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Sheen: I Am on a Drug, It's Called "Charlie Sheen"

2/27/2011 2:59 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

If this promo is any indication, the ABC interview with Charlie Sheen is going to be good.

*BTW -- that headline is an actual quote from Charlie. Yes, really.


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This guy is really very ill and needs help. Martin Sheen just go and grab him, put him in the trunk and take him to the nearest psych hospital. He is about to impode. Very very sad.

1335 days ago

Sad sad    

Jim in Cali if that's winning I'm proud to say I'm a loser. I looked at this video again. Crack withdrawal. Drug test staged. He knew when and how to pass. Games games game over. eeeeeeeeewahwah.

1335 days ago


Couldn't Charlie at least have ran a comb through his greasy lookin hair for the interview? He looks like he hasn't bathed in a few days..

1335 days ago


Who cares. Definitely won't be watching.

1335 days ago

Just Me    

He is (semi) living proof that money and fame cannot buy you everything. Sure, he has plenty of money to continue the life style he has chosen, unfortunately, that life style will be the early death of him.

1335 days ago

Sad sad    

Cherie I don't know but he's been in that blue shirt for eons.

1335 days ago


thats what i said last nite.

1335 days ago


Obviously, Charlie is not well. This will likely end very tragically unless his loved ones step in and intervene. Hopefully, his family has begun the process for a civil commitment because Charlie appears unable to make healthy decisions for himself.

1335 days ago


He looks high and looks about 80.

1335 days ago


Dear Charlie:

I have been saddened to be reading the stories about you, not for you, but for your children.

As you continue on your self destructive spiral, your children will see a very disturbed man posing as their father.

You may think that you are holding it together, but your children will see right through all of your bull crap.

Then when you die (soon if you keep going at your pace) their only memorys of you will be of this messed up guy.

As they get older and read all of the stories about you, they will grow up hating you. Hating you for not having the courage to get the help you so desperately needed.

You will not be someone they will look up to, you will be someone they will have to try to live down. They might use it as an excuse to self destruct also.

I am a disabled vet living on VA benifits, and there are many of us out there who have had the courage to get the help we need, even though we could "function", we knew there was something wrong.

You may think your life is awesome, but all you are doing is making a large fool out of yourselves and hurting your children.

Imagine what the other kids will say to them about you? No matter how many times you tell them differently, they will see the truth.

Please friend, get some help. I ask this for your children. I know what it is like having someone to live down, and not up to.

It is a very difficult thing to do, but I pray you get the courage to get the help you need

Good luck and take care

boB M

1335 days ago


He looks high and looks about 80 years of age. I doubt he'll make it through 2011.

1335 days ago


Why ABC News is giving any air time to this lunatic is just crazy

He wants to "get out his side of the story," yeah you beat your women, binge on any substance you can get, damage cars, hotel rooms, relationships, and you need to tell you side of the story? I'm pretty sure we know it

1335 days ago


Have you noticed and wondered why Charlie Sheen has a permanent menacing/puzzled/pissed off look on his face? For years, no matter the occasion, Charlie Sheen is wearing that strange knit-eyebrow expression, like he's got a migraine and is about to explode. Take that look on his face as a starting point and GET A BRAIN SCAN and COMPLETE EYE AND MEDICAL EXAM ASAP. There very well may be something seriously medically wrong with him, yet undiagnosed — NO ONE has that look on their face all the time — furthermore, it's unattractive and scary.

1335 days ago


Self-destruct in 10, 9, 8, 7.......

1335 days ago


the 2 girls looks like they've been taken hostage

1335 days ago
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