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Negotiations with Brooke


3/7/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller negotiated all weekend, trying to hammer out a custody settlement, but sources tell us it didn't happen and now everyone's getting ready for court.

We're told several issues stand in the way of a settlement.  For starters, Brooke insists that a monitor be present whenever Charlie has the kids at his house. And Brooke wants to make sure any current or future goddesses are blocked from exercising parental responsibilities.

We're told both sides are gearing up for a court fight on Tuesday. In order for that to happen, Charlie's lawyers must give Brooke's lawyers notice by 10:00 AM Monday.

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I don't blame Brooke for doing everything she can to make sure the kids are well protected when they visit Charlie.

I like the idea of a monitor being present when the kids are over. I don't think he would hurt his kids but with the crazy environment he lives in it's good to have someone watching over the kids whose sole purpose for being there is to make sure the kids are okay. I hope Brooke get what she wants.

1329 days ago


Jesus Yo...write a novel will ya. They'll work it out, one way or another. Don't tell me...Charlie dropped his left over quarter pound of Coke at your place when he cleaned up Sober Valley, and you've been goin' for days?????

1329 days ago


Hey mondo, regardless of what Brooke might even let him do, I think it's very important that the courts never allow the children unsupervised at Crackwhore Valley or with violent insane Charlie.

1329 days ago


Both parents should be subject to 3rd party monitors.

1329 days ago


Well sh*t yo, both the ex's could save those kids if they wanted to disassociate themselves from him and his cash infusions...they know what an a*s he is...they are all guilty. There are kids with messed up situations all over the world. He seems to love them. He's willing to throw cash at his Ex's. They don't seem to be tellin' him to pound sand. That's what I'd do, rather than put up with that. The kids aren't worse off than most of the kids in the L.A. area. He's obviously an idiot...if the Moms want to fix things for the kids, tell him to stuff the massive child support, take them out of that california sewer, and raise them in Wyoming or Utah on their own dime with a couple Grand a month in child support. The Ex's are as involved as he is!!!

1329 days ago


Do not let him be alone with the kids. He's nuts!

1329 days ago


Charlie admitted on 20/20 there are possibly still drugs in the house. That is dangerous for the kids. A monitor won't hurt anything.

Posted at 1:25 AM on Mar 7, 2011 by kylie

No he did not. They asked him if there were any drugs in the house and he said No, none that he knew of.
I watched the interview.

He may come off as crazy....HE'S CRAZY LIKE A FOX!!

1329 days ago


Charlie's IN-HOUSE STAFF AND HANGER-ON'S look like they have been up to NO-GOOD.

Charlie will never get the help he needs with that bunch of;
"NO GOOD FACILITATOR'S AROUND HIM" out for their own personal gain.


1329 days ago



the chittwits are foaming from their toothless holes.

rumor mill pegs chittwit korner with coffin nails.

mainstream heretics smirking.

so is everyone else!

1329 days ago

Scott T. Kay    

I am not an attorney (never would want to be in a profession that almost requires you to be, uh, ethically-challenged) nor do I even play one on TV but -- I do know A LOT about Family Law -- and I know the ace Charlie has in his back pocket, if his attorneys choose to use it . . .

Charlie is no Angel, for sure . . . but I think he is getting his shiot together . . . NO ONE knows for sure, certainly . . . and it appears that Brooke is trying to get her stuff together too . . . That's all good . . .

But, and everyone has a BIG BUT, they BOTH have admitted to or demonstrated fairly recent behavior inconsistent with providing an environment appropriate and conducive to raising children . . .

I also believe that they BOTH love their children deeply, however . . .

If you accept my premise and you are Charlie's lawyers, you politely explain the consequences to Brooke of NOT settling this matter quickly and in a way that is fair to BOTH parents and with an arrangement they can both live with . . .

. . . What are the consequences of NOT settling?? Well, since BOTH parents can easily be painted to the court as being unfit, Charlie's attorneys can ask, even demand, that if the children are stripped from Charlie, they MUST also be stripped from Brooke . . . as the law MUST apply equally to EVERYONE . . . There is not one set of laws for mothers and a second set of laws for fathers . . . This is America, for crying out loud . . .

Either they are BOTH unfit parents . . . or they BOTH need monitors . . . or they BOTH get to raise the kids in whatever environment they are capable of providing . . .

Even if you believe Charlie is a 10 (on a scale of 1 to 10) as an unfit parent, Brooke is probably a 7. And if the State of California gets deeply involved in this matter, they will probably find anything over a 5 to be unacceptable. It behooves BOTH Charlie and Brooke to SETTLE, post haste, or risk saying goodbye to their kids for awhile . . .

So there is a scenario in which the kids end up wards of the State of California. Hardball?? Yes, absolutely -- But since Brooke was the one that decided to play CHICKEN with her children, Charlie has every right to use any legal tactics available to him to ensure the LONG-TERM well-being of their children . . .

I wrote a poem a few years back which contained a line I think is appropriate in this situation: "You see kids are not weapons to use in a battle, unless you are a piece of shiot from a shiot load of cattle . . ."

And lest you not forget, Brooke DID throw the first cow pie . . . Brooke started the battle, so she will get what she deserves . . . as we all do . . .

My Two Cents™ . . .

1329 days ago


Just watched the latest episode of "KORNER" on ustream. Two minutes into it, I stopped. Hurts to watch. Embarressed for him. Stopped following him on twitter as well. Tweets are even despareate. Internet show's ain't goin pay THAT man's bills.

1329 days ago


Chuckles rap sheet speaks for itself - shooting a woman, hitting others, pulling knives on others -


And your look-alike son Max' first words are "Kiss my ass"?

And you laugh when he says them on camera in your house?


1329 days ago


My question is with ALL the media hoopla the past week w/Charlie Sheen...why do they keep showing footage of Martin?

1329 days ago


Martin needs to go over to Charlie's house and kick his ass!

1329 days ago


Here is what CHit and the Crackwhores will look like at the end of Chit's bus ride...

1329 days ago
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