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Lindsay Shows Up At Her First Lawyer's Office

2/24/2011 6:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan just showed up at the law office of Blair Berk --- Lindsay's first lawyer --  to noodle over her felony grand theft case ... TMZ has learned.


Sources tell us Shawn Holley and Lindsay decided to call Berk and ask her to review the evidence in the case and strategize with Lindsay.  Sources tell TMZ ... Holley met with Lindsay and Dina for hours yesterday at Holley's office.  That meeting was followed by a lengthy conversation between Holley and Berk, and the two decided Lindsay should continue the discussion with Berk today.

Holley is and will continue to be Lindsay's lawyer, but in this kind of a pickle, two heads are better than one.

Berk, by the way, is the lawyer who repped Lindsay when she got her 2 DUI's ... and managed to get her off with a legal slap on the wrist.  One of the main reasons Berk is meeting with Lindsay -- she was the lawyer in the case the has now led to the probation violation.

It's likely Berk and Lindsay will discuss the D.A.'s plea offer, which would require her to accept 6 months in jail. 


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ok so basically her lawyer is not confident this will just go away... so lets assume she thinks Lindsay stole it(duh!).. and could get some serious time... SHOCKER!

1315 days ago


put her behind bars. Too much special treatments.

1315 days ago

Who gives a F about mel gibson?    

Just lock her up already. How much stuff can one person get away with?? Geez.

1315 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Blair Berk as Mel Gibson's lawyer
has enough on her plate...
Lohan will go to jail.

1315 days ago


Nicole, I thought this was a slam dunk win?

1315 days ago


Where is Lindasy getting all this money to pay for lawyers??? I wonder how much stolen merchandise she's had to sell to make enough $$ to afford all this legal advice

1315 days ago


I just dont get how hard is it to fix her life, I could do it within a week. Get her out of all the crap she's into, get her working properly and get an oscar worthy performance all in 2 months easy. I'm not talking about making her a jesus freak either, or warping some other religion bs Im just saying life coach, manager what ever you want to call it she needs one and quick. She can easily pull her life around if she just makes a few minor changes.

1315 days ago


Holley might be praying that Lindsay switches lawyers.... :)

TMZ should do a gallery sequence of "the many faces of Shawn Holley" as she has patiently dealt with LL throughout all this. Unfortunately, we're missing the best one: video and audio of the exact moment Holley found out about "the necklace affair"!

1315 days ago


I guess after Lindsay and Shawn saw that videotape of Lindsay getting caught red-handed, and from what radaronline is reporting Lindsay's male friend who was shopping with her distracted the clerk while Lindsay took the necklace.

For all the money it's costing Lindsay in legal fees, it would have been way cheaper to have just paid for the darn necklace. Now Lindsay has to pay hundreds of thousands in legal fees AND she doesn't even get to keep the necklace.

1315 days ago


This whole thing goes back a few years now wasting everybody's time and money. She needs to do the time like everybody else.There are countries that cut your hand off for stealing.Why is this sicko so entitled? Her whole clan needs to go away.A lot of people wish they had so many chances.Such arrogance should not be tolerated.

1315 days ago

john smith    

Lindsay can easily get off If it goes to trial. Take it to trial Lindsay!!!!

1315 days ago

Chun LI    

Lindsay's a stupid ass.She's spending all of this money on attorney fees.She could have paid for the necklace in the first place.

1315 days ago


Lindsay Lohan is S***!
If this was you or I we would have been serving 10 - 20 years in prison ALREADY!
I WANT JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!! Throw this waste of oxygen in jail!
All she is, is a hot piece of ass.... and there are millions of those.

1315 days ago


If Li Ho spends all of her money on Lawyers who will support he blood sucking useless mother.

1315 days ago


As much as I can't stand Lindsay Lohan and everything that she respresents I have a bad feeling that she is going to somehow beat the system and not even do one day in jail. Now comes the high priced lawyer.What next,get the 'friend' to take the blame or claim he was negotiating while Lindsay was distracted. Its a chess game.Lindsay has yet to lose,not one day in jail,she's the teflon don of the entertainment industry,amazing.She makes the DA's,prosecutors and judges look like total idiots,nobody I mean nobody can seem to nail her to go to jail.

1315 days ago
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