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My Ex-Husband Is A Conniving A-Hole

2/25/2011 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Roseanne Barr claims her ex-husband is a piece of GARBAGE ... who threatened to sabotage their son's education unless she PAID for her ex and his NEW wife to live like royalty.

Roseanne Barr Ex Husband

Basically, Rosie is pissed that ex-hubby/bodyguard Ben Thomas wants the comic to pay for him to fly out to Hawaii for 10 days every month -- along with a new wife he met in the Philippines -- so Ben can visit the former couple's 15-year-old son.

Roseanne claims when she decided to move to Hawaii, she always expected to pay for Ben to fly out to visit their kid -- but "him alone."


So when Ben came back from a recent trip to the Phillipines with a new wife ... a wife that Roseanne and her son had never met ... Rosie claims she was shocked when Ben demanded the comic also pay for the new wife to accompany him during his monthly trips to Hawaii. 

A clearly bitter Roseanne notes, "[Ben] has a history of going to the Phillipines and bringing home a woman, and marrying and divorcing her after a period of time."

She adds, "What [Ben] was asking me to do was to provide him and his new wife with a 10 day all expense paid first class honeymoon each month, under the guise of visiting our son."

As TMZ previously reported, Ben claims Rosie signed a contract in which she agreed to the arrangement -- but Rosie says she was "coerced" because Ben was threatening to block their son from attending a prestigious private school in Hawaii unless she played ball.


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HA HA....THAT WORKS ONLY IN THE USA. what an *******? Why would she pay for his expenses? You bring a child on Earth, then prepare to have equal responsibilities to your child. ROSEANNE she is right to call him an A-HOLE.

And of course losers always head to Asia to get those poor girls who indeed of slavering around in order to feel that their lives are perfect while abroad than in their home lands.

1337 days ago


Roseanne is obviously using TMZ to put pressure on him. He won't do what she wants so she rings up the media to nail him.

Ugh. This woman is really crappy. While I agree with her on the issue (but we only have one side of it here), I do NOT agree with her tactics in getting him to comply.

1337 days ago


Someone tell poster no. 1 that Hawaii IS the USA LMAO. Sheesh.

1337 days ago


If he's an A-Hole as well as her other ex-husbands, What does that make her?

It takes one to know one.

Equal responsibilities means Equal parenting.

She's a Multi-millionaire and he's a former bodyguard.
You have to level the financial playing field to equally parent and she chose to move to Hawaii.

You think he hotly pursued Roseanne. I seriously doubt that.
She hooked him then desperately wanted a child and used artificial means with his sperm to make a kid. She had to be well over age 40 when she had the kid.
She wanted him as the dad. She's the Wealthy one. It's all on her financially as it should be.

1337 days ago


Doesn't she have a new show coming on? Interesting timing for this public revelation.

1337 days ago


Gotta agree with Barr on this,...yeah she moved away ,but any
money she loses is less money for their could this
ahole basically want his son to fund his excursions with
his playmates....sounds like ahole material to to those that think she trapped him,think again Columbo's...he saw
a fat millionaire an freaked her so he could do stunts like this
for 21 years of his low life...what a shi$$y lowlife he is.

1337 days ago

Blue Lake    

She doesn't give a damn about her kid and family. She's a hateful monster who has more money than she'll ever be able to spend. Her new "series" is gonna be a loser, just like Roseanne.

1337 days ago


**** i would stop paying her ticket.....(exhus wife) She doesn't need to see him. she can stay home.. & if he going down there every month for 10 days i am guessing he has no job.. lol. so why not move down there. X| he seems like an ass.

1337 days ago


Take him DOWN Rosanne! That azz has been trying to mooch off you for too long. Cut his azz completely off! He needs to get a real job and stop expecting you to support him!

It's a shame these men try to mooch off you! I hope you have a man in your life who really love you for YOU!

1337 days ago


Where does this leech work, that he can take leave for a ten day vacation every month?

1337 days ago


@ JSL or #3...Of course i know....I was saying that all this crap happens in the US. Here in my Country...You divorce and take what you came with or 50% of whatever you owned while you were married. If kids are involved, then both parents have to take responsibilities for child support.( here he wouldn't be getting any payment from his ex and neither would Roseanne get any from him) other than the child support they both would contribute.

1337 days ago


@ JLS....I am sorry for misspell your name.

1337 days ago

Tom L    


1336 days ago


Say what you will about Roseanne, but she is no dumdum. This guy needs to foot the bill for his new wife to come along, or she stays home. Period. New wife is not Roseanne's financial responsibility. Best of luck, Rosie!

1336 days ago


this is like old news...they were fighting about this last year on here

1336 days ago
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