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Chuck Lorre: Rob Lowe's An Interesting Replacement!

3/8/2011 2:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre has had meetings about producing "Two and a Half Men" without Charlie Sheen, and Chuck's people have been talking to Rob Lowe, TMZ has learned.

Rob Lowe Replace Charlie Sheen

Sources connected with Lorre tell us ... the mega-producer has been holding internal meetings about keeping the show going.  Various options have been discussed, and they have a short list of replacements for Charlie's character.

Our sources say ... Lorre's people as well as honchos from Warner Bros. have been in touch with Rob's agent at William Morris-Endeavor, talking about Rob possibly coming onboard.

There are two stumbling blocks for Rob -- he currently stars in "Parks and Recreation," and he grew up with the Sheen family.

No decisions have been made yet, but it looks like there's a real interest in keeping "Men" alive.

UPDATE: Ashton Kutcher.



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Actually, I think he would be perfect. A nicer gentler Charlie.

1290 days ago


personally i think Charlie ireplaceable, he was the show and the reason millions of people watched. I would love to see the show continue but I think Christian Slater would be a better choice, definatley definately not John Stamos that would be a huge mistake. Love you Charlie!!!

1290 days ago

bring back recent posts    

No Sheen, No show..won't be watching..

1290 days ago


How about Charles Fleisher? (Kudos to anybody that gets the reference).

1290 days ago


Don't replace Charlie make Jake the knew man.Have you ever watched a soap opera babies come home from college in two years.Have a new 1/2 man.Come on!!

Posted at 9:48 AM on Mar 8, 2011 by nancy williams

That's the best idea yet. Kill of Chucky and have a kid from one of his one night stands show up on the door step.

1290 days ago


I am so over Charile. I have never even watched this show but if RL were on there, I would for sure! I think the ratings would go out the roof if they replaced that nutter Charlie. Everyone would be watching to see how RL does and I think he would do a great job and really show Charlie who is winning...

1290 days ago


The Charlie sheen autotune seven gram rock and roll song!

1290 days ago


I like Lowe, but he isnt sarcastic enough actor for this spot. The repore between Sheen and other actors is that of sarcasm, and this is what makes it funny. Lowe is too nice/bland for this role.

1290 days ago

Best Mom    

How about this twist: The jingle business has tanked and Charlie takes off for Vegas. Allen now has the house and who shows up on the front door step but Charlie's illegitimate 22 yr old son -- who moves in and is very much like Charlie in every respect -- but now the tables turn -- and Allen who mooched off of Charlie for so many years now finds this "clone" mooching off of him and driving him crazy. You can keep the rest of the cast pretty much as they are. Just a thought! Do you like it, Chuck Lorre??

1290 days ago


I think Ashton Kutcher, Darren Criss, or Jimmy Fallon would be totally awesome. Rob Lowe is too much of a pretty boy. We need a bad boy to replace winning jackass.

1290 days ago


In addition to my previous comment, I wish they would Kill Charlie off and have Rob as a new character. I hope they don't think about having him play the same character. That probably wouldn't work...

1290 days ago


Nah,Christopher Walken, as their Father.

1290 days ago


Rob Lowe is brilliant - have you seen him on Cali***********?

1290 days ago


Rob Lowe would rock this character! Perfect choice! At first the ratings would go through the roof just to watch Rob...then they'd stay that way after they see the wicked job he does.

1290 days ago


they shouldn't replace charlie.. just have him removed or killed off and have rob come in as a cousin or something and alan and jake inherit the estate.

1290 days ago
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