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Charlie Sheen Threatens Custody War with Denise

3/4/2011 1:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen has been yakking with Denise Richards, threatening to strip her of child custody ... sources connected with the former couple tell TMZ.  

Denise Richards Charlie Sheen
We're told Charlie has gone on an attack campaign against Denise in the last two weeks, accusing her of being an awful mother, a loser, and wishing her a slow death. 

We're told Charlie is particularly enraged at Denise because yesterday he asked her to bring the kids over to his home to shoot a segment for  "Dateline" today.  We're told Denise refused to bring the kids over, and Charlie went ballistic.

And, sources say, Charlie has communicated with Denise since we posted the story this morning -- that Denise will not allow their kids around Charlie -- threatening to go to court and change the custody order, among other scathing comments.


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Charlie Sheen's Meltdown Was a Longtime Coming, Sources Say

March 3, 2011 4:34pm

Murray Weiss says the people who handled the Plaza Hotel incident aren't surprised.

By Murray Weiss

DNAinfo Contributing Columnist

Charlie Sheen's ravings have kept the nation in awe all week. But people who have dealt with the former "Two and a Half Men" star knew it was just a matter of time.

"I knew he'd get there," said one of the people who encountered Sheen after he famously trashed a Plaza Hotel suite. "No one is surprised Charlie Sheen has hit the breaking point."

Watching Sheen now, my source says he "looks out of his mind" and "delusional" during his many TV appearances and radio rants. "You had to know he was heading for this."

The Plaza Hotel cocaine-and-alcohol fueled episode last November was a sign.

After a night out at Daniel, a fancy Upper East Side eatery, with ex-wife Denise Richards, Sheen and porn star Capri Anderson returned to a $1,000-a-night Plaza suite.

Just as the happy couple were about to couple up, literally as Sheen was about to climb on top of his porno paramour, Anderson spoiled the moment, sources said.

She mentioned something about $5,000, sources said.

Down went one of Sheen's passions. Up rose another decidedly less pleasant aspect of his personality.

Sheen became enraged and he went on a rampage, ransacking of the room for his imagined stolen watch. He knocked over furniture and rifled through Anderson's purse and wrongly accused her of stealing his prized possession, sources said. He yelled and pounded on chairs and walls.

Anderson hid in a closet. She remained cowering there even after hotel guests called 911 to get the cops.

Sources said even after police arrived, Anderson was so shaken she wouldn't come out until she saw — literally saw — an NYPD uniformed officer through the crack of the closet door.

As for Sheen, he was speaking in tongues and barely knew what planet he was on, much less what city.

Now, four months later, "Two and Half Men" has been halted, and a new Charlie Sheen show has taken over the airwaves.

It stars a "cured" Sheen, and it's being aired on every channel and website.

"We have all seen it before, just not quite with someone like a Charlie Sheen," my source tells me. "He is not the first, and he won't be the last."

It could even get worse for Sheen if he does not get help, my sources say.

One of Sheen's former "goddesses" was interviewed by ABC's "20/20."

She talked about what a wild time she had before she fled his mansion during one of his recent three-day binges.

She has vowed never to return. And she offered advice to Sheen's newest two girlfriends: "Run!"

That was the type of advice Sylvie Cachay, the bikini fashion designer, received about her hard partying playmate, Nicholas Brooks.

Cachay was found strangled in a bathtub in her Soho House apartment.

Brooks is now on Rikers Island charged with her murder.

"Sheen needs six months of rehab," a law enforcement official said. "Or he won't be far behind."

1331 days ago


#5 -- I think you've taken too much "Charlie Sheen"...sounds like you're about to O.D.

1331 days ago


I hope not...Denise has been by his side for the sake of their 2 girls and the only shining star in all this mess...charlie is raging at anyone who tells him no at this point..its called withdrawl...its not she dont want him around their girls its she dont want her girls around porn stars...gee is that so god he just doesnt get it..i bet denise said he could come see them..but oh no..with charlie its his way or else...

1331 days ago


Time for him to knock up the grenades.

1331 days ago


At this point, probably anyone (except Oksana) could go to court and get a guardianship order over him. He is definitely at risk of harming himself or orthers.

1331 days ago


5150. Please make him go away.

1331 days ago


Like she has anything to worry about. No judge in his right mind would give that man custody of those two little girls after he's obviously gone out of his damn mind. I mean, they yanked his two boys right out of there and gave them to Brooke and she's in rehab. No way they're taking the girls from Denise when she's clearly the only sane parent.

1331 days ago

Ema Dane    

He's a bi-polar psycho that needs to be put down before someone gets hurt

1331 days ago

Room Monitor    

nobody is going to read that bs
you talk too much
STFU loser
go the fk away psycho
seek help
get treatment
shove some taco bell up ur azz

1331 days ago


I wish yo would leave and quit posting the same **** over and over.

1331 days ago


Room Monitor..."she is cracking on HIS 2 girls"? what are you on?? oh, right, "Charlie Sheen"...that explains it.

1331 days ago


Any more word on Neil Fifer replacing Charlie on the show?

1331 days ago


The truth hurts, eh Room Monitor? Those were real news articles, unlike the slander you spew. Are you Carlos? Go twitter your Apocalypse Me, LOSING!

1331 days ago



You think this story is BS because only a few days ago Charlie was paying Denise compliments? LOL. Okay..

Only a few weeks ago and/or less he was buying Brooke a mansion, went on vacation with her, had a custody deal with her ect.

1331 days ago


Looks like my husband's long-standing theory about Charlie having kids with Denise for image rehab has always been right.

1331 days ago
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