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Brooke Mueller

Gets Restraining Order

Against Charlie

3/2/2011 9:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller just got a restraining order against Charlie Sheen ... TMZ has learned.

Brooke's lawyer just got an emergency order in L.A. County Superior Court, without giving notice to Charlie.

The order requires Charlie to stay 100 yards away from Brooke and have no contact with her.

We're told the issue of the custody of the twins was raised in court but they are not mentioned in the order.

TMZ broke the story ... Brooke went to cops today trying to get the twins, but under the custody agreement it's Charlie's day.

Charlie tells TMZ, "Great.  I was already planning on staying 100 parsecs away from her."  BTW, a parsec is a "Star Wars" term for 3.26 light years.



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I thought she was every bit the crackhead he is? They should all just live together in a Crack shack compound, but those babies need to be taken away.

1296 days ago


Charlie Sheen and Sarah Palin in 2012. Now we have our dream presidential ticket, putting the party in Tea Party. Such fun to be had, no?

1296 days ago


Mueller: I want my kids.
Police: Are they in immediate danger?
Mueller: Yes, they are around "goddesses".
Police: What does that mean?
Mueller: I WANT MY KIDS!
Police: No, it is not your turn.
Mueller: I want to file a restraining order then.
Police: Why?
Mueller: I am afraid he is going to make me move into a huge new house.
What a stupid slvt.
Keep winning Charlie but get a new a teammate the ex-model is an ex-model for a reason, that bitch is fugs.

1296 days ago


Child protective services need to take those kids now.

1296 days ago


Child protective services need to take those kids now.

1296 days ago


Good Day,

Boy... that is going to make it soooo much easier to see/exchange the kids for visitiation... ;-) I know, they have people, but you get the gist.


1296 days ago


Remeber people....Crack head BROOKE who was forced into rehab at 6 months pregnant, has been arrested 2x mug shots avaliable, has a revolving Rehab tail, she has never been a mother to those kids. Denise is the only smart one, what got her pissed how beautiful he stated Denise looked?? Go away and smoke urself up Brooke you dont deserve those kids!

1296 days ago

DJ Renegade    

She didn't mind when she was flying around the world for 4 somes!

1296 days ago


omg she said they are around goddesses. lmmfo r u serious. funniest s**t i ever heard. CHARLES IN CHARGE i have a feeling u better suit up good, its about to get ugly for u. i think u better tone it down when kids r in play activist come out to PLAY!!!!!! and then theres Gloria Aldridge. omg!!!!!! I WISH U WELL BB!!!!

1296 days ago


Good time Charlie, you need to put your porn family to work slobbing your knob so you can chill. The Goddesses are not domestics. They're there to play hump house. If you don't check out secret non alchie/druggie ingredients of what makes a good night's rest (only rare TMZ health truth posters know it---email me at you're gonna wind up like Jacko.

1296 days ago


Brooke is trash, a beggar and hanger on. She wasn't afraid of him last week when she flew down to the Bahamas and she wasn't afraid of him when he was promising the million dollar home next door. Now that that deal is off the table, Brooke is retaliating. She is so transparent.

1296 days ago


i think u might wana faze those chicks out and with a quickness!!!!!

1296 days ago

Whip It    

this is the kind of chick that when they think your rolling/high, hang around to s*** in see how much $$$$ they can squeeze out of you or steal get alot of dough and nothing is ever enough matching to see and wanting more than the other ex And wanting to be the #1 super chick. then when you don't play the game they throw their hands in the air and scream fire!

yeah, seen this happen too many times. Raunchy Chick's & lame power plays. GAMES she's a playin'

Charlie, he's a true gentleman And a scholar.

~whip it

1296 days ago

Journey Girl    

They are both pathetic. We will be reading about their kids and how jacked up they are in a few years.

1296 days ago


Actually, Charlie, a parsec is a unit of measure that was first discussed in 1911 and first appeared in print in 1913, quite a bit prior to the birth of George Lucas. Hollywood and it's creations are not real or the center of the Universe. Think before you open your mouth, read a book, or in lieu thereof, shut up.

1296 days ago
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