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Lorre: Sheen's Fall From Grace is a 'Sprint'

3/1/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Chuck Lorre just posted an existential statement on his website with a vanity card from tonight's episode of "Mike and Molly" -- and if we're reading it correctly, it sounds like "Two and a Half Men" is over and out.


The statement is long and rambling -- it seems he's mocking Charlie's recent ramblings.  Lorre says, "I believe that consciousness creates the illusion of individualism, the false feeling of being separate."  Translation:  Charlie may think he's blazing his own path but he's still on the well-traveled trail of life.

Lorre goes on:  "I further believe that this existential misunderstanding is the prime motivating force for the neurotic compulsion to blot out consciousness."  Translation:  Charlie is living in a dream world.

There are other gems, but Lorre ends by writing, "The Fall from Grace is, in fact, a Sprint from Grace.  Or perhaps more accurately, Screw Grace, I am so outta here!" 

As for writing, "I am so outta here!" could be Lorre talking or it could be what Lorre thinks Charlie is saying. 

The more we think about it, it seems he's referring to Charlie, but either way, what really seems "outta here" is "Two and a Half Men."


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This nut job needs to reread the letter Charlies lawyers sent to WB and CBS.

Posted at 8:34 PM on Feb 28, 2011 by Mikey
HEY MIKEY...You think the suits at CBS gives a damn about a letter from CHUCKLES attorney? I'm sure they're smoking cigars and drinking Scotch having a big LAUGH at that CRACK HEADS expense...literally...he's paying for it :)

1333 days ago


Unfortunately, we all know Charlie Sheen fired his mind so totally, he has slipped over an edge into a universe where he is God. He's confusing his life with the tv show, Charles in Charge. Charlie is done. He is in the throes of self-destruction and the very idea that he is willing to 'kill for his family', should be taken as a serious concern. He is losing touch with reality and I believe if he is cornered in his cult world, his family will go down with him. People need to stop taking this like it's a joke, and do something before he starts feeding his kids drugs, to 'free their minds' or worse.

1333 days ago


What a douchebag speak f#ckin english

Posted at 8:31 PM on Feb 28, 2011 by Rocky

GOOD JOB LORRE...thx for the coded vanity card so it wouldn't be detected by Charlie's "Silent Assassins".

Thx for updating the rest of us. We couldn't agree more.

1333 days ago


FYI: Grace is the name of another sitcom star who also happened to be a substance abuser on his production watch. Coincidence? Nah, seems Chucko didn't get along with any of his sitcom stars. There's a chicken/egg tale here. And Lorre's past history with talent would not stand up well as a defense in a court of law

1333 days ago


Thank you fcuking Nostradamus

1333 days ago


I'm sorry for Charlie but this was funny as hell!! Way to go Chuck! LOL

1333 days ago

tj od    

Chuck, SUCK IT UP, be the ADULT, and make nice. Don't let ego kill the goose that's laying your golden egg!

1333 days ago



If what Chuck Lorre states is subject to interpretation as TMZ is doing here, his message is lost and there is no point to it in the first place.

Chuck Lorre is a lost individual, it seems. He clearly doesn't want anyone to KNOW what he thinks about any of this and this well veiled message is proof.

I believe he left the door open to do this show. If not, he would have been very clear and state it was in fact, the end of the show clearly.

I think very little of this man who is a professional writer with no available scripts to finish his committment. I believe his slacking off is why they folded it for the season. Charlie was clearly available and able to finish it.

Posted at 8:32 PM on Feb 28, 2011 by JLS

"CLEARLY" you're as DELUSIONAL as CHUCKLES...maybe you two are twins? hmmm kinda fishy....

1333 days ago


Dunno, they both seem crazazy to me.

1333 days ago


Saw Charlie Sheen on Piers Morgan this evening. His tidal wave of words seem to have subsided a bit, a small apology to Lorre and CBS. But everyone's EGO is huge. Everyone should get over themselves. CBS & Lorre productions knew what / how Charlie did in his off time. They agreed to pay him $2 million an episode and created a show mirroring "Charlie's" lifestyle. They are not innocent in this war of words. "Why can't we all get along" reason being EGOS. Both sides want to be WINNERS.

1333 days ago


That was actually pretty well-written.

1333 days ago

jack silver    

this is the lamest response i could imagine. how about you two rambling a holes sit down, speak english and get back to work. I love the show... and feel that both sides can be at fault. working this closely is like a marriage. hell, it's worse than a marriage, but it's a once in a lifetime deal that anyone would kill to be a part of. so stop the glossary of weird words...and get this deal done.

1333 days ago


Two Hollywood egos out of control ...

1333 days ago


I bet that actor David Duchovny could step in and do what Charlie does on his show "Two and Half Men". Duchovny already does a TV show on Showtime called "Californi_cation".

Duchovny can play the part of Malibu playboy and all that. He's a sex addict though. I guess that's better than being a crack addict like Charlie is though.

1333 days ago


I agree Rob Lowe would be a great addition to 2 1/2 men. Transition is easy. Charlie goes into rehab... no stretch on that one. In his absence, Jon Crier takes care of the house. Their father brings a 1/2 brother(Lowe) into the action and it's a battle for Crier to keep Lowe under control and not destroy the house. To easy.

1333 days ago
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