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Mel's Dilemma: Fight Charge or Protect Family

3/9/2011 11:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Sources directly connected to Mel Gibson tell TMZ ... he's aware he's going to be charged with a crime, and is "agonizing" over the prospect of putting his family through a public, knock-down, drag-out trial.

We're told Mel is confident he will only be charged with a low-level misdemeanor.  Nonetheless, he is uncertain if he has the stomach to endure a 1-year legal fight and is worried about the impact it will have on his children.

As TMZ has already reported, Mel will be criminally charged with a misdemeanor over the January 6, 2010 blowout between him and Oksana Grigorieva.

We're told the D.A. will file charges against Mel this week -- very possibly today.


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Oh, so NOW he's thinking of his family.....

1288 days ago


I can see him thinking about this. He slapped her to get her to quit jeopardizing the baby, it probably will be a misdimeanor. Do you spend a bunch of money to clear your name when you know what you did or do you try to clear your name? Good question.

Although we want him to be cleared, it is best to listen to his attorneys with all that they know and make a level headed decision, no matter what joe the public thinks.

Mel, good luck to you in this decision and it isn't an easy one, but one I understand full well after a year of nothing of tons of attorneys.

Prayers will be said in my house for you that the right decision will be made.

1288 days ago


Mr. Gibson, no weapon formed against you will prosper, and every tongue that rises against you in judgment God will disavow. Be strong!

1288 days ago


Oksana has nothing going on in her life except the trial. Her life is hanging out in the courts trying to figure out new ways to manoeuvre around the system. People like that sometimes 'win' merely because the other person is worn down and its easier to give in, so that they can get their life back.
Oksana fights as dirty as I've ever seen.

If Mel decides not to go to trial, I can understand that. The only problem is that Oksana is a courtroom parasite, and the 'win' will only give her more ammunition to file other bogus lawsuits in the future. This is also Mel's dilemma.

His only hope is that she finds another victim to fixate on. She tasted the lure of attention she craves so much by being involved in a court case. She's not about to let this go. It will continue regardless of what Mel does, regardless of the results. Who will she take to court next? Herzog, Jimmy, Horowitz, her plastic surgeon, or Mel again for some other reason.

Courtroom parasites are very dangerous. Just hope you never come across one. They will devour your life and those around you. They are usually narcissists that crave attention.

If I was Mel, I honestly would not know what to do. And I really feel sorry for him.

1288 days ago


This is justice. You can't simply slap someone and get away with it. Not in California and not anywhere else in the USA.

This is justice.

Posted at 1:08 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by JLS

You're not even really trying to be a pretend lawyer anymore. There are plently of instances everyday in California and the rest of the country where people legally get away with slapping someone or worse.

If it all went down like he declared he should fight. If he doesn't he should just hand her all his money and be done because there's going to be another 200 lawyers and 16+ years of more legal drama. She's not getting another rich fool so she'll need to keep leeching off her daughters money.

1288 days ago


Well no wonder he is hesitant to fight it. With the corrupt justice system letting the gold digger do and say whatever she wants and get away with it. Personally, I hope he does fight and exposes this woman for what we all know she really is. We are behind you, Mel. Go all the way. Your children will understand. Go after her and send a message to the rest of the lazy, money grubbing poor excuses for women who use hard-working men to get lifestyles they don't deserve.

1288 days ago


Mel needs to fight this all the way. Sociopathic, narcissistic Oksana needs to be put in her place (hopefully behind bars or out of the USA). I'm sure Mel's family hates her even more than him, so they'll stand behind him 100%. His six oldest kids are adults, and Tommy has an amazing mother and a strong support system so he'll be OK. The baby won't be harmed any more that she already is by having Oks as a mother and grifters as grandparents. And Mel's "people"...friends, publicists, business associates...need to break their silence and start leaking dirt about Oks to the tabloids.

1288 days ago


I'm sure Mel's PI's have got lots and lots of stuff on oksana, they have had a year to dig and dig and dig. And yet they are QUIET.

I'm thinking oksana must be scared, really scared. She has attacked MEL in media and courts for a year and he has kept QUIET.

He is a good fisherman, he casts a WIDE NET, and waits until the big fish come into the NET, and then brings the whole net in, with lots of big fish.

Oksana and her team of losers , will not know what hit them, when Mel steps up to the plate and knocks it out of the park.

Then hopefully, Clint Eastwood , would make a movie of this whole "lawyer extortion scam" and expose these guys on the big screen. :)

1288 days ago


Stand up, Stand up for your rights.

Team Mel.

1288 days ago

Doesn't suffer fools    

There seems to be a whole new profession for women in the world today. The semi-professional prostitute who looks for rich men, married or not, strokes his ego as well as other body parts, gets pregnant and then pushes his buttons until they can get them to hit them or yell at them or some other such so that they come out as a victim. These are not young women, most of them are fairly middle-aged. Usually they have some kind of prearranged financial deal with the man ( the semi professional-prostitute part) but want more. Almost always they get pregnant because you can't have a prearranged deal regarding child support. There have always been women like this, but normally society shunned them. Now they are media celebrity professional victims. Boy, we've come a long way. They give real women a bad image. Set a horrifying example for our children. Let's face it we should go back to shunning them.

1288 days ago


Spin...this is Ox and Co. blackmailing through the media...EG, KH and Mel have all been "warned" via ROL and TMZ of what is in store for them.

Mel has never given statements.

Mel took her head on with the extortion charges, he is not scared to face the music or he would have paid for her silence!

1288 days ago


the only problem I see with him not fighting it is there isn't any legal stand on it. We have read the law that says the action is legal to save the child, so not having the courts make it a declaration of it doesn't make the way for many people. If Mel fought this then it would be a clear path for people that are going through this, it could make a difference.

I don't know if this is coming from ox's camp or not, but come on anyone in this position would be making this kind of decision. He might have not said a word of it, it is human nature to say "do I stay or do I go" (song).

I'd like to see him fight but sure could see where he wouldn't and you figure there is another suit coming up, that weighs in big time too.

1288 days ago


All you Mel supporters can suck the big one. You lose. Mel is a racist anti-semetic woman abuser and he's going to be getting what he deserves. So, you can cry in your beer back at Mel's BS anti-semetic church and pray to your savior.

Posted at 1:07 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by Phil

And who is YOUR savior, Phil? Devil? Are you aware of what you are saying constitutes instigation of racial hatred and religious intolerance? Do you know it's against the law? By the way, ignorance on the part of the wrongdoer of the law that makes an act criminal is NO excuse. Keep that in mind, buddy.

1288 days ago


Well now - I just had a post pulled from here in a hot second. That's never happened before. Wonder what I said that warranted that...

1288 days ago


talking about KH I heard from him in short about the video and the lawyers on both side said it wasn't a legal agreement and since she didn't use him it would have been void anyway. So we all were right.

1288 days ago
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