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Ex-WWE Wrestler


Arrest Footage

3/7/2011 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

THREE cops held ex-WWE superstar Shad Gaspard down on the concrete in Ohio this weekend ... insisting he was resisting arrest, despite a crowd of witnesses who say Shad did nothing wrong ... and it was all caught on tape.

Shad Gaspard Arrest Video
TMZ obtained the footage -- which begins moments after the 6'8", 300 pound wrestler was taken down to the ground by Columbus PD officers who accused him of jaywalking ... an accusation Shad vehemently denied. 

At one point during the incident, Shad can be heard saying, "Why am I being arrested? Because I'm big and I'm black?"

One of the officers approaches the camera man and explains, "[Shad] was resisting."

At least 3 people who witnessed the arrest shouted at the officers -- insisting Shad was being treated unfairly. The man operating the camera is Strikeforce fighter Josh Barnett.

Shad tells TMZ he feels he's the victim of racial profiling -- and claims during his ride to the police station, he heard the arresting officer saying, "He's just one more ..."

Shad adds, "I don't know exactly what to do yet, but I will fight this as much as possible." 

He continues, "I'm not doing it for the money, I have the means, I'm doing this so cops don't think they can do this to someone else ... it's not right."

Shad is due back in court later today.  So far, no word back from Columbus PD.

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1323 days ago


Cops abusing their power? The devil you say!

1323 days ago


Thank God for those witnesses...

1323 days ago


those racist pigs would have been bacon on the sidewalk if he HAD resisted

1323 days ago


And cops wonder why they're getting shot.

1323 days ago


Nope no racial profiling going on in America these days. They should all get fired. Thank God for the video... really 'jay walking' is an arrestable offense?

1323 days ago


Columbus Cops are known racists. This doesn't surprise me and I hope Shad sues these confederate wanna-be's back into the 30's

1323 days ago


In all fairness... he used to be part of Cryme Tyme, lol

1323 days ago

sick to my stomach    

JAYWALKING.. FOUR COPS for maybe JAY WALKING .. Damn didn't know there there was so little crime in Columbus that all the cops had to do was hang around an watch for somebody that maybe jaywalking. Oh Yeah, well the drug dealer, murderers, drunk drivers.. they all fight back with guns or hide and that would actually take EFFORT! SO YUP jaywaking is there best shot for convictions. Funny they cant even do that right.. These cops all need to be arrested and thrown in their own jail for STUPIDITY AND BEING TO DAMN LAZY TO DO THEIR JOB.

1323 days ago


Unfortunately the video doesn't prove anything other than there are people that claim to be witnesses.

1323 days ago


He's not resisting arrest. Fools trying to talk and the popos got their knees on his back preventing him from speaking while he's lifting his head. Besides he's already cuffed.

1323 days ago

Conservatives are Cowards    

"He was resisting" is the cops' version of "I only had two drinks." In other words, it's rarely believable. And LOL @ throwing someone down for jaywalking.

This is an instance where true justice would have been smashed pig skulls on the pavement. These cops do nothing but perpetuate the stereotype that the people who get into police work are cowardly little losers with bully complexes who need to act like pack animals for self-affirmation. Police work is NOT a profession; it is an occupation, and instances like this show why.

Unfortunately, these bullies hiding behind a badge are not the exception to the kind of people that get jobs as cops.

If the local taxpayers are worried about saving money, I see a great argument to lay off some local pigs right here.

1323 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Aw, all those old, racist, penile-challenged pigs are just mad because all their daughters probably went and married dudes that look like Shad, LOL....

1323 days ago


This is just pathetic.. i hope each and every single one of those stupid cops gets fired..

you freaking idiot you have no idea this guy was a major wwe wrestler.. and you did all this for stupid a$$ jaywalking.. are you freaking serious??????

this is just pathetic.. fire them all

Shad sue the fck! out of them we already know nothing else to do there in the Columbus except to arrest innocent people!

1323 days ago

Stefanie Green    

Since there is no footage of what went down before this video it's impossible for us to know Shad's actions at that time. But four cops for Jaywalking? I don't know. I live in Cincinnati and the cops here are far too busy to even think about ticketing someone for Jaywalking. As far as resisting arrest, this video doesn't show anything scandalous in his behavior (maybe that happened beforehand) but, what I do know is if cops had me on the ground in handcuffs, I wouldn't move an inch or say anything that wasn't a direct answer to their question. With all the witnesses around, I'm not too surprised there is more than one cop on the scene. The whole thing does seem a bit shady. Hopefully it works out well for him.

1323 days ago
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