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Charlie Sheen -- I'm Gonna Sue 'Em All!!!

2/28/2011 10:44 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen says he plans on suing CBS, Warner Bros., and Chuck Lorre for breach of contract -- and he wants to back the money truck up straight to their door.

Charlie Sheen Abc Interview Video
When asked if he planned on filing a lawsuit over the "Two and a Half Men" fiasco, Sheen told ABC this morning, "Wouldn't you? I don't have a job. I got a whole family to support ... They're gonna put [the money] on a scale and say, 'A little more, a little more. Add some gold! Add some gold! Bingo!' ... I'm here to collect."

As TMZ first reported, even among all this animosity, Sheen wants to do a season 9 and even a season 10 ...  if they paid him $3 million an episode plus a $20 million signing bonus.

You can see the full interview below:

Wait ... there's more. Sheen did "Today" also, so you can watch that below ...


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He could sue and win. Easily. The guy may be messed up, but he shows up for work and does his job. CBS backed him until he called one of their muckymucks a name or two .. then they yanked the show and caused everyone to be out of work. CBS was in the wrong.

1299 days ago


Is that a wedding ring he has on in the interview or is the pic from an old interview?

1299 days ago



Nice tan??His last name of Sheen was taken by his father Martin after Rabbi Sheen a radical priest in the 1930's,Carlos Irwin Esteves is the only child to take the name Sheen his 3 siblings did not.Imagine Charlie taking advice from 20 something porn stars ,they must be keeping him really grounded..

Posted at 6:48 AM on Feb 28, 2011 by sean


Martin Sheen took the last name of a roman catholic priest, not a rabbi. Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen to be exact. The dude was like the original televangelist (without all the sex scandals). He was as far away from "radical" as a person can get.

1299 days ago



1299 days ago


It is like I am watching the train wreck of Anna Nicole all over again!!! No one helped her, maybe someone can help him. At least his dad will go to bat for him and not excuse his behavior like so many other celebrity (and non celebrity)parents do today!! Good luck, looks like you have a long battle ahead of you.

1299 days ago


Carlos Irwin Estevez, yes that is his real name is a delusional loser who will be in denial until the day he dies.

1299 days ago


Saddened by the fact that this man is so delusional and thinks he is above it all. Personally I love Two and a Half Men and with Charlie in the lead and really, there is no way the show can go on without him but in all honesty, they need to pull the plug on the show and drop his sorry ass.

CS can go on and on about how wonderful he thinks he is and how everyone should kiss/lick his feet but what he seems to forget is how his behavior has affected so many (ie: cast and crew of the show). His behavior is unacceptable on so many levels and in reality, no employer would allow this crap from a regular employee out there in the world. I don't give a crap that Sheen is a "star". Someone needs to drop him on his ass, kick him in the gut and hope that his career is OVER.

The only fans this jacksass has is probably OTHER drug addicts.

1299 days ago


Charlie may have stop the drugs but the damage is done!! drugs will make you crazy and ruin your brain for good. I think Charlie has mental health problems and he knows it and is in "denile" and is heading for the funny farm thats why he did't want to got to rehab cuz thy would put him on the right drugs I bet he was told this years ago

1299 days ago



...for do***enting the life of a drug addict (disguised as actor Charlie Sheen) all these years!

Better than any episode of "Intervention".

1299 days ago


What an atrociously arrogant SOB. He makes Mel Gibson look like an humble choir boy.

1299 days ago


You know, its pretty pathetic when we have someone like this freakin' idiot acting like theres no tomorrow and I don't think he even knows what REALITY means!! He is a disgrace to the public and I am glad his show is ending...It's his fault...and to spend his money on booze, drugs and those akaggy women!! and to ask for more!!! What .....he says hes under paid!! he wants now 3 MILLION!! He's so ignorant and out there....He needs REAL HELP....SERIOUSLY!!

1299 days ago


These guys have top notch lawyers for this stuff. My understanding is that Sheen had no "morality" clause in his contract. The show is about Charlie Sheen being Charlie Sheen. Lorre has other top rated shows and it's never good to get that ****y.

1299 days ago


Spoken like a true addict!

1299 days ago


Bree hasn't retired from F ing for a living, she's just F ing Charlie for a living now.

1299 days ago


Is this guy for real? Why do we care? I for one do not buy the whole "poor me, my poor family" act. If he really cared about his children, why doesn't he live with them? No, instead he spends his money on whores, drugs, booze, and god knows what else. Start restraining yourself Charlie and put that money into trusts for your children if you really care and love them. You are disgusting!

1299 days ago
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