TMZ Live -- Charlie's Two-Front Custody War

3/4/2011 4:00 PM PST
How many kids can Charlie Sheen's exes keep away from him? Plus, will Lindsay Lohan land the plea bargain she wants? We answered these questions and 27 more on today's TMZ Live!

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(0:00) When Jason was sick, Harvey gave him crap about it ... so Jason returns the favor.
(1:45) Huckabee critical of Natalie Portman's pregnancy -- was it a bad move?
(4:25) A viewer wants Rick to do three minutes of stand-up on TMZ Live ... not gonna happen.
(6:25) Bill O'Reilly is "full of crap" for criticizing our Sheen coverage.
(9:14) Will the statute of limitations affect the Mel Gibson case?
(10:30) Can Denise Richards keep Charlie away from their daughters?
(12:30) Twitter questions about ... video of Charlie playing baseball, what we think of "Idol," Harvey's single, could David Spade replace Charlie Sheen, & t-shirt time.
(18:15) Is there a cap on paying someone's attorneys fees?
(18:35) Can the "Two and a Half Men" actors sue?
(19:50) Our office is a "cesspool."
(20:15) What did Harvey and Jason want to be before becoming lawyers?
(22:48) Eric Clapton at a laundromat ... Harvey's favorite video in two years.
(22:48) What happens if Charlie AND Brooke are found to unfit parents?
(28:27) Today's "Free Food Friday" ... and its effect on our bathrooms.