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Charlie Sheen Threatens Custody War with Denise

3/4/2011 1:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen has been yakking with Denise Richards, threatening to strip her of child custody ... sources connected with the former couple tell TMZ.  

Denise Richards Charlie Sheen
We're told Charlie has gone on an attack campaign against Denise in the last two weeks, accusing her of being an awful mother, a loser, and wishing her a slow death. 

We're told Charlie is particularly enraged at Denise because yesterday he asked her to bring the kids over to his home to shoot a segment for  "Dateline" today.  We're told Denise refused to bring the kids over, and Charlie went ballistic.

And, sources say, Charlie has communicated with Denise since we posted the story this morning -- that Denise will not allow their kids around Charlie -- threatening to go to court and change the custody order, among other scathing comments.


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I wish he would go ahead and get it over with so we can move on to the next Hollywierd idiot!!!

1274 days ago


charlie sheen is insane and someday, when he's clear-minded, he will be grateful denise is raising his children. denise is an amazing mother, and she's clearly balancing protecting her girls with allowing charlie to spend time with them *when he's in his right mind.*

and i agree: denise should get full custody. she should take him to court.

1274 days ago


I have never particularly care for Denise, but she has been the ONE adult in this situation, protecting the girls and staying out of the media. A good parent--putting the kids first!
Charlie is in ful paranoia mode if this item is true.

1274 days ago


which one on here is charlie sheen?

1274 days ago


Not picking a side on this one TMZ? hmm thats a surprise. Well good for you Denise and the only reason he wanted them over was to pad his case for his boys. He could give 2 ****s about them lil girls he never cared before? He wants he boys so he can train them in the ways of the pigman

1274 days ago


such a big baby

1274 days ago


Exclusive photo of Charlie lounging around the dead pool here:


1274 days ago



1274 days ago


Denise, Brooke, CBS, Warner Brothers, Chuck Lorre...WINNING.
Charlie and the STD riddled bimbos? Troll loosers.

1274 days ago


I bet Denise Richards wishes she could just call up Cesar Milan from the TV show "The Dog Whisperer" and he could go to Charlie's house and get HIM under control.

Charlie is frothing at the mouth a lot and lashing out trying to bite everyone who upsets him, so it would be a very tough case for Cesar. Charlie's a rabid dog these days. :)

Here's part of the Dog Whisperer show where Cesar worked with Denise's dogs who were causing discord in her house.

1274 days ago


Fan of charlie however, brief cases of coke, porn stars, and god knows what death threats to multiple people...He should NOT be allowed near ANY children....if he wasnt a celebrity he would have been thrown in pretty sure coke and especially uttering death threats is against the law and anyone else would b rotting in a jail cell. I like to know why and how he is getting away with this????? Is he paying off the police? he must be...

1274 days ago


i went back and forth in the last week on liking him not liking him he has a good sense of humor and a charmer but because i have never kept up with him through out years i didnt know all this about the women all i rem is crashing a car. so now i have no respect none.

1274 days ago

Dr. Suess    

Wait people keeping saying Denise in Heidi Fleiss. Am I missing something?

1274 days ago


Big hoax!?!Pulblicity for his own "reality show"????

1274 days ago


This guys is nothing more than a self absorbed bully. I wouldn't want any daughter of mine near this pos. Winner is now spelled L-O-S-E-R.

1274 days ago
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