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Sheen vs. Lorre -- You Decide!

2/26/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The war between Charlie Sheen and "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre has torpedoed the show and cost hundreds their jobs. So as the dust settles, we ask ...



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I heard the rant on the radio show and Charlie sounds like he is high. People high on cocaine act like that, ranting, and blaming everyone else. He is a rich guy, who made it big with one show. That happens to alot of stars, and most of them don't go off the deep end and do the things Charlie Sheen is doing. Sure he is a star, but the guy is clearly out of control with drugs, and alcohol. He didn't sound normal at all, he sounds like someone on the edge of a breakdown, clearly someone who is on the edge. This type of behavior is a real sign of bi-polar disorder, and it seems that the drugs are doing some real damage to his brain functions. Frankly, I am afraid for him, because he is on a very slippery slope, and from the looks of it, he is going to be sliding to a really bad fall very soon. Just because someone has money, and has made it big, doesn't mean that the stress of it all doesn't do harm to who they really are. The party lifestyle is one thing, alot of starts have that, but no one can "become sober" in a day like he says he is. It just doesn't happen with people who have been abusing for as long as he has. He is living his life in a very dangerous way with the prostitutes, call girls, etc... its like he wants to die young, while he is famous. Because lets face it, hes not getting any younger. Hes aging like all of us do. Perhaps this is his mid-life crisis, and he will ultimately pull out of it, and get the help he desperately needs, and live the rest of his life in a happier place.

1333 days ago


"He is a rich guy, who made it big with one show."... were u get your info from there buddy?

1333 days ago


It just sucks! I really like this show. The formula worked. Too bad these men couldn't keep it together. I like Charlie, but he really needs to be quiet! Say you are sorry and make some shows! The guy is your boss and the other dude needs to relax! He took everything WAY too serious.

1333 days ago


Charlie is the canary in the gold mine. He is squawking and we are all in peril. The toxic Semites are trying one last time to smother us all and it is all going up in smoke... It all ends very badly! In a time when there is not enough gold to go around, the gold has risen to the top and the top will drown carrying their load, but not to their graves. We all leave the same way we came in, with nothing... Exit stage left!

1333 days ago


I agree with an earlier comment that the show turned vulgar as it ran out of ideas for episodic situations. The premise is still good and can be refreshed with a new antagonist - a New Yorker for instance. I heard Matt LeBlanc mentioned - he would be good, but I think the real impact persona would be Jerry Seinfeld if you could land him. Pay him what you would have paid Charlie and I think he may come. The audience would certainly come. And that would be payback for Charlie's antics.

1333 days ago


I am more entertained by Charlie Sheen demonstrating he is a few reels short of a full length movie, than I am by his acting in Two and A Half Men.

1333 days ago

Mr Baxter    

It's an old fashioned pissing contest. It's foolish for both Charlie and Lorre as they'll miss out on millions just to have some sort of macho bravado feeling. The worst thing is the collateral damage of the rest of the cast and crew. Because these two idiots can't keep the wheels on everybody crashes.

1333 days ago


its like watching megan fox and bay. she said he said, she was let go. now charlie said he said and the show stopped. who cares if he does drugs, drinks, whores around, its his life style and the show is all about his life style. charlies been like this for many years, and has always done his bash him now is a little to late. we watch the show, we like charlie and we wish this stupid power game would stop. hes always there and does well.drinking is a form of addiction, they all drink, smoke weed, and probably coke, we just dont hear about that part, just charlies let it go and restsrt the show, its great..................

1333 days ago

Dave Allen    

I say torpedo Charlie Sheen, bring the show back with Emilio Estevez replacing Charlie. He's a better actor, would fitt the part well and send a really nice message.

1333 days ago


Let's see a new show with Charlie starring and Mel Gibson directing i.e., kill two birds with one stone. YAHOO!

1333 days ago

nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney    

Mel Gibson does not play dumb about 9/11 either.

1333 days ago



1333 days ago


IMPORTANT When Lorre went to Israel, which name did he use? Using someone's full original name instead of their "showbiz" name is just a way to say they're "not all that" and you know who they really are. If it was not to be used, Lorre should have changed it legally. Has Charlie's actual behavior stopped the show, or did 3rd party reports of his behavior cause the producers to completely over-react because they have no morals clause? Read the vanity cards. The hates been there a long time.

1333 days ago


It's the ultimate Alpha Male(Sheen) versus the ultimate Beta Male(Lorre).

Alpha Males do whatever the f*** they want and don't give a s***.

Beta Males whine and cry like good little wusses and kiss the bosses ass.

1333 days ago

who dat    

Sheens book title should be called , "I'm 5150"

1333 days ago
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