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D.A. On Verge Of Charging Mel Gibson

2/28/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources connected with the Mel Gibson criminal investigation tell TMZ ... Gibson is about to be charged with domestic violence, but Oksana Grigorieva will not be charged with extortion.

Mel Gibson Charged
Multiple sources say the die is not officially cast, but the powers that be think there's enough evidence to prosecute Mel, however not enough to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Oksana extorted him -- notwithstanding that she demanded $15 million from him in return for keeping the tapes secret.

All of our sources say ... the turning point for prosecutors was the fact that prior to Oksana going to the Sheriff's Department and accusing Gibson of domestic violence, Mel's family law attorneys filed a declaration in the family law case, in which Mel admits to slapping Oksana -- he says because she was shaking baby Lucia wildly and feared Shaken Baby Syndrome.
We're told the likely charge against Mel will be misdemeanor domestic violence -- he will not be charged with a felony.  Misdemeanor domestic violence carries a maximum penalty of six months in jail.

Sources say the extortion investigation has become a bone of contention between the D.A. and the L.A. County Sheriff's Department.  We're told Sheriff's investigators believe there is sufficient evidence -- much of which has not been made public -- to prosecute Oksana, but the D.A. doesn't agree.

As for a timetable ... we're told the decision is expected in the next two weeks, and very possibly this week.



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Sam, have you seen maggots in a house?

Posted at 7:51 PM on Mar 2, 2011 by Celtic

Oh no gross ... that's disgusting. LOL

1295 days ago


If you've baked a pan of "hash" brownies, I'll take 5....make it 6. I dont want anyone getting too F'd up...i had LOTS of experience with funny brownies and would feel better about ME eating them all.

just a suggestion.

1295 days ago


OK NOW YOU HAVE ME borderline obsessed with this "saga"...I was just cleaning up the kitchen and something went thru my near empty head and I wanted to toss it out to everyone for feedback. I hope I make sense:

The DA (Steve Cooley)....where was he in 2006? Was he in the LA DA's office when Mel was arrested? I found on-line that MG's DUI was wiped from his I wonder if Mr Cooley (the current DA?) was not happy with the DUI being "erased" so I wonder if he has a personal ax to grind with Mel and is using the (possible) DV charge to "right the wrong"?

In a way this wacky theory makes SOME SENSE...NOT MUCH but SOME..... That's why I'm turning to everyone've done more then your fair share of research....maybe you all can help me with my thoughts?

Posted at 5:32 PM on Mar 2, 2011 by chris

Welcome to the Tin Foil Hat Club.

Posted at 6:35 PM on Mar 2, 2011 by Celtic
Realist noted that my theory (Tin Foil Hat?) wasn't accurate but I was hoping for a connection.

Let me say this, if someone was shaking my baby, they least of their "complaints" would be 2 broken veneers and a bruise....more then likely they'd be complaining about:
- a broken jaw
- crushed eye socket
- 2 broken arms
- 2 broken legs
- internal injuries and bleeding

Trust me, I don't have kids nor do I want them BUT if i was Mel, I wudda beat the livin snot outta Oksana. It would be AFTER the body cast was removed that she would have been able to say something UNLESS of course I ripped her tongue out, stuffed it down her throat and pulled it out her azz!


1295 days ago


@ Chris,

Re: Mel 2006 DUI

Nothing sinister. Many times people plead out, and once they have met all the requirements of their plea deal, sentence or probation, the charges are "dismissed".

Posted at 6:04 PM on Mar 2, 2011 by realist
OK thanks! I was thinking that Cooley was trying to use DV as a form of "punishment"

1295 days ago


Hey Chris, are you planning on napping all day tomorrow?

1295 days ago


I used to inspect homes. MAN! Some of the things one sees--some of the nastiest, filthiest ugg. Words can't describe them...I don't understand HOW some can live like that--but they do! I tried very hard to NOT be judgmental--after all everyone is different, right? But i gotta say: I would have been HAPPY to see a big ol tub of Vasoline and a vibrator! It would have been refreshing!

Posted at 7:43 PM on Mar 2, 2011 by Sam

I can imagine lol! Ever seen that program about Hoarders - I know it's something that they need help with but OMG some of the ones they've shown where they can't even get in the house or use the staircase properly, and the vermin they found underneath - ooh yeuck! I accept everyone can do what ever they like in their own home but there were kids in there that DCFS had to take away because the house was a health hazard and they HAD to get it clean or not get the kids back!

1295 days ago


Step AWAY from the brownies. Hands off. They'll just make your stomach hurt, yeah that...and make you go blind...uhhuh...Yeah that too. Don't eat poison kids! :P *mine alllll mine...Bwahahahahaha!*

So happy to have BONES sticking out, I mean around. :P

Posted at 4:21 PM on Mar 2, 2011 by Sam

Sam ... will there be any of those brownies at the next pool party?

1295 days ago


OMG .... look it's my long lost post from a few hours ago.

1295 days ago


By exploring out TFH theories and sharing them, we have come up with an amazing amount of information. Some of the info dug up on the Ox is fabulous. She has been exposed for the lying, cheating grifter she is, IMO. We question everything. The more brain power we have here, the better.
We have targeted Ox. Now it's the DA's turn.

1295 days ago


Good one Ira!!

1295 days ago


I bid you all a good night. It's late here and I am exhausted.

Have a good one.

1295 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Chris: 5 it is!:)

All other qs--I'm behind as usual so I skimmed:

What was your absolute worst experience?

Posted at 7:47 PM on Mar 2, 2011 by Belinda

I inspected houses for mold and water intrusion. That means: I saw a lot of crawlspaces, attics, closets, etc etc. All those dark places no one wants you to see. By and large--people are clean! BUT...the worst: Two stand out. One I was in this guys bedroom. he had a big home made type bed frame--high. He hadn't changed his sheets in ...oh may be ten? years. His cat slept at the foot of his bed--there was this thick nasty fur ring fromt eh cat's fur--so big, so thick, so incredible yelling: this guy never changes his sheets look at me!! Seriously incredible that it was there! Not to mention the REST of the sheet--and we didn't touch the crumpled blanket on top!! The other same house: but his crawl: his sink had been leaking it looke dlike for months. He just kept using it--and washing stuff down the drain and into his crawl space. It was the nastiest place i have ever seen. Maggots yes, grudgy, rotting food, water a foot deep, mold all over the wood parts, fithly disgusting mad eme want to add to it--if you catch m drift. could not go in more than a small effort to TRY sinc eit WAS my job. But I couldn't, I flat refused and my boss wasn't going in ther either! Disgusting.

I've seen mold so thick on walls it make shte walls look like wall paper on them and all kind sof pretty colors too! So wet the sheetrock is crumbling, folding, dripping almost off the ceilings and the walls. Wood warped with the moisture, all contents to be thrown out. Seriously nasty nasty stuff. Words don't really describe enough...

1295 days ago


Sam, have you seen maggots in a house?

Posted at 7:51 PM on Mar 2, 2011 by Celtic
Nah, but there's plenty of them running Hollywood these days!!!


Posted at 8:03 PM on Mar 2, 2011 by Ira Black

Lol!! So very true too lol!

1295 days ago


I want to hear about your worst inspection. Bring it on. It's therapeutic for me to hear that I'm not alone.

1295 days ago


I like the idea of having a convo between the DA and Oxtanic. Please don't leave EG out of it. Who here knows how to do mixes??
Just watch your back. People like that don't just yell the F word 20 times, they come after you.


1295 days ago
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