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Charlie's Lawyers Working OT for Custody

3/6/2011 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lawyers for Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller are having marathon meetings this weekend ... trying to hammer out a doable custody by early next week -- sources involved in the negotiations tell TMZ.

We're told the sticking points involve a monitor who would be present at Charlie's house when he cares for the twins. Interesting ... our sources say Charlie agreed to a monitor when he struck a verbal deal with Brooke. That deal was undone when Charlie talked to the media about it, in violation of the agreement.

Another interesting tidbit ... Charlie's lawyers have not attempted to challenge the restraining order that temporarily stripped Charlie of custody -- at least not yet.

The earliest Charlie's lawyers could go into court to mount a challenge would be Tueday, but both sides are trying to avoid court and strike a deal.

Charlie hasn't seen the twins since they were removed from his home last Tuesday.


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Scott T. Kay    

4. He can't challenge the restraining order he would lose. All he had on her was a few pics from the Bahamas claiming she did drugs.

She already admitted in the restraining order that she slipped and did drugs with Charlie's goddess while in the Bahamas.

Posted at 1:07 AM on Mar 6, 2011 by Me

To which I say -- WRONG!!

I am not an attorney (never would want to be in a profession that almost requires you to be, uh, ethically-challenged) nor do I even play one on TV but -- I do know A LOT about Family Law -- and I know the ace Charlie has in his back pocket, if his attorneys choose to use it . . .

Charlie is no Angel, for sure . . . but I think he is getting his shiot together . . . NO ONE knows for sure, certainly . . . and it appears that Brooke is trying to get her stuff together too . . . That's all good . . .

But, and everyone has a BIG BUT, they BOTH have admitted to or demonstrated fairly recent behavior inconsistent with providing an environment appropriate and conducive to raising children . . .

I also believe that they BOTH love their children deeply, however . . .

So if you accept my premise and you are Charlie's lawyers, you politely explain the consequences to Brooke of NOT settling this matter quickly and in a way that is fair to BOTH parents and with an arrangement they can both live with . . .

. . . What are the consequences of NOT settling?? Well, since BOTH parents can easily be painted to the court as being unfit, Charlie's attorneys can ask, even demand, that if the children are stripped from Charlie, they MUST also be stripped from Brooke . . . as the law MUST apply equally to EVERYONE . . . There is not one set of laws for mothers and a second set of laws for fathers . . . This is America, for crying out loud . . .

So in that scenario, the kids end up wards of the State of California. Hardball?? Yes, absolutely -- But since Brooke was the one that decided to play CHICKEN with her children, Charlie has every right to use any legal tactics available to him to ensure the LONG-TERM well-being of their children . . .

I wrote a poem a few years back which contained a line I think is appropriate in this situation: "You see kids are not weapons to use in a battle, unless you are a piece of shiot from a shiot load of cattle . . ."

And Brooke DID throw the first cow pie . . .

My Two Cents™ . . .

1305 days ago


Tried and convicted by the media.

That is the American way.

Guilty until proven innocent and he government is
always rights.

1305 days ago


Yeah, he hasn't seen them since last Tuesday. Before that it was
in January.
Please let their be monitors when they are with either parent.

1305 days ago


Working over time because a white man is supposed to get what he wants no matter rather he beats up women, he has briefcases of drugs laying around the house, got a refrigerator full of alcohol, got a house full of porn/prostitutes, no matter rather he shoots women. He get what he wants. No one is suppose to tell this mentally ill crazy f-cked in the head douche bag what to do. Charlie can teach the next generation how to beat the hell out of women.

1305 days ago


If Charlie's whores had drugs while in the Bahamas, certainly that means they have drugs in Charlie house. Seems obvious that was Charlie's plan for Brooke in the Bahamas. Hopefully Brooke now see through his tricks and will not fall for anything he says anymore.

1305 days ago

Scott T. Kay    

Either they are BOTH unfit parents . . . or they BOTH need monitors . . . or they BOTH get to raise the kids in whatever environment they are capable of providing . . .

Even if you believe Charlie is a 10 (on a scale of 1 to 10) as an unfit parent, Brooke is probably a 7. And if the State of California gets deeply involved in this matter, they will probably find anything over a 5 to be unacceptable. It behooves BOTH Charlie and Brooke to SETTLE, post haste, or risk saying goodbye to their kids for awhile . . .

And lest you not forget, Brooke started the battle, so she will get what she deserves . . . as we all do . . .

My Two Cents™ . . .

1305 days ago

Texan in Queensland OZ    

Me? I'm just gonna sit here in my Korner quietly amused while I watch Charlie, the media circus and you know-it-all, wannabe heroes carry on like a bunch of center ring clowns. (Pass the popcorn will ya?)

1305 days ago


These two are WHITE TRASH, I feel bad for the kids, and the mother of the 2 girls=also WHITE TRASH

1305 days ago


That's a joke he's not getting Custody LMFAO

1305 days ago


Charlie Sheen is not a serious Dad. He only cares about himself and his 2 wh*res! Grow the H*LL up Charlie!

1305 days ago


So where's Yale Galanter in all this?

1305 days ago


Brooke is white trash! She used drugs while pregnant with the twins so they should have been taken away from her @ birth. She is not a competent parent. Charlie is the better parent. Plus Charlie has several competent responsible nannies helping take care of the twins (& I'm not referring to the goddesses, although the goddesses are definitely no worse than Brooke).Brooke, go crawl back under your rock. How can Brooke have custody considering she is in "day treatment" for drugs!! Charlie should have the kids. He was taking good care of them, as was evidenced by, witnessed by & reported by numerous news outlets who visited Charlie's house for hours & hours multiple days this week & said the twins were being well taken care of

1305 days ago


Yale Galanter has a conflict of interest. He has been the attorney for both Charlie & Brooke, which makes no sense. Charlie DOES need to have an attorney speaking on his behalf & working on his behalf. Charlie & his attorney have adequate grounds to have those kids removed from Brooke's incompetent drug-addled care.

1305 days ago


Charlie has two domestic violence convictions. And he has repeatedly threatened various women including his ex-wives. Plus he chain-smokes around the children, the house is always saturated with smoke because he truly has no concern for those kids.

He'll be lucky to get supervised custody, judges frown on violent priors of this nature especially when the welfare of children is being decided. Ask any judge, that's why Brooke got the restraining order so easily.

1305 days ago


Anyone heard from him today after his all night drug binge? He was wrecked - figured we'd hear he died today. Or that he killed one of the gargoyles.

1305 days ago
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