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Lindsay Lohan -- I Won't Take Plea Deal with Jail Time

3/5/2011 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan doesn't care what her lawyer is negotiating ... she's not going to cop a plea to anything if it involves jail time ... sources connected to LiLo tell TMZ. 

TMZ broke the story ...Shawn Holley is trying to broker a plea deal that will almost certainly involve jail time.  Holley and prosecutor Danette Meyers are going to see Judge Keith Schwartz next week, and Holley wants to take the judge's temperature on how much jail time he'll give her if she pleads guilty.  The judge made it clear at the last hearing -- Lindsay WILL do time -- probably 3-6 months.

But sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ ... she doesn't care what kind of deal Holley gets -- if there is ANY jail time involved, she wants no part of it. We're told Lindsay wants to go to trial and believes the surveillance tape will clear her name.

Note to Lindsay -- it's a bad gamble.


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Poor child, she thinks she dictates how this will all be handled. There's no 'one stop shopping' for felons. Either way, she's looking at jail time. Everyone knows this but her.

1306 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Yellow diamonds in the sun
too much of a temptation for the entitled one
I could buy these if I want
but rather my entitlement I must flaunt
Now the paps have snapped my pix
and I find myself in yet another fix
I've flushed my career down the drain
and now the public feels for me only disdain
I will win an Oscar, you will see
as long as that bitch Madonna is not part of the academy
I will win an Oscar you will see
even if I am only relevant on the pages of TMZ

1306 days ago


Good job...think u know more than your lawyer? Dig your hole and bury yourself. We all pay for our poor decisions and Hollywood should be no different.

1306 days ago



You have to find out who took the necklace to the LAPD, and how they came to possess it.

Maybe someone else took the necklace.

The "assumption" any Jurist will make is that YOU somehow took the necklace knowingly or not which will not affect their vote.

You will be found guilty unless a Witness (the person that returned the necklace) offers a credible testimony that you were not involved, and they have the wrong person.

Your call.

1306 days ago


Linsday Lohan's defense at trial:

You're honor, I am LINNOCENT! I mean, do you know who I AM? I'm LINDSAY LOHAN! And I've got millions of movie deals in the works - including Super Man - and a very tasteful sex book too.

Not only that, but this room is filled with JEALOUS HATERS! That's right, your Honor! They all hate me because I was BORN to be as star! It's in the blood! And they're all just LOSERS who work at the fry station.

And that store owner? She just made this up for some free publicity. Yes, that's right. Look at how much free publicity she's getting today (adjusts short, tight dress open to her navel.)

And besides, it was a LOAN, right? You get it? My assistant was supposed to do the paperwork. *I* don't DO paperwork - I mean, do you know who I AM?

And not only that, but I forgot that I had it on my neck when I walked out with it. How could I remember such a cheap little trinket? It's not even worth 99 cents at my local dollar store. Dina says so.

And anyway, you know why I'm being persecuted, don't you? It's because that evil witch Danette Meyers is out to get me! She wants to win this case so she can become DA. Hahahahe, did you know THAT? Just like everyone else in this room, she's a jealous HATER!

What's that you say, your Honor? Sit down and be quiet???? Don't be ridiculous! Don't you know who I AM? Well then, you'd better learn PDQ! I'm Lindsay Lo....oh! (gets carted, cheap blonde extensions floating behind her, out of the courtroom.)

From a distance: Arrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm Lindsay Lohan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm a GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Genius is pain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! John Lennon even said so!!!!!

1306 days ago


She is the only one who has to face what will happen if she is found guilty.
She has a right to refuse a plea deal and demand a trial.

The judge can and probably will revoke her bail and jail her to await her trial. The DA will be pissed and probably drag her feet in getting the trial start date, meanwhile Lindsay sits in jail.

If she is found guilty she could face a year in prison, not jail, prison. Sent to prison for a year means she will have to do about 6 months because she will get credit for the jail time. So, she could be dialing herself 3-4 months in jail waiting trial then about 6 months in prison.

The felony almost certainly means probation after prison and her track record is absolute failure on probation so some other offense will again see her facing jail.

Whats my point? she has a very good lawyer and all of this will be carefully explained to her, it is her choice so given the reality of her situation I think this story is complete bull and just written to get "hits" for TMZ. She will accept a plea and do about 24 days in jail.

1306 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

Hey lou, I hate your guts!

Posted at 1:09 AM on Mar 5, 2011 by Dylan

Hey lou,
This little pervie is Cody. He hops on the computer when mommy Lohan isn't around....

1306 days ago

normal person    

Hey you lilo haters that come here every day all day to trash Lilo. You know who you are Grandma Crackers, lou ,rose5491,Baja, davey boy etc.
Don't you have anything else going on in your life other then bashing LILO. Everyday same haters with the same trashy comments. You must live either in a mental institution or jail.

1306 days ago


Actually, I believe Ms. Lohan did not necessarily have the intent to steal. If I had lots of necklaces, I might not remember what all of them looked like.

So I'd vote "not guilty" if I was on the jury, most likely.

However, this case isn't about Ms. Lohan's guilt or innocence; it's about what her defense can prove. So the deal of 18 days in jail, if that is the offered deal, isn't too bad. Just watch TV for 2.5 weeks.

Then, get this over with and start working again! Get on with your life, Ms. Lohan. And take a lawyer with you as a handler, so you'll avoid problems in the future. Make movies, enjoy life, etc., but don't leave home without your lawyer!

This is probably some of the best advice you'll ever receive.

1306 days ago

How now brown cow    

# 27

1306 days ago


Hey lou,

I Heart You!!

1306 days ago


shes so stupid. She should just take the plea. Miraculously the jail will be overcrowded and shell serve 2 days and that will make up for the 3- 6months. I find it hilarious how jails are only overcrowded for celebrities. This is all a joke! Her stupid ass will find a way to worm through the system as always. They think their special because their famous and just like charlie sheen and his huge bag of cocaine shell get off with a slap on the wrists and go on with her life terrorizing the world. This girl is going to die very soon if she continues on this path.

1306 days ago


I keep wondering if/when the Lindsay Lohan's and Charlie Sheen's of the world realize they aren't "special"---yes---guys--rules apply to you. Lindsay, the legal system is going to determine the outcome of this---not you.

Posted at 1:20 AM on Mar 5, 2011 by Kari

Charlie Sheen IS Special. Highest paid TV actor ever (Guinness Record), Fastest rise on Twitter ever(another Guinness Record), he get's out of legal jams that would have us doing time, and he's the Winningest crackhead in the history of crackheads, etc...

Charlie's WINNING. Get over it.

Now LILO... no amount of Tigerbood is going to help that girl, she's LOSING! lol

1306 days ago


Bring on the circus midgets and popcorn. If Michael Lohan thinks he can out freak show Lindsay with his celeb rehab show he's got another thing coming.

1306 days ago

Cheryl A.    

I hope she goes to trial. Then everyone can see that she is like a LOT of theives who ENJOY the "prowl" Instead of slipping it into her pocket she will talk directly to an employee. If they notice she gets to say "oops" and take it off. But, if they don't she walks out confidnently and without a gimmer of deception. It's not a new trick, just not used as much as putting it in the pocket.

1306 days ago
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