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Charlie's Lawyers Working OT for Custody

3/6/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are having marathon meetings this weekend ... trying to hammer out a doable custody by early next week -- sources involved in the negotiations tell TMZ.

We're told the sticking points involve a monitor who would be present at Charlie's house when he cares for the twins. Interesting ... our sources say Charlie agreed to a monitor when he struck a verbal deal with Brooke. That deal was undone when Charlie talked to the media about it, in violation of the agreement.

Another interesting tidbit ... Charlie's lawyers have not attempted to challenge the restraining order that temporarily stripped Charlie of custody -- at least not yet.

The earliest Charlie's lawyers could go into court to mount a challenge would be Tueday, but both sides are trying to avoid court and strike a deal.

Charlie hasn't seen the twins since they were removed from his home last Tuesday.


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Charlie has seen lots of "twins" because he's winning*.

*Winning by hanging out with diseased whores.

1329 days ago


"Charlie hasn't seen the twins since they were removed from his home last Tuesday."


Thank GOD Chuckles the crack head hasn't had access to his boy's lately...the man is as crazy as a sh*t house mouse and has displayed his CRAZY unabashedly for the world to see. Chuckles "lifestyle" may be just fine and dandy for himself and his whores...but it's NO PLACE for small children...and I think CHUCKLES, even in his delusional state knows that too.


1329 days ago


That chick is fugly.

1329 days ago


He can't challenge the restraining order he would lose. All he had on her was a few pics from the Bahamas claiming she did drugs.

She already admitted in the restraining order that she slipped and did drugs with Charlie's goddess while in the Bahamas.

1329 days ago


Isn't he going to Haiti?

1329 days ago


There is no custody being worked on. It's only if Charlie will be allowed visitation with or without a monitor.

He should never be allowed over night visitation at his home.
Hope Brooke doesn't give in by some lure of cash.

Even Denise does Not allow her girls visits at Charlie's house and no visitation without Denise present.

It's already been said Charlie hardly ever visited with the twins since the domestic violence incident over a year ago.

1329 days ago


Brooke looked alot better when she first met Charlie. These last few years of hard partying have really hit her hard where it counts, the face.

1329 days ago


inept laws and money wont ever make people right so whats next the curse of ignorant intent to suffice it and that doomed to that hell within - then again what the hell ever - warlock poop salt for every f-ckin' body -

1329 days ago


Charlie Sheen is acting like he's lost his mind...on television, no less. He has porn actresses living with him and he's either in withdrawal and ranting, or he's still doing drugs...and ranting. Those children should not be living in this crazy person's house at all.

How can you stick innocent, defenseless kids in an environment with a man who beats his wives, plays with knives and guns, and has done drugs so long and so regularly that it looks like he has severe problems dealing with reality and has seemed to have lost reasoning ability? Why would that idiot Brooke Mueller even want her babies in that man's vicinity?

1329 days ago


i think the children should go back to charlie so they can learn all about drugs whores etc. yah right

1329 days ago


I have 2 points:
1 - I'm sure his lawyers are loving this drama going on with Sheen, cause of the money they will suck out of Sheen. It must be Christmas everyday for them since the meldown began.
2 - I don't feel sorry for Brooke one bit. Infact, she deserves this drama in her life. When they first got together and it was Sheen vs. Denise Richards, she joined Charlie to make Denise feel like she was the crazy one. I knew this day will come when it's her turn to know what Denise was going thru at that time.

And she joined Charlie and his goddesses to Bahamas???? Isn't she something.

1329 days ago


Why would anyone with half a brain want to give two innocent babies to this man? He's obviously in some sort of mental breakdown right now, he looks awful, he's got two 'sex workers' he was allowing to care for his babies. Why is this man not in jail at the very least.

1329 days ago

June Dough    

Wow, Charlie's exwife has a hook nose and looks beat. For such a winner he sure picks ugly women.

1329 days ago


Let them spend an hour watching Sheen's Korner and the judge will sign the docs to take the kids away forever.

1329 days ago

Grandma of Four    

I do not get it! As recently as 24 hours ago it was all over the Internet that he "LOST IT" with one of the "Godesses" and she packed up and walked out ONLY to return, probably because of the lure of $$$$!!!! You can bet Brooke's attorneys are looking at that hard and fast!

NEVER, EVER should those little guys be allowed to go to Charlie's house for any sort of visitation without a court appointed monitor. PLUS, the "Godesses"should be somewhere else. They have NOTHING to do with the twins whatsoever and it should remain that way!

He already has domestic violence problems....there is no way these kids should be in that house unattended. And, for that matter, Brooke needs to get it together and act like a grown up plus a responsible mother. I am beginning to wonder about her and the people surrounding her. Denise has my admiration for the way she handles Charlie and protects her girls. SMART GAL!

1329 days ago
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