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Tareq Salahi -- 'Rehab' ILLEGALLY Fired My Wife

3/9/2011 11:14 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Alleged White House crasher Tareq Salahi is hinting that he may SUE "Celebrity Rehab" ... claiming the show illegally fired his wife because of her "health condition."


It's unclear what "condition" Tareq is referring to -- but Michaele has said in the past that she suffers from multiple sclerosis.

Tareq and his lawyers have issued a statement saying, "[Michaele] was fired due to her health condition which is a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act."

Team Salahi says they will announce more details about their gripe later today.

Earlier this week, Tareq told reporters that his wife's only addiction was "chocolate" -- leaving many wondering why she was even on the show in the first place.


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Maybe they can treat them both for being low life fame whores. Wasn't their 15 minutes up like a year and a half ago?

1322 days ago


Tareq Salahi is a Moron! Wasn't concerned about the law when he wrote a bad check to the State of Virginia for $24,000. Not concerned about all the lawsuits Salahi have lost and yet paid the plaintiffs. Not concerned about breaking State Laws regarding their charity scam. Not concerned about not filing taxes. Not concerned about stealing wine from his mother's winery. This is just BS, Tareq will never sue because they will then be forced to prove Michaele has MS.

1322 days ago


WHATEVER you fame seeking, money grubbing, sorry a$$ loser!

1322 days ago

A Real Lawyer    

So much for "Celebrity" rehab, it's really "attention whores who didn't make it past 8th grade because it was too hard" Rehab

Posted at 6:35 AM on Mar 9, 2011 by The PMG

HA! That's the greatest thing I read on this site in weeks! So true!

Clearly he and possibly both suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. That deep sense of entitlement and famewhoring for attention are the top two symptoms of NPD. There is a special place in the fires of hell for NPD people.

1322 days ago


Someone mentioned them getting a job at Wal Mart. I don't think they are smart enough to work there. These two are a hot mess! I never heard so many lies come out of two people's mouths. I'd love to know what she told the producers in the first place that got her foot in the door. Please go away Salahis!

1322 days ago


So, let me get this straight. She's NOT a celebrity. She's NOT addicted to anything. And she thinks the only reason she was booted from the show was because she suffers from MS? Mind you this is all coming from the same people who claimed that they (1)had invitations to the party at the White House, when in fact they didn't. (2) Claimed that Whoopi Goldberg either hit or grabbed Michaele while on The View, when in fact she didn't. (3) Claims to have been a former cheerleader for the Washington Redskins and is part of their alumni. Only problem there is that she wasn't a cheerleader for the Redskins. And there is no alumni for them.

Personally, I think the only things she is addicted to is lying and fame. I hear a bullet right between the eyes is a real good treatment for that.

1322 days ago


@Nauseous I was coming here to say the same thing. If they sue based on the ADA and her MS, they will have to PROVE that she has MS and the defense will want independant medical experts to examine her and her medical records.

1322 days ago

A Real Lawyer    

Rehab is not an entitlement. No court in the country will force a rehab treatment facility to take a person with MS (if she really does have it) with no addiction. Good luck with that you idiots! ADA is in place to prevent disability discrimination in jobs or access to public services. ADA is not meant to allow some MS disability person to go on Celeb Rehab for money and attention. It ain't gonna happen.

1322 days ago


This guy is such a TROLL. I wish he would go back under the trock he slithered out from, and take clueless dimwit barbie with him. Neither one is a celebrity they are social climbers who are really bad at social climbing.

1322 days ago


As much as I hate these two, Dr Drew & his peeps deserve whatever happens (if sued) because they should have known better than to deal with these two loons! Thanks to Celeb Rehab/Drew, now these creepy freaks will pop up on my computer for the next 6 months, or so!

1322 days ago


Tareq Should go back and actually read the "Americans with Disabilities Act" First you have to prove your disability. Michaele Salahi Never filed a SSI claim for her alleged disability, She never provided Doctor evaluations for her alleged disability. Tareq himself said the only reason to be on the show is she loves chocolate. As of now the Salahis refuse to say what her alleged disability is. I would give the same advise to celebrity rehab than to the poeple the Salahis wanted to sue for calling them "WHITE HOUSE GATE CRASHERS".

SUE us The burden of evidence falls on you. You will have to provide the court with medical records from Medical professionals that back up your alleged disability. So we welcome your lawsuit. Just like they were going to sue everyone for calling them "WHITE HOUSE GATE CRASHERS" Lisa Bloom realized she would have the burden of proof and dropped the case as quikly as she dropped Oksana as a client.

1322 days ago


the only thing these two are getting famous for is being completely ANNOYING!!

1322 days ago


Seriously they can B*tch and complain about ANYTHING. Ughh they aggrevate me, seriously!!! Really you were wrongfully "fired" from celebrity rehab?!?

Wouldn't you first need to be a drug addict, to be able to be on the show? And a celebrity? Not a professional whiner, fake, and just all out pathetic.

1322 days ago

Elayne's the 'senior' version of Heidi and word for these people...grifters!

1322 days ago


I know the ladies from D.C is mad as Hell .....She just wanted another 15 mins of fame.... TMZ please stop posting about this crazy couple

1322 days ago
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