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Sheen: I Am on a Drug, It's Called "Charlie Sheen"

2/27/2011 2:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If this promo is any indication, the ABC interview with Charlie Sheen is going to be good.

*BTW -- that headline is an actual quote from Charlie. Yes, really.


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Look at his EYES...they are NOT right, he's either on something, or needs to be medicated...Charlie, the eyes are the window to the soul

1302 days ago


our brain chemistry is so delicate that the constant use of drugs and/or alcohol can deeply harm it, sometimes irreversibly.

Many people with the terrible affliction of manic-depressive disorder (bipolar) have become that way after getting brain lesions related to alcohol and/or drug abuse. This poor man has apparently hurt himself so deeply that he is now very mentally sick.
I pray he can get better.

One other thing--addicts are extremely cunning and manipulative. He is obviously trying to get the show back, or to prove his credibility. Unless he gets tested for drugs and alcohol for the next three years and comes clean every single time, nobody should even consider the notion that he is sober.

1302 days ago


he is so obviously on drugs....dilated (sp?) eyes, blotchy red skin. he's actually twitching if you look closely enough. like the drugs have started to cause nerve damage, and he has delusions of grandeur/narcissistic personality disorder. what a loser. when he's behind the two porn stars they both cannot even look at the camera they're so embarrassed. they just want their money and want to get out of there.

1302 days ago


So tell me everyone...drugs? Or possibly advanced stages of syphilis?

1302 days ago


His entire family is crazy. Martin, born Emelio Estevez, took the name Sheen to sound white. He used to get crazy drunk and have fights and he has bizarre political views. The brother are nuts too. Charlie took the name Sheen to cash in on daddy's fame, at least Emelio Estevez, the son, went back to a real name, not riding on daddy's coattails. Charlie is just a screwed up media whore who now looks about 75, I hope he flashes his ugly gold teeth in this interview, that would be interesting.

1302 days ago

brock lesnar    

charlie told me he is headlining WrestleMania and will win the belt. he will then ejaculate on hit and hit his two bimbos in the head with it while yelling, "Im the champ!".

1302 days ago


He's definitely on something or he's just manic. Either way, he's completely whacked and what upsets me is these news whores don't even care that he's not in his right mind. Anything to get ratings.

1302 days ago

Hey Now    

I don't know how some of you can see someone so obviously sick and falling apart and not feel for them. It saddens me to see him looking like that. Because altho I don't watch any sitcoms I know he didn't look like that 1 year ago. I know he's not supposed to be looking like that. How is Emilio looking 40 yrs old (at 48) and Charlie looking 60? It's not supposed to be like that.

If a couple of you on here are reading this and know Charlie, you are doing him a disservice by not trying harder to get him out of the cameras and into the hospital. Drugs or no drugs - he is sick! He shouldn't feel that he has to prove anything to anyone. Don't worry about what others think - just get yourself well! This means nutrionally, spiritually, medically, everything.

It's not only about ridding your body with drugs. It is everything. Treating yourself well in all aspects. Because you're not supposed to look like that! Aging 10 years in 1 year?? C'mon. You guys around Charlie please talk to him and let him know its not about proving a point or showing us anything. Medicine and doctors are here for a reason! Get the BEST (because he can afford it) and go from there. You don't want any yes men. You want REAL respectable doctors who are not just going to give in to what you want.

If he wants to live he needs to fight for it. Forget about the rest of us. It's not about that. Who cares what we have to say? Be reclusive for a few months - you can still have fun. I have no money and I try to avoid people to keep my sanity. I lead a quiet life without everyone in my face all the time. You look bad (as compared to last year) Charlie - Please get real medical treatment!!!

Any of you guys around him are going to be responsible if something really bad happens to him - if you are not urging him every hour to get a team of real medical specialists and help himself. A therapist too - its the whole package he needs - not just 1 type of doctor here or there.

1302 days ago

brock lesnar    

i think i understang what he is saying. being the master chemist he is, charlie has developed a new synthetic drug called Charlie Sheen. it mimics alcohol, cocaine, and heroin all at the same time.

he quite his show Two and a Half Mental Men to go into mass production of this new drug. only in America.

1302 days ago


He looks way too older for a 45.
Id gave him 55-60... if I didnt knew his real age. Scary.

1302 days ago

Jim in Cali    

Way to go Charlie. We are WINNING this. Proud member of Charlie's army. Time for Charlie to speak the truth to the trolls. Time to show them what "Winning" is.

1302 days ago


That ABC would put this interview on is deeply disturbing. He is obviously out of his mind, its like the old days in England when ordinary people went to Bedlam Asylum to watch the crazy people in their cells. This is just sick. His eyes are dead, his body is thin and twitchy, he is just insane, and no one should be talking to him except a team of shrinks.

It is pathetic that with all his advantages, the only people who will hang out with him now are his paid whores. What he is too stoned to realize is, that if the money runs out, those hooker "Goddesses" will run away as fast as the they can. It must be disgusting to kiss that diseased, toothless gold mouth! I will bet he cannot get it up, they just have to play with him and pretend he is a God. They are earning every penny, that would be vile work.

1302 days ago


Charlie Sheen = borked

1302 days ago

Brian B.    

LoL...Just noticed something...If you look at Charlie above...Doesn't he look like a caricature that you'd see in that old, funny MAD Magazine??

1302 days ago

The Real Victim    

Hey ABC... "the first one is free, the next one goes in your mouth."

1302 days ago
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