Charlie Sheen's Poetic Masterpiece -- 'F**k It'

3/9/2011 5:15 AM PST

Charlie Sheen's Poetic Masterpiece -- 'F**k It'

Charlie Sheen was dropping wisdom long before he made the word "winning" ubiquitous (and annoying) -- TMZ's obtained a copy of "F**k It" ... an original poem Sheen penned back in '96. Deep.

The poem's opening lines are pretty ironic ... considering unemployed Charlie's current situation -- "Keep it light; Keep it tight; Know what's right - Choose your fight."

We're told Charlie scribbled the poem on a blank page in the back of his book of poetry -- "A Peace of My Mind" -- and then handed it to a friend on New Year's Eve in '96.

The closing lines -- "It's up [to] the man with a steady plan, to star in that final show."

Yeah ... so much for that.