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Charlie Sheen's

Poetic Masterpiece --

'F**k It'

3/9/2011 5:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen was dropping wisdom long before he made the word "winning" ubiquitous (and annoying) -- TMZ's obtained a copy of "F**k It" ... an original poem Sheen penned back in '96. Deep.

The poem's opening lines are pretty ironic ... considering unemployed Charlie's current situation -- "Keep it light; Keep it tight; Know what's right - Choose your fight."

We're told Charlie scribbled the poem on a blank page in the back of his book of poetry -- "A Peace of My Mind" -- and then handed it to a friend on New Year's Eve in '96.

The closing lines -- "It's up [to] the man with a steady plan, to star in that final show."

Yeah ... so much for that.



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1326 days ago


Do keep in mind this:

TMZ is OWNED by Warner Bros.

Get it?

1326 days ago



1326 days ago


He knows what he's doing!

1326 days ago


Nice that his friend sold him out. I guess anybody who has even pumped his gas is going to now come out of the woodwork to make some money OR trash him.

With friends like these who needs enemies?

1326 days ago


Well. That's just horrible.

Who uses an opening A,A,A,A rhyme scheme anymore.


1326 days ago

Sad sad    

Freddy Kruger needs a time out before that does become his final show.

1326 days ago


I'm sorry you guys think he is insane, but he really does know what he is doing.

1326 days ago


The closing lines -- "It's up [to] the man with a steady plan, to star in that final show."

Seems it is up to the "MAN" with a steady plan, to star in that final show.

Well Darling the Man with the steady plan has his children's best interest at heart putting all party favors away. The final show is when you've grown old and your children are not children no more.

Grow up Charlie.

How's the free Sheen's Korner working for you?

Stop, Look and listen to yourself.

And where in the Hell are his family members hidding. Time for them to step up to the plate. It's clear Charlie has hit bottom.

1326 days ago


"It's up [to] the man with a steady plan, to star in that final show."

He is reminding me alot of Michael Jackson's "This is it" when he says, "to star in that final show." "What does he mean by that? I don't want the end results to be the same. Michael was ranting about Tommy Mattola and Sony, and Charlie is ranting about Chuck Lorre and Warner Bros.

1326 days ago


TMZ you should be on charlies list of F@#KW!T morons who he hates you backstabbing crusty little disgusting earthworm morons sucking on chuck up lorre's dI ck and kissing the arse's of warner brothers hope you all burn in hell for your SELECTIVE EDITED REPORTING DIP ****S!!!!!!!!!!!!!
CHARLIE SHEEN = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
bet his USTREAM SHEENS KORNER gets more hits than this BS site does you bunch of F@#KW!TS!!!!!!!!

1326 days ago


Ramblings of a crazy man? Probably.
Not much real depth here or to any of what I have been hearing from chuck lately, and I have been keeping up with his ramblings on ustream, and some of his interviews on mainstream TV.
It seems that although he may have a real skill at reading lines off of a page. He can't seem to stay on one topic for very long without a script, and unfortunately obviously there is no script to follow for life.
His actions as of late seem to simulate what perhaps a hard drug user "crackhead" would do.
His use of childish lingo "Duh,winning,trolls", lack of an attention span, his swings in emotional states, his need to rhyme everything, use of a catch phrase "winning" shows a little immaturity and stunted growth. I have heard that when a person starts to use hard drugs there mental development almost stops, and I'm sure that he was introduced to harder drugs at a somewhat young age, probably in his mid to late teens.
It is somewhat sad to watch, but it would be happening even if nobody was watching. I to have fallen into "Sheen's Korner", and have been watching what I can. I'm sure I could be doing something more productive.
At first I was holding on to some hope, very little hope, that maybe he is just playing a role, to get followers, but watching him online unscripted its somewhat obvious that this immature person grasping at straws and living in denial is on the way down.
But anyway good luck chuck its been a good ride its just a little more interesting to watch the end, just like a good football game.
No chuck I'm sorry but I don't really think you are winning right now. I hope that you get away from all that surround you, people and places, and that is unbelievably hard to do. You must push away that of which you have become accustomed. It only feeds the pattern. Those around you feed from you, your money brings them. They care not for you.
If he took that advice it wouldn't be much fun to watch but it would be the best for chuck, and perhaps someone will give him a chance to use his talent again.
I have rambled on enough myself.

1326 days ago


You would think by now he would have crashed out for a few days straight. It must be the tiger blood.

1326 days ago


Leave him alone he is sick...

1326 days ago


The police need to do a drug raid and arrest Sheen if they can.
Let him babble like that before a judge when He's charged with possession.
A little dose of reality would go a long way to save him and break his deluded thinking.

1326 days ago
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