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Charlie Sheen -- This Is Who I Hate

3/9/2011 1:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen is a man without a job, but he does still have an Internet connection -- so he took to Ustream again, for the first time since he got fired from "Two and a Half Men," to go through all the people he's mad at ... and no one got it worse than Chuck Lorre.



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Such a fine line between GENIUS and INSANITY. He's either mad as a ****house rat or exhibiting sheer acting brilliance. BUT, the perception may keep him from his children - either way - I would hope they would be more important than his vendettas against "the worms".

1271 days ago


We have lost Charlie!! Where is his family he should be taken away to a mental institute to recover before it´s to late. Charlie we love you get well!!

1271 days ago


Here is a man with serious mental health issues and we're treating it like it's a big joke. I just think he is so freaking pathetic and sad. I don't know what the f*&k is wrong with those girls he is with. When he turns up dead in his bathtub everyone is going to ask why they didn't help him.

1271 days ago


Charlie......I pity you but I pity your children more. You are a nut and your life is tragic. The show does not need you. I might watch it now that you are no longer on it. Not a fan. Get your sippy cup, fill it full of tiger blood and swing your knife into the air. Continue one care.

1271 days ago


I don't even think he's crazy anymore. He's just a spoiled adolescent acting out because he didn't get his own way. As for all his senseless rambling- well he thinks all that BS makes him look intelligent and smarter than everyone else.

1271 days ago


This is pathetic. Does anyone else realize how much help this man needs? Stop glorifying the fact that he is on the verge of a psychic breakdown (if he isn’t there already). He needs to realize that he is just a like any other person and that any other person who disrespected their bosses as he did would have been fired too. He isn’t special. I repeat: HE ISN'T SPECIAL! He is trying to sell himself as a train wreck in order to have publicity. Please realize this... your mediocre acting career is over and in six months no one will remember your name. I guess he’ll just have to wait for next seasons Celebrity Rehab huh?

1271 days ago

CA Girl    

I watched the "before show" (starting at 7:00 pm PST) for around 14 minutes with the camera pointed at a cover of a book with the word "WAR" in the title. Along with others on-line, I heard the background voices, presumably getting their ducks in a row for the "real show" that finally began. What we got was - what? - I don't know. Again, I thought maybe I was the dumb one because I really tried to understand what Mr. Sheen was saying to everyone listening and not listening, and I did NOT follow it. But I WAS happy to see he'd cleaned up and shaved and had his hair combed NICE. And it is very kind of his former castmate - Holland Taylor- at least saying something positive about having worked with him. All in all, it's a very sad story. I hope Mr. Sheen finally and soon gets his head back in reality, gets himself together, and dumps the hookers and drugs and booze. He CAN be better than that, but only time will tell how it ends for him, or if it does.

1271 days ago



1271 days ago


Charlie is getting so to download the firefox application I was reading about in the news!!

1271 days ago


Charlie - maybe it's me but I don't understand a word you are saying or what you are trying to say. Can you speak in normal
English using normal sentences for the non warlocks I watched this video briefly and said "nope, it's not making sense to me" and shut it off. Who are angry at really? Did someone hurt you as a child? Were you abused and beaten as a chld? If you treat women badly do you not realize that what you do comes around to your daughters - they will be paying for the sins of the father. Is that how you want your daughters treated?

1271 days ago


I was read that he SHOT John Travolts'a wife, is this true?

1271 days ago


I read that he SHOT John Travolta's wife, is this true?

1271 days ago


Whether Charlie is exhibiting unchecked mania or acting both are equally insane. If he really thought this "act" was going to get him somewhere that would be equally crazy thinking.

No reality show could pay him anywhere near what he was getting on the sitcom if that's what some are thinking.

1271 days ago


This man's irritability keeps him alive and kicking.
Whatever you say about these rants, they're sill way better than
the utterly terrible 2 1/2 Men, Chuck Lorre's cultural crime against America. So now anesthetized TV fans finally see behind the mask of the obscenely over-paid actor, and are forced to face the reality of what their foolish adulation has created. I'm not surprised by the hateful reaction here. This could end badly, or finally fizzle, but what a classic, beautiful story!

1271 days ago


Charlie needs help, he should start with stop drinking, stop the drugs, think about those he is harming (his kids and his family). He is on a downward spiral with some sort of HONEST recovery, in his future.

1271 days ago
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