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Upset With 'SNL' Over Miley's Insults

3/7/2011 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan has fired off a letter to "Saturday Night Live" honcho Lorne Michaels -- explaining she was disappointed with him for allowing Miley Cyrus to take digs at her on the show ... TMZ has learned.

Miley Cyrus SNL Skit

Sources close to Lindsay tell us ... she had considered Lorne a mentor and a father figure -- and felt betrayed that he would let Miley mock her on TV -- so LiLo sent an email to let him know she was upset.

In case you missed the show -- Miley finished her opening monologue with a musical number which included the lyric, "I never stole a necklace or got a DUI .. never cheated on wife like that golfer guy ... so what if you can see a little boob from the side ... I'm sorry if I'm not perfect."

We're told Lindsay hasn't received an email back yet.


No Avatar


after she cops a plea and does some time she can write a new verse... borrowed a necklace from the local store , walked around in public like a stupid whore.going to try and stay out of prison with a plea, so no one butt $%ks me.

1325 days ago


If it's so insulting then maybe she could try not being a ****up. Then there wouldn't be anything to make fun of.

1325 days ago


I hope her case drag as long as it could, let all the money she made from the media goes to the greedy lawyers instead of her lying disgusting self.

1325 days ago


I think Lindsay was SUPPOSED TO be hosting Saturday Night Live a month or two ago. It's Lindsay's own fault that she got busted on a drug test for cocaine again and had to go back to rehab again for another month or so.

Lorne Michaels is probably very frustrated with Lindsay. I'm sure he just wants her to GROW UP and think before she says and does things.

SNL is equal opportunity when it comes to who they make fun of. If you are a celebrity and you do stupid things that can get some laughs, you can BET that SNL is going to do a sketch about it. Every celebrity should know this.

If Lindsay doesn't want to be made fun of, then she needs to BE SMART. Stay out of trouble with the law! Don't do stupid things. Stay sober and work on your program Lindsay! Then tick off all your haters by becoming super successful in the movies, TV, music, etc.

1325 days ago


This is why lidsey has the problems she has....she needs to gromw up and act like an adult. SHE's not a little girl. It's SNL, give me a break lilo. Grow the F-up!

1325 days ago


Poor widdo Lindsay. She seriously needs to buy a ranch somewhere out in the middle of no where and go live a quiet, private life.

1325 days ago


LiLo needs to go steal some tigerblood...

1325 days ago

Duh Winning    

what a cry baby.... waaaaaah waaaaaah (suck thumb) waaaaaah

1325 days ago


Grow a thicker skin LiLo, seriously! It's SNL, YOU keep making headlines by screwing up...and Lorne Michaels makes money off of idiots like you. I mean really, Miley was even spoofing herself. I can't stand her either but at least she can laugh at herself.

1325 days ago


I saw it... Miley at least knows how to not take herself so seriously, she made fun of herself also... and she did a spoof of Justin Beiber on the show that SNL has making fun of Miley and her dad....

1325 days ago


Oh cry me a ****in' river. You think you're too good for even SNL to make fun of you? It's what they do, you moron! And you have made yourself prime material. Get over it. Get over yourself. Stop taking cues from your loser mother.

1325 days ago


OH, BITCH, BITCH, BITCH, MOAN, BITCH. Deal with your personal **** first.

1325 days ago


... and actually, can't think of anyone who has been in the spotlight recently that they didn't make fun of on the show.... geez... that's what they do every saturday nite, isn't it????

1325 days ago

Ronald RayGun    

Lindsay, grow a thicker skin and stop acting like such a baby! You should be happy that SNL is talking about you at all.

1325 days ago


Is this another Lohan stunt? you know where that went.

Don't call me I'll call you. If even acknowledge. Lohan is getting alot of that.

1325 days ago
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