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Sheen vs The Oscars -- ABC in the Middle

2/27/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

ABC has landed a big "get" (Charlie Sheen) and tonight has the biggest promotional vehicle with which to promote it (tonight's Oscars) -- but it seems the two go together about as well as Sheen and Chuck Lorre.

Charlie Sheen Oscars
Common sense would dictate ABC would promote the hell out of its Sheen interview during tonight's Oscars telecast, but Deadline Hollywood is reporting the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences has a say in ANYTHING that airs during the show ... and wants Charlie nowhere near the Oscars.

The interview is scheduled to air in part on "Good Morning America" on Monday, and then in a special episode of "20/20" on Tuesday night.

UPDATE 12:20 PM PT -- ABC will air two promos for the Sheen interview during the Oscars, this according to The Hollywood Reporter.


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Charlie isn't an idiot. He knows he can go anywhere and make a ****load of money. ABC would even take him back. CBS is going to wish they axed Chuck instead of Charlie. Afterall, how many people even knew who Chuck Lorre was till this past week? Rock on, Charlie!

1336 days ago


I wish Charlie and his whores would show up at the Oscars tonight.

1336 days ago


Charlie Sheen can never die - he is immortal.

1336 days ago


Charlie should host the Oscars tonight, I might actually watch it.

1336 days ago

Jim in Cali    

@1 so right. CBS and Warner Bros are nothing but fools. Charlie will get another sitcom and make it big without that fool Chuck Lorre. Team Charlie and we are WINNING.

I'd love to see Charlie and the goddesses crash the Oscars tonight. Other than Natalie Portman's performance in Black Swan nothing was memorable about the movies this year and this year's best picture will be remembered in later years as one of the worst known best pictures.

1336 days ago

jon ludmer    

I like charlie and chuck lorre. wish this did not happen. seems like charlie is having major withdrawl symptoms. I think charlie would not go to rehab unless hell freezes over. It snowed in l.a. yesterday. sorry charlie. rehab it is. god bless. love you both. jon

1336 days ago


This all about LORRE,LORRE,LORRE! Like it or not Sheen is passing drug tests and being Charlie. He's the star and he's sick of Lorre causing problems and putting him down. He can perform. When he does CBS makes millions on Monday night. Why aren't they filming? LORRE LORRE LORRE LORRE LORRE LORRE LORRE LORRE. Whose going to make money from Charlie Sheen tonight? ABC not CBS. Dumb dumb dumb!!! A smart writer would have made a Lorre like character giving Charlie grief about his jingle and kids stuff. They good have worked it all out on screen for 4 issues and had a huge audience. Dumb Ass Lorre and CBS.

1336 days ago

A. Anonymous    

Charlie Sheen is 1. what happens when someone can't accept the responsibility for their own actions (blame EVERYONE else for your mess of a life in his case, his bosses and AA) and 2. two words = WET BRAIN!

You don't have to be a doctor to know Charlie has crossed the line and burned a few too many brain cells. His slurring "clean" rants are proof. Who in their unbroken, right mind would go on national radio and say things like "fists of fire" and "I'm at war" and "love violently" especially since HIS country IS at war and uhm, he was arressted for "loving violently" over the winter (does Capri Anderson ring a bell?). And who the hell is he at war with other than himself? He's clearly on a one way trip to self destructionville after many, many years of successful sobriety (thank to AA and his co workers on Two and a Half Men).

I'm not an advocate for AA but I am an advocate of sanity. I am a fan of Two and a Half Men NOT Charlie Sheen (only). His mumbo jumbo about the show's fans being "his fans" is crap. I personally am not joining his war and quite honestly, went from watching Two and a Half Men daily to not watching it at all thanks to Broken Brain Boy Charlie's recent rants.

Charlie's midlife crisis coupled with his broken brain are a lethal combination. I hope he gets help but then again, once a person crosses the line and does damage to their brain as a result of drug and alcohol use, there is no turning back; a pickle can never go back to being a cu***ber.

Oh and Charlie, you are SO NOT different. You're actually so much like every other drug addicted alcholic on the planet that it's scary as ****. Perhaps your mirror is broken because you are definitely seeing yourself as a "uh, winner" but the rest of us are seeing you as a uh, broken brained, uh, LOSER on a downward spiral to uh, yet another, uh can you say bottom or maybe uh, what ryhmes with bottom, uhm....death? Happy Trails!

1336 days ago


good mourning america and 20/20 are both whores so I would say Charlie would be a good fit, good luck pulling this off with out being a disaster. The guy is a train wreck, crash and burn

1336 days ago

Arthur Caudillo    

I've alway like charlie & his Two & Half Men program. But @ this point in his career I fell he really needs help. He's a poor example of a human been & everyone who watches this program including my self should stop.

1336 days ago


Ah. A great reason to stay away from watching the Oscars. I won't watch.

However, I've known about Chuck Lorre for YEARS and admire his insight and drole wit. I've always made it a point to stop (TiVo) to read his post-story comments. He has a real brain (unlike Charlie Wizard of Oz (If I only had a brain, heart) and is a solid human being.

Poor Charlie had it all, but now he's totally scrambled, fried, and chopped up. Time for him to be spit out.

AFAI concerned, Chaz is a non-humanoid now. Worthless. Useless. Except for gossip.

1336 days ago

Davey Boy    

Guess that theory that the Jews run hollywood seems plausible with this story.

1336 days ago


Seriously, you REALLY just made a jew comment? Does the rock you're living under have network AND cable tv?

1336 days ago


Yeah, keep the positive vibes flowing for Charlie.

Lorre is the buffoon. At least Charlie is ready to do his job. I believe CBS really screwed this one so bad that Les Moonbeam will be on his knees begging Charlie to come back. Charlie is a cashcow for CBs and they know it.

The bad thing about all this is that Season 8 was their best. I feel sorry for Jon Cryer...him and Charlie are awesome together.

"IF" Charlie does leave then I hope he takes Jon with him...and those guys who play "Herb" and "Gordon"

AND...for those HUMANS on this website who keep trashing Charlie about his addictions I guess you people are perfect? We know. Please tell us ALL how do you do it? How do you live such perfect lives?

1336 days ago


regarding the comment by MightyMad :"You know, I always thought of it has a half-truthful nonsense, but that saying that Jews run Hollywood certainly is starting to look mighty authentic right now...

Don't mess with Charles Levine!

Posted at 7:29 AM on Feb 27, 2011 by MightyMad

Hollywood is NOT a church or synagogue. Someone's religion is not an issue in this. Being Jewish has NOTHING to do with Charlie's Sheen's jerkoff "I am better than G-d and can treat everyone like sh*t attitude." Anti-Semites will always look for a reason to blame a situation on the Jews. It takes a lot to let go of a "popular" actor or employee because they are a jerk. Charlie ran his own life on this.... He can have his whores and his bottle and drugs, and his "oh so great life." And if any of you have a problem with "The Jews running Hollywood".. put on your own show... (screwed up little Nazi-loving Hitlers....)..

1336 days ago
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