not see any jail yahoo google ect......

1316 days ago


@john smith
She wouldn't be facing a FELONY and PRISON time if Danette Meyers wasn't running for District Attorney.
This is absolutely sickening.
I hope Shawn takes it to trial and embarasses her and that Alan Jackson, Jacquelyn Lacey or Mario Trujillo become the new DA.
What a waste of money and resources over a misunderstanding.
The item was returned and the store didn't even want to pursue any legal action.

1316 days ago


Nicole I guess you were busy shoping interviews in LA area.

1316 days ago


If you read the traditional news blogs, the post are all either negative, or who cares? She has already been convicted in the court of public opinion.

1316 days ago


I understand that there are a lot of Lindsay haters on these comment boards, which leads me to ask, what has she ever done to them?

Shawn Holley needs to take this case to trial. Based on what's been written it seems as though Shawn Holley can win this case easily!

1316 days ago


Lindsay's going down

1316 days ago

Lindsay's Coke Dealer    

She might not have the same conditions until the trial
Even if she does how do you know that she will violate?
She has been sober since September

Posted at 1:44 AM on Feb 23, 2011 by Nicole

Nicole. You yourself have said Lindsay will not be able to survive formal probation without violating. Lindsay formal probation does not end till August. She would be under the same conditions until her trial. She is charged with a felony. The Judge already said that if she viloated she would be held until her hearing, the same would apply until her trial.

1316 days ago


You know, Harvey. When I watch TMZ live, I think you are very funny guy. But when I read articles such as this one is, I can't help but think that you are a moron-a celebrity wannabe.
Now, why would you want to be such thing?
First of all-Entire Hollywood sucks. There is no gentleman or the ladies, only whores, philanthropists, gays and lesbians-Now are you a whore, philanthropist, or gay?
I advise you to quit with whatever operation you got going, and sit back and think about the things you've done with your life. Once you were highly respected lawyer, people respected you, even when TMZ was born. Now all they think is that you are a joke.
Stop with this fake news, fake resources, and just admit that there is no more good stories out there, because the publicists actually know what they are doing, and that you are forced to make up stories because of that.

Be well.

1316 days ago
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