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Katie Holmes Sues Star Magazine

3/1/2011 4:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Katie Holmes just filed a $50 million libel lawsuit against the publishers of “Star” magazine after a recent cover insinuated she's a drug addict.


The centerpiece of the lawsuit is the headline, “ADDICTION NIGHTMARE - Katie DRUG SHOCKER! – The Real Reason She Can’t Leave Tom”  -- while the actual article does NOT allege any drug use by Katie we’re told she feels the suggestive cover is deliberately defamatory and is libelous on its own.

The lawsuit states, "[Katie] has no intention of leaving her husband, and is not prevented from doing so by any drug addiction."

Holmes' attorney tells TMZ, "Star Magazine's malicious claims about Katie are untrue, unethical and unlawful.  Not only do they cruelly defame Katie, they play a cheap trick on the public, making ridiculously false claims on the cover unsupported by anything inside."

And, the attorney adds, "Someone should bring a class action to get all buyers their money back."

Holmes is seeking $50 million in damages from American Media Inc.


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Maybe "Anonymous" could help her out? that's not right, they'll probably help STAR magazine and if they do...KATIE WILL BE FINISHED!

Hey when is the next picket in front of the "Church" of Scientology? I'd like to join them...I find it thrilling that ANONYMOUS has taken on that one else had the BALLS to do it...and they keep at it EVERY MONTH...


1310 days ago


Personally, I wish there would be a class-action suit and every tabloid would be put out of business, AMI has been on the verge of bankruptcy how many times now? Perhaps they can learn they don't need to print BS lies, their so called "reporters and journalists" troll the message boards for hate-mongers who make up crap about people and that print that as their sources.

Case in point, Female First out of the UK. Disgusting what they say about stars' kids, including Katie's. I hope Katie wins, the laws need to change...maybe the MSM will quit getting their so called "news" from gossip sites and tabloids too.

And now, only 32 days after exiting a bankruptcy that saw investors lose millions, the charismatic, brash Pecker says he has $50 million in free cash flow and he’s primed for acquisitions. Ha, well you go Katie. Put the little weasel out of business. Take his little empire down. Bye bye, ROL.

1310 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

I hope she wins!! What right do these people have to defame someone's character like this? I remember when Carol Burnett sued a rag because she was accused of being drunk in public - she won! These accusations are very damaging to one's image and should not be tolerated, celebrity or not.

1310 days ago


I read the article before it became cat pan liner. It didn't say anything about drugs. It mostly bashed scientology. Me thinks toms behind this.

1310 days ago


Good for her! Bravo!!

Those magazines they tried going after Catherine Zeta Jones longtime ago and she sued all of them. Now nobody wants to write anything bad about her. See? it works.

1310 days ago


Interesting how Tom will sue a magazine that hurts his cult's image but doesn't bother to protect his child from paparazzi. I have seen multiple shots of Suri taken in Canada where minors are protected under federal law from having their photos taken without their parents written permission. This is part of the Protection of Privacy Act and the only exception would be shots taken in very public places where you cannot reasonably expect privacy. Might want to check into that Tom.

1310 days ago


It's nearly impossible to win a defamation suit if you're a public figure. This is just for show.

1310 days ago



1310 days ago


If Tom Cruise wasn't gay, I'd try to steal him from Katie.

1310 days ago


Please if your under 18 don't watch

1310 days ago


I hate Star Magazine. All they do is post lies about celebrities so that the dumb people that see it will think it's real...

1310 days ago


This is a case where the laws really need to be changed...these editors need to go to jail for stuff like this...everyone should ban Star magz and not buy any of these copies at fact i may start a facebook page "Lets Boycott the Star"

1310 days ago


She's only suing because she can't EARN a living since marrying Captain Crazy.

1310 days ago


She is not that important to start with and if she wasn't married to Tom Cruise she would have already faded away. I think that Suri will end up being the nightmere....she seems like a brat already and very "entitled" for her young age.

1310 days ago


if it walks like a duck, .....

1310 days ago
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