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Mel's Dilemma: Fight Charge or Protect Family

3/9/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources directly connected to Mel Gibson tell TMZ ... he's aware he's going to be charged with a crime, and is "agonizing" over the prospect of putting his family through a public, knock-down, drag-out trial.

We're told Mel is confident he will only be charged with a low-level misdemeanor.  Nonetheless, he is uncertain if he has the stomach to endure a 1-year legal fight and is worried about the impact it will have on his children.

As TMZ has already reported, Mel will be criminally charged with a misdemeanor over the January 6, 2010 blowout between him and Oksana Grigorieva.

We're told the D.A. will file charges against Mel this week -- very possibly today.


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They were both accusers.He is the only one being charged with anything.

Posted at 4:20 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by rika
You think?

1302 days ago


Who gives a **** all the azzholes need to get a life people just don't care anymore...Mel go back to Australia...Charlie go to rehab before you end up like Mike Starr...Lindsay crawl in a hole already!!

1302 days ago


Mel agonising? Says a source connected to Gibson ?!? _ highly unlikely :) More like a typical MO of a scheming mind of Ox!

In her panic she went into overdrive - 5 selfserving stories on ROL, her PR representatives:) only in the last couple of days and now feeding TMZ with her crap!

Is manipulative Ox trying to use an emotional blackmail on Mel again, hoping that it still works?
Is Ox pleading with Mel not to fight her in court so she can keep all her dirty deeds hidden from the public? Worried that info on her computer/iphone and on the DA files will finally confirm her true sleazy character:)

As ever, Ox only concern is for her own a.r.s.e. IF Mel is charged, avoiding trial helps Ox and Ox only!

I just don't see how having a father with a CONVICTION for DV against a woman is better then having a father who successfully defended the said accusations brought by a vindictive lying malicious gold digger!

Mel’s children are fully aware that the name of their father has already been tarnished beyond believe!

I think a trial gives a splendid opportunity to Mel to clear his name and the opportunity to his children to be able to say in the future ‘No, my father was set up by a hysterical greedy piano player on the make. My father doesn’t abuse women. The Jury and the Judge said so’

1302 days ago


I listened to the tapes. Mel was engulfed with rage. A felony charge for any one of us who lack self control.
@ RonBurgundy

A Felony charge for being angry? For losing his temper over the phone at someone trying to extort and use him. Are you serious? No wonder you go by that moniker.

1302 days ago


It is not right that anyone display violence on anyone, especially a woman,however, I ask myself what was it that instigated the violence.With every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction, this is a universal law.Oxana is a calculating greed driven opportunistic bitch that lacks the talent to make it on her own, so she targets the vulnerable already successful rich and she does it within boundaries of law. Good luck Mel!

1302 days ago


Mel will probably plead guilty. He is very private and would never want his family dragged into this (..)
Posted at 3:49 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by jayjay
Jayjay, I second that Mel is a very private person and that his main priority is his Family.
With that in mind, I am sure you will agree with me that a certain female was trying to take advantage of the fact and was adamant that Mel will allow her to extort and blackmail him simply because he is afraid of/doesn't want an adverse publicity.

Well, Ox was wrong then! She may be wrong again! :)

1302 days ago


So if both case are decided together, "very possibly today" as this gossip site says,then Oksana should be charged with something today too !!

She's committed so many felonies they have to charge her with at least 1 or 2 , otherwise everyone will know the DA is corrupt

1302 days ago


"He's crying over a misdemeanor when he should be charged with a felony, at the very least. Boo freakin hoo, psycho Mel. Just man up and get it over with plead guilty for God's sake, remember Him? How's your little church, lol. Loser hypocrite.

Posted at 2:04 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by beachgal"
Beachgirl, you might want to be sure your brain is engaged before putting your fingers in motion. Nowhere is there any mention of Mr. Gibson crying. Nowhere has there been any evidence shared publicly of any behavior approaching a felony. You declare he is both a psycho and a hypocrite. If I thought you were anything other than a mindless twit, I would enjoy hearing the logic behind those statements.

In reality, expressing concern for his family proves he is certainly not a psycho. The fact he practices his religion to the best of his abilities shows he is not a hypocrite. now, if he was seeking to portray himself as God, both your terms would have merit. As he does not, your verbiage is nothing but hyperbole.

You must have some vile perceptions of Miss Grigorieva as well, since she has proven herself to be a:
1) Liar
2) Charlatan
3) Grifter
4) Whore
5) Gold digger
6) Self absorbed female
7) Extortionist (even if the DA fears he may not win in court)
8) Leech

1302 days ago

pat m    

#9 is right on.
Hey, why don't you call your buddy Charlie again, he thinks your a rock star. We're you thinking about the "children" when you called that woman beater, addict and insane maniac....or did you just feel like he was as misunderstood as you are. Poor little Mel, poor little Charlie, WINNING.

1302 days ago


They were both accusers.He is the only one being charged with anything.

Posted at 4:20 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by rika
You think?

Posted at 4:21 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by hellnurse

Hellnurse, I really hope you are right. Given ROL was doing a frantic Ox spin and shuffle the past few days, it would appear she is in trouble. Who knows. I'm concerned that the DA is off tanning his corrupt, florid, flabby azz in a mauve Speedo while this goes down.

1302 days ago


.. He is the only one being charged with anything.

Posted at 4:20 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by rika
You think?

Posted at 4:21 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by hellnurse

Hellnurse, I think it is a calm before a storm!
Suspect that the Mel charge is being announced over days(!) with big fanfares as to say, WHEN Ox is charged, we charged him too!
Cross fingers :)

1302 days ago


To Mel!

Mel, gather your family around for a sit down with a trusted lawyer and have a round table discussion about the options before you guys.

Let everybody share their ideas and feelings about the "right course" to take.

And as a family decide how to handle it. Maybe have 3 meetings, so people can reflect on what has been said , and then you Mel will have to make the final decision as to best course to take, since you are the one being asked to take "guilty plea", not them.

When you "intuitively hear" the right ANSWER, and it could come from anyone in your family, you will "know in your HEART and GUT" the next step to take.

Maybe call your closest friends and ask them to review TMZ blog the last few months, so they can get a feel for how your public sees this case. If they just go by mainstream media they could get only "oksana's PR teams view". Ask them for their input, and lay your cards on the table. (it could be leaked to media, but if they are YOUR FRIENDS, it would be positive stuff , for once!) :)

1302 days ago


Be strong and fight that beyotch Mel.

1302 days ago

M. Gabriel    

What a ridiculous article! This isn't a dilemma nor is there cause for having to choose between two options. The choice to pursue this battle to trial is the only option there is! Good luck Mel, it is the right thing to do for yourself and your family including Lucia! Your wretched wench skanky has no power over you. She's only a slithering snake at your heel, just crush her head!

1302 days ago


TMZ and Harvey, enough already! Can't everyone see this is just more SPIN. As I stated before, something else is in the works. Something else is about to go down with this case. It appears to me someone is scared out of their wits.(Oksana) Mr. Gibson has been silent throughout. This is spin of the worst kind in this case.

1302 days ago
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