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Brooke Claims Charlie Sheen Sent Anti-Semitic Text

3/2/2011 1:33 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller claims Charlie Sheen recently sent her a scathing, anti-Semitic text about his manager, saying "I must execute mark b [Mark Burg] like the stoopid jew pig that he is." 


Sources say Charlie sent the text last week, after firing Mark ... but before rehiring him.

The text was quoted in Brooke's declaration in support of her request for a restraining order.

Charlie tells TMZ he did not send the text, saying, "I busted Brooke a year ago sending text messages from my phone to family members to cause discord.  Both Natalie and Rachel (aka, the goddesses)  will testify they observed Brooke with my phone on that day."  Charlie adds, "I have to believe the text about Mark Burg is a repeat performance."

Mark Burg tells TMZ, "Charlie Sheen's ex-publicist, Stan Rosenfield, is Jewish.  Charlie Sheen's entertainment attorney, Jake Bloom, is Jewish.  Charlie Sheen's litigation attorney, Marty Singer, is Jewish.  Charlie Sheen's divorce attorney, Mark Gross, is Jewish.  I've known him for 13 years. I don't believe that he actually sent that text."  

And Burg adds, "For the record, since Brooke Mueller is Jewish that would make Charlie Sheen's two sons also Jewish."



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Heck i'm jewish and sceptical as hell about this. Just looked at the polls results and it was running 60/40 in Charlie's favor. That speaks volumes considering how many are whining and Charlie's behavior these days.

1301 days ago


Oh bull****. If this is traceable to his phone i'd like to know when it was sent and who had access to his phone at the time, Brooke... just saying.

I don't put anything past her. She doesn't have Adonis DNA and Tiger Blood in her veins, she can't handle addiction like Charlie can. Talk crap about his crazy talk all you want but the guy has been a functioning addict for years, something most of you would have crashed and burned at. Brooke certainly doesn't have that constitution when it comes the the crack and alcohol she's addicted to. She's your typical out of control crackhead like anyone else.

All of this stuff she is claiming is the crack and alcohol talking. She's doing what crackheads do so well... manipulating the situation to get what she wants, her kids back. Even if they are better off with Charlie at the moment. To bad Charlie's vulnerable right now and fools will believe every thing the read in the tabloids.

1301 days ago



Lori...i don't think he's circling the drain. more like the toilet bowl.

Posted at 9:16 AM on Mar 2, 2011 by HarlotO'Hara

My apologies're right... he's circling the toilet bowl...could somebody FLUSH him already and then get the lights? This party is OVER for CHUCKLES THE CLOWN.

1301 days ago


charlie sheen is ****in awesomee his kids should b with him cuz hes such a great role model

1301 days ago



1301 days ago


I watch only a part of the interview charlie had with Piers Morgan, I felt sad and couldn't watch the rest of it.
Charlie should have gone fishing or anything far away from the media for few months, too bad he will never recover from this.
It was the only comedy show I was watching because everything else is garbage.
Such a talented man, I watch most of his movies too.
Go away for a while Charlie and don't tell anybody just go somewhere safe and don't take anybody with you just a bodyguard or two please.

1301 days ago


Everybody thought Richards was lying too.

1301 days ago


Just listened to Howard Stern...

I bet bet his addiction is rooted by "Apocalypse Now"...

Good interview.

1301 days ago


What did Mike of TMZ say when he saw Charlie. He was wearing old and dirty shoes. Basically he looked bad and dirty. That's a sign of illness and depression right there.

Posted at 9:14 AM on Mar 2, 2011 by Mary
Ridiculous. I work from home, today I got up after a bad night of sleep, I am sitting at my computer in the same clothes from yesterday, barefoot and have still not combed my hair. I am not sick or depressed. If wearing comfortable clothes in your own home or not taking a shower one day was indicative of depression or illness the mental health centers would be overwhelmed. You are the one that is crazy thinking that everyone that does not conform to life in the same manner as you is bad, sick or depressed. Get over yourself.

1301 days ago



1301 days ago


Well Jim , you just knew Harvey was going to work in the jewish angle somewere in this farce......... He beats the drum of it every night on his tv show bring up jews or being jewish every night and then has the nerve to say something if the black issue comes up.... Harvey may think he's funny but he's not I really don't care what a persons enthicity or makeup or religion is . its his action and conduct that makes a person a decent human being..... So far I ain't seen any decency in this whole sad play....From anybody !!

Ride this poor sick trick pony to dead Harvey, Ride ! you know you want the money !!!!

Posted at 9:24 AM on Mar 2, 2011 by ketjo


How sad is this? I have only been watching TMZ for about 3 weeks or so. I actually enjoy a lot of the show but have really seen a different side to Slippery Harvey in the past week or so. Very destructive and no boundaries at all. Freedom of speech and I appreciate the privilege of being in a country that allows it as well as the opportunity to post here, on TMZ's site.

But with freedom of speech comes RESPONSIBILITY. We have become so desensitized because of people like Mr. Levin. Laughing and mocking at people in desperate fights for their life.

Again I will state it. My Levin, you are in part responsible for Charlie Sheens condition and will be in part for his death. You keep fueling an unstable situation by DIRECT involvement.

Your actions could be seen as aiding and contributing to a disaster in the making.

How funny is it now Mr. Levin.

1301 days ago

you know it    

arrogant. period.

1301 days ago


Too bad the TWIT fired his P.R. guy...this stuff would have NEVER got out with that guy in charge...he covered up the whole "Knife, choke out" of Brooke in Aspen AND covered up the "WHORE attack and hotel trashing" in New York AND covered up his "Over dose" last week (you know the "Hernia") AND covered up ANOTHER "over dose" (allergic reaction to medication)

The guy was GENIUS at getting CHUCKLES out of a he wishes he had kept him on...he might still have his kids right now!

1301 days ago


The poll is in psycho Charlie's favor because Charlie hired Mel's student bloggers who use fake ISP's to vote many times. Or else TMZ employees are doing it because they side with celebs not their women, they need to keep the scoop-line open with celebs.

1301 days ago


Irene take a genetics class geez..

1301 days ago
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