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Kim Kardashian -- Butting into the A-List Acting Biz

2/24/2011 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is in talks to star in the new John Gotti flick with John Travolta ... proving it's just a matter of time before that butt conquers all of Hollywood.

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What a fricking joke. I won't be watching the movie, thats for sure.

1335 days ago


Not every movie Travolta does is gold. This one is starting out brown.

1335 days ago


Let's hope this is some kind of joke...or just some sort of publicity stunt cooked up by her mother/handler/manager. I was actually interested in seeing the film, but if this overexposed, untalented chick is in it...sorry, she doesn't belong. I'll chalk it up to $9 (plus parking and popcorn) saved for another day.

1335 days ago


why would hollywood feed this fame wh*re ?
she is horrible. lucky for her all her E channel shows are totally scripted ! she is a horrible actress. her claim to fame is getting F'ed from a loser with a famous sister... her dad got a murderer off from going to jail... being fat... being a future celulite leg queen... posing nude time and time again and getting mad when the pictures are pulished and thinks she is a victim... and having a famous step dad. yeah sure, lets put her in a movie with Travolta. Are you kidding me ?

1335 days ago


only in America, a place where someone makes a sex tape then they start earning millions of dollars.
there are good, talented, hard working people that keeps struggling each day to make a living while this idiot with her family keep earning huge amount of money as if they are contributing anything positive to the society.
America is really a funny place. women sleep with celebs then they become stars.
where is Ray J he is to blame for the Kardashian's we get to see everyday on tv.
can't this people just go to school, involve in charity works and just live a low profile life? DAMN!!!!

1335 days ago


I hope she gets the role!! Love her :) Too bad she has so many jealous haters, probably people like Paris Hilton and her friends who wish they didn't screw up their lives and are as successful as Kim.

1335 days ago


Atta girl Kimmy!

1335 days ago


Nobody named "Kardashian" will ever be an A-lister... or even B. It would be generous and optimistic to believe any Kardashian will rise above "D".

IF Kim Kardashian is in this film, it's because she's just the type to play a sleaze-bag Gotti or a slutty gangster moll... that's why it's called "type-casting".

This will definately be a "wait-till-it's-on-cable" movie, and even then only if there's nothing else on.

1335 days ago


Oh please, let the director give her an ultimatum:
"You will get into this movie, if we get to film your bare ass naked from any angle we desire".

And Kim will be like having a breakdown and think "I will never escape the ghost of my bum".

But the director will be in his right. "Listen Kim, you got into this business because of your ass. Thats why anyone watches you, while these other guys went to school and learned. So its only fair we get to see your ass".

1335 days ago


she's in because Gotti jr wants to get in her pants

1335 days ago

keeping it real    

TMZ YOU SUCK! Stop giving Kim Attention!
And all her family! I'm So over them! And stop calling her a Star! She's a reality personality! SO STOP!

There Like Armanian Roaches! They wont go away!


1335 days ago


I won't be seeing it, won't contribute that that disgusting family. If people would stop watching their shows they would go away...but no, people keep watching that trash. Kim thinks she's in love with every man that looks at her, she's so pathetic.

1335 days ago


Well first of all....John Travolta doesn't open he's probably coming cheap. And the subject matter, Gotti, is so I wouldn't think this movie is going to be about much.

1335 days ago


Is Kim going to play the wh0re that gets passed from good fella to good fella? If not, she won't know what to do.

This sk.ank and her sisters make me sick, and where else but in America can you become famous for having a father that aided & abetted a murderer (hiding evidence), making a sex tape where you get urinated on, and posing without clothes?

Gotta love it.

1335 days ago


Judging by the recent success, or lack thereof, Travolta's movies, I don't think it's too far off to say Kim's being considered as a way to boost the box office. Sad.

1335 days ago
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