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Charlie Sheen -- 'Men' Was a 'Toxic Environment'

2/25/2011 7:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen just re-unleashed on the "knuckleheads" behind "Two and a Half Men" ... saying he could never go back to the show if it meant working with "the turds that are currently in place."

Charlie Sheen Rant Audio
Sheen just called in to Fox Sports Radio with Pat O'Brien ... where he claimed during the entire 8-year run on "Men" he felt like "an unwanted relative being given cold coffee at 9pm every night."

And now that show execs have shut down production on "Men" for the rest of the season, Charlie believes the show is also done FOR GOOD ... saying, "Can you imagine going back into the sludge pit with those knuckleheads at this point? Can you imagine? It would go bad quickly."

It already has.


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but I bet he liked cashing those checks, what a dirt bag

1338 days ago

Kim Carter    

Charlie you're a crack head!

1338 days ago


He can't keep his mouth shut:( LOL

1338 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Keep fighting Charlie. Lorre and WArner Bros is going down, and they are going down HARD.

1338 days ago



1338 days ago


you screwed over how many people on the set, they still have to put food on the table but u could care less DIRT BAG DRUG ADDICT

1338 days ago


A complete, unadulterated, douchebag.
All "me, me, me, poor little me, feel sorry for me, I had it rough".

I feel more for the crew and cast that are now out of work.

F-Y Chaz!

1338 days ago


Team Charlie. Winning!

1338 days ago


SHUT UP CHARLIE!!!!!!... only CRAP comes out of your mouth. The more you talk the more NO ONE will ever want to work with you. YOuare a DRUG ADDICT plain and simple. Go into rehab for six months, come out and retire with your money and porn whores. Your fan base has dissolved. You are now the new MEL GIBSON!

1338 days ago

Kim Carter    

The producers of THM need to cut their loses right now. You've cared about this man for 8 years. Given him chance after chance while he ran around with porn stars, smoked crack and insulted his bosses. If I were you, I'd show Charlie or Carlos that the show will go on without him. Hire a replacement and pay the replacement even more money, advertise the new show like crazy and tell Carlos to put that in his crack pipe and go smoke it. Hey you wouldn't hire a real crack head off the street, so what's the difference. All of you sponsors for THM are STUPID to keep sponsoring the show off a drug abuser and porn star addict. That shows that you'll do anything to sponsor a loser just because you think he's bringing in ratings and money. It's the entire show as a whole that we liked. Not just Charlie. Charlie you're a loser and now nobody will hire you because you bit the hand the feed you, you porn loving fool. I hope those porn star chicks like Capri and Bree will be able to loan you a few dollars after you go through your money smoking crack and you will go through it really fast. Your dad and Emilio can't help you now. Charlie is a crack head...Charlie is a crack head.

1338 days ago


Charlie needs to STFU. It's ridiculous for the media to take him seriously. The show would look like azzholes if they kept going and ignored that Charlie needed to stop and get help. Charlie should be thankful someone even cared. Usually celebrities are told to work until they finally kill them self from their addition.

1338 days ago


They don't want you back, you have no HBO deal and if you keep opening your mouth there will be no baseball movie. You have officially won the biggest dumb a## award.

1338 days ago


Has anyone read that weirdo Chuck Lorre's "Vanity Card" site?

One word: FREAK.

Check it out:

I'm actually more on 'Team Charlie' after I read those Vanity Cards of his because he's creepier than least Charlie Sheen has drugs and/or alcohol to explain away his weirdness.


1338 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

Charlie is a lunatic and doesn't even know it. What a shame.

1338 days ago


Talk about crapping in your own mess kit!!

1338 days ago
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