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'Big Brother' Cry-Baby -- ENGAGED After Penis Pics

3/8/2011 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Love conquers all ... even after you send schlong pics to another woman on the Internet -- and Brendon Villegas from "Big Brother" can prove it ... because he's now ENGAGED to the chick he cyber-cheated on.

Brendon Villegas Engaged

In case you forgot ... Brendon from BB12 aired the most embarrassing public apology in the history of the universe back in December, after his GF Rachel Reilly -- who he met on the show -- caught him sending shots of his wang to some random chick on the web.

Well, it must have worked -- because now Brendon and Rachel aren't just back on ... they're getting MARRIED.

The couple got engaged on V-Day and are planning to tie the knot in September.  It's their wedding, they can cry if they want to.


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She's a fool for not running NOW. Some of us marry very convincing pieces of s**t and don't realize it until sometime farther into the marriage when you already have kids with the a*hole. But, hey...I'm not bitter lol.

1289 days ago


She is a skank. Girls like her are a dime a dozen.

That means that she is cheap.

1289 days ago


They are both pathetic...

1289 days ago


no balls boohoo brenda and red rash rachoe = brenchoe also known as dilusional, disgusting and despicable fame whores have now entered the Crate and Barrel ultimate wedding contest and they have 3 fans (they only have a total of 6 fans/family) making up bogus emails and FB pages to bring up the vote count. So here is a real couple w/ a much more deserving story... and that's just one of several deserving couples. SO boycott crate and barrel till brenchoe is removed from this contest!! LOSING

1289 days ago


Wow!!!! Some women really are that Dumb!!!!!At least this broad is.. It wont be long before Dumb & Dumber make a little Dumbest...(smile)... OH no dear I was'nt sending pics of my special purpose. I was auditioning for you tube again....

1289 days ago


TMZ - Yall are running a BIT LATE with your stories. This is SUPER OLD News.

1289 days ago


I love Big Brother and HATED these two losers from the get-go. That girl was the whiniest cry-baby. Picked on everybody else and threw fits and then when they retaliated, she came unglued and couldn't deal. PLUS she looked like a cheap tramp fat cow with fake tits and nasty dyed completely low rent colored hair and enough make-up to completely cover Vegas. YUCK to the both of them and I hope I never have to hear about either of them again.

1288 days ago


These two are a joke. They deserve each other. She is a Vegas whore and he is a desperate cry baby. For a man to send his penis over the internet to some chick that shows he is very insecure. What was the women going to do with it? I hope they stay together because society doesn't need these toxic two loose on innocent people.

1288 days ago


perfect match

1288 days ago


"Retard" has officially come out of vocabulary retirement for you. Here's what you get to listen to for the rest of your life.

"Uhhhhh! Brendeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!"

Is it because Rach gave you so many STDs other women won't have you?

1288 days ago


Man, my stuff would never even get a flinch because of this SKANK much less a woody! What a PIG!!!!!!! He's a candyass too!

1265 days ago


I loved to watch just about any cast member on Big Bro last year except for this HO, I would almost cringe whenever this hog came on camera! What's up with the pouty lips all of the time? This HOG actually thinks that she is attractive and it only shows everyone how frickin' mentally challenged she really is.

1265 days ago


They both need the "help: line. Jeff is Hot! Where are those pictures of his

1262 days ago


The most annoying disgusting couple to ever come from reality TV.

1256 days ago


This is pathetic, IMHO.


1136 days ago
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